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Holiday giveaway: Take a trip to 'Suburgatory'

"Suburgatory" was one of my favorite new sitcoms of the 2011 fall season. It stars Jeremy Sisto as a protective single father who relocates his teen daughter, played by Jane Levy, to the suburbs after he decides Manhattan is too fraught with dangers and temptations. It's still one of my favorites (and it airs on Wednesday nights on ABC).

(I'd also like to point out that Sisto succeeded Benjamin Bratt -- the star of yesterday's giveaway -- as a homicide detective on "Law & Order." I'm currently going through our remaining DVDs for other major "Law & Order" connections.)

But back to "Suburgatory." It also stars Cheryl Hines, Ana Gasteyer, Alan Tudyk, and Chris Parnell. And we're giving away the complete first season! Extras include a featurette called "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell: Life in Suburgatory," in which cast and creators discuss how George and Tessa spice up the suburbs, unaired scenes and a gag reel.

If you'd like to win, send me an email by midnight tonight and include your mailing address. The winner will be notified tomorrow.

Holiday giveaway: Bring home Benjamin Bratt in 'The Cleaner'

Benjamin Bratt alert! We're starting off the week with the complete first season of Bratt's provocative A&E series "The Cleaner."

In "The Cleaner," which ran for two seasons, the lovely Ben Bratt ("Law & Order," "Private Practice") played a recovering addict who became an "extreme interventionist" after he made a deal with God to help rescue addicts from their dependencies on drugs and alcohol.

The Season 1 4-DVD set includes all 13 episodes, cast & crew commentary, a gag reel, deleted scenes, music excerpts, a special on-set visit with Bratt's co-star Esteban Powell, and a featurette called "The Mystery of William Banks."

If you'd like to win this, send me an email by midnight tonight and you're in the drawing. Include your mailing address. I'll notify the winner on Tuesday.

Holiday giveaway: Going old school with 'The Paper Chase'

And now for something completely different ...

"The Paper Chase" is an acclaimed TV drama from the late 70s and early 80s*, based on the 1973 film of the same name (which was based on the 1970 novel by Harvard Law graduate John Jay Osborn Jr).

It stars John Houseman (who won an Oscar for his role in the film version) as commanding Ivy League law professor Charles W. Kingsfield Jr., and James Stephens as student James T. Hart. You'll also recognize a very young Jane Kaczmarek as another law student.

(*Note: "The Paper Chase" debuted on CBS in 1978, but was canceled after one season. Showtime brought it back in 1983 for three more seasons).

I feel kind of bad that we only have Season 2, but Season 1 is out there on DVD so you can rent it to catch up. If you'd like to win this 6-DVD set of "The Paper Chase," send me an email by midnight tonight and you'll be in the drawing. Include your mailing address. The winner will be notified on Monday.

Holiday giveaway: Family friendly fun with 'Melissa & Joey'

Today's giveaway is a little more family friendly than yesterday's "2 Broke Girls" offering.

"Melissa & Joey" is a sitcom on ABC Family starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence that sounds an awfully lot like the 80s sitcom "Who's the Boss?" Melissa is single politician who suddenly finds herself guardian of her niece and nephew, but lacking the time or experience to take care of two young teens. Enter Joey, an out-of-work commodities trader who becomes her male nanny. It has already run for two seasons and was just renewed for a third.

The first season is broken up into two dvd sets and we have both of them! Extras include a blooper reel and featurettes.

If you'd like to win parts one and two of Season 1, just send me an email by midnight tonight and include your mailing address. The winner will be notified next week.

Holiday giveaway: Your chance to score with '2 Broke Girls'

If you like your comedies a little silly and a lot raunchy, you probably already watch "2 Broke Girls" on CBS. If you haven't seen it, it's about two Brooklyn waitresses (one a former rich girl who has fallen on hard times, the other a toughie accustomed to scrambling for a dollar) who are trying to save enough money to start their own cupcake business.

I'll be honest with you: sometimes it's very funny and sometimes it's unbelievably bad -- often within the same five-minute period. And I'm not kidding about "raunchy." Sometimes the actresses barely keep straight faces delivering those lines. In other words, you do not want your kids watching this -- unless you want to answer some awkward questions!

