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Gmail getting a new look?

Some nips/tucks for Google's applications

Tied in part to Google's rollout of its new social network, Google+, the Internet giant offered some new looks for its most popular web applications.

The most obvious difference is the now-black toolbar across the top of all Google's pages, visible to anyone signed into a Google account. Mobile users saw their own toolbar tweaks a few weeks ago.

But the most dramatic changes might be in Gmail, where Joel Falconer with TNW reports a more streamlined, modern apperance. A preview is available now.

Other changes can be seen in Google's Calendar and Google Docs services.

(Actually, the additions to Google Docs go well beyond cosmestic. Developers have implemented a whole host of new features and upgrades.)

Google is moving to an "elastic" layout, where all services will appear similar across all devices — web, phones, tablets and whatever's next. The company hopes the look minimizes clutter and confusion.

Don't like change? Want to applaud the new features? Either way, let Google know.

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