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America, the Beautiful

America Ferrera ("Ugly Betty") just keeps getting prettier, if you ask me. I love her in this one-shoulder cocktail dress. Not my favorite color, but it works for her. And it seems a lot of celebs have picked gray for gowns tonight. (What's up with that?)

Golden Globe Awards: Clint glowers at The Boss

We're getting off to a great start with presenter Jennifer Lopez having to quieten the rowdy crowd by saying "Hello, hello. Mama talking, mama talking." Kate Winslet wins for Revolutionary Road The Reader and she's excited, but reading a boring speech.

Now the not-nominated Sting presents best song, and anyone who knows me knows I'm pulling hard for The Boss. Come on, come on....YES!!! Bruce Springsteen wins for his song in The Wrestler (Evan Rachel Wood told us on the Red Carpet earlier that Bruce gave the song to Mickey Rourke for free). Bruce says being in competition with Clint Eastwood felt good. They show Clint and he looks scary.

Another personal fave, Tom Wilkinson, wins for supporting role in HBO's John Adams. Wilkinson (who looks sober) is thanking people but can't remember the last name of co-writer Frank Doegler. Wilkinson also stumbles hard over getting out the word "enjoyable" when describing the whole John Adams experience.

Laura Dern wins for HBO's Recount. Something else I need to rent.

A sunny Christina Applegate

I'm not normally a fan of yellow anything, but Christina Applegate ("Samantha Who?") is refreshingly pretty in this golden yellow gown. And keeping pace with so many other stars tonight on the red carpet, she's wearing a strapless dress. It's the never-ending trend!

Marisa Tomei, fortune teller

What's up with Marisa Tomei's ("The Wrestler") look? She looks like she could read her own palm to find out if she's going to win the award (turns out it went to Kate Winslet.) I think she should have ditched the shirt. And the necklaces. And the belt (or whatever it is).


Golden Globes Red Carpet: We like the awkward

Ed Helms and John Krasinski (The Office) are having to pretend they cared that they just saw Leonardo Dicaprio. Krasinski says he's hoarse from screaming.

This chick on NBC (I flipped over for a sec) just congratulated Sting on his nomination and he had to tell her he's just there to present. Awkward.

Back on E!, Sean Puffy Combs is a plugging machine. He seriously just plugged one project after another for a full minute. Mercury-poisoned Jeremy Piven (Entourage) looks healthy and gives a shout out to Chicago. Someone named Megan Fox, who is stunning, admits she is so insecure that she feels like she looks like Alan Alda. Please see someone about that.

We're getting sooo close to some Ryan Seacrest-free programming. I'm very excited.

Evan Rachel Wood and the goth look

Raleigh's Evan Rachel Wood ("The Wrestler") still has that dramatic goth thing going on, even after her Marilyn Manson days. While it's not always my favorite look, I think the contrast of pale skin, black dress and red hair works for her.

Golden Globes Red Carpet: Miley Cyrus breaks speed-talk records

Evan Rachel Wood looks gorgeous. She's talking about the intense filming on The Wrestler. She looks stunning but I'm not getting a great look at her dress -- all I can see is it looks shiny. But her "head" looks fabulous. She's psyched because Bruce Springsteen is at her table tonight.

Ryan talks to Debra Messing, nominated for Starter Wife. He asks her if she has advice for women dating over 40 and she says "be brave." She asks Ryan what he would say and his advice for all the desperate losers over 40 is to just "say yes" to anyone who asks. Wow. Really? That's gotta be great for the ole self esteem.

Golden Globes Red Carpet: E! gets stalkerish

Happiness is live-blogging the Golden Globe Awards Show tonight, and I'll be honest ... Kinda hoping someone does something embarrassing and potentially career-ending while I'm watching. Or at the very least, jaw-dropping. Drink up, Hollywood! If you're into movie star fashion, check out Samantha Smith's blog over at Fashion Plate.

I've tuned in for E!'s Red Carpet show and swear to god, first thing I hear is Ryan Seacrest saying they've got GPS tracking on some of the stars. How long is that Red Carpet!? What it actually ends up looking like is a long pointy needle coming out of the top of the screen and poking stars in the head as they walk down the carpet. So very useful. They are also using a "Glamastrator" to draw unnecessary lines all over the bodices of the female stars, a la John Madden on NFL.

I'm fast-forwarding through a lot of this. Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) is now with Ryan. He totally turns the tables on Ryan and starts quizzing him about rumors of his love life, which Alec has been reading about in gossip mags. Ryan asks Alec about the rumor that Alec covets Andy Rooney's job at 60 Minutes. Alec's response is an impression of Rooney saying, "Don't you hate when hosts at the Golden Globes at the E! channel ask you dumb questions?"

Then Ryan talks to Eva Lognoria Parker and it's all fun and games till Aaron Eckhart stops by. The go-to buzz kill of the night is going to pretty much be any mention of Heath Ledger.

Lisa Rinna's dress?

Am I the only one who thinks Lisa Rinna's eye-popping striped dress just doesn't work ... especially given what's going on the in the world? It seems as if everyone else is toning it down and she ramped it up with lot of va-va-voom.

Belted and strapless

See what I mean about belted and strapless? Don't get me wrong, I think Olivia Wilde ("House") is just lovely in this lilac gown by Reem Acra (one of my faves!). I just would never think to add the belt.

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