If you're interested in winning this Season 1 DVD set, send me an email by midnight tonight and include your mailing address.

The set features a look behind the scenes with the cast (Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, Garrett Morris) and some deleted scenes.

Holiday giveaway: 'Human Planet' as you've never seen it before

Even if you saw the incredible "Human Planet" series that ran last year on Discovery, you still haven't seen the whole story.

This DVD set is the original BBC version, narrated by John Hurt (instead of Mike Rowe on Discovery), with three hours of scenes not broadcast in North America. The eight-part series, which was four years in the making, "is a breathtaking celebration of the amazing, complex, profound and sometimes challenging relationship between humankind and nature."

In addition to the three extra hours of content, the set also includes 10 ten-minute "making of" featurettes -- one at the end of each episode and two bonus segments. (Note: Even though it's the BBC version, it's still a Region 1 DVD so it'll play on any U.S. DVD player.)

If you'd like to be in our drawing for this one, send me an email by midnight tonight and include your mailing address.

Holiday giveaway: For the grown-ups, 'Archer' animated spy series

Today's giveaway is animated, but it's not for the kiddies.

"Archer" is the bawdy spy series on FX that follows the adventures of Sterling Archer and his ISIS cohorts. We have the complete Season 2 dvd set, which has the following special features: Archersaurus -- Self-Extinction; Ask Archer; Semper Fi; L'espion Mal Fait; and ISIS Infiltrates Comic-Con.

"Archer" was created by Adam Reed, a 1992 UNC-CH grad from Asheville. Reed also created the Adult Swim series "Frisky Dingo."

We'll even toss in a copy of the book "How to Archer: The Ultimate Guidde to Espionage and Style and Women and Also Cocktails Ever Written" by Sterling Archer.

If you'd like to have these "Archer" items for your very own, send me an email by midnight tonight. Include your mailing address and I'll notify the winner on Thursday.

Holiday giveaway: 'Hart of Dixie' DVDs include Scotty McCreery & Tift Merritt

This is a good one: the complete first season of the popular CW comedy-drama "Hart of Dixie."

"Hart of Dixie" stars Rachel Bilson as a big city doctor who moves to a small town in Alabama "where she learns to be a better doctor and a better person." Awww.

To make this even more appealing, Raleigh native Tift Merritt appears in episode 13 singing several songs, and Garner's own Scotty McCreery appears in episode 19 singing 'The Trouble with Girls."

Other special features (more special than Scotty and Tift?!?) include a gag reel and a short film with the cast and crew explaining what makes BlueBell such a great town for Zoe Hart.

If you'd like to be entered, send me an email by midnight tonight with your mailing address. The winner will be notified on Wednesday.

Holiday giveaway: A home for underappreciated HBO comedy 'Bored to Death'

Ted Danson, Zach Galifianakis and Jason Schwartzman.

Today you can win the hilarious but underappreciated HBO comedy series smart enough to put these three fantastically funny actors together.

The third and final season of "Bored to Death" has Ray (Galifianakis) romancing an older woman (Olympia Dukakis), Jonathan (Schwartzman) appearing on "The Dick Cavett Show" and George (Danson) opening a restaurant in lower Manhattan and falling in love with his singing teacher (Mary Steenburgen, naturally). Oliver Platt also returns for season three, and some of the guest stars appearing are Samantha Bee, John Hodgman, Bebe Neuwirth, Patton Oswalt, Chris Elliott, Isla Fisher, Stacy Keach, Sarah Silverman and Casey Wilson.

The DVD set includes audio commentaries, deleted scenes, outtakes and a look inside the episodes.

If you'd like to be entered in this drawing, send me an email by midnight tonight and include your mailing address. The winner will be notified on Tuesday.

Holiday giveaway: 'Too Big To Fail' is too good to pass up

Today's giveaway is "Too Big To Fail," an HBO film based on Andrew Ross Sorkin's bestelling book about the intersection of Washington and Wall Street, and how decisons made there caused the near-collapse of the U.S. economy in 2008.

It's not a documentary, though. It stars William Hurt, Edward Asner, Paul Giamatti, Cynthia Nixon, Bill Pullman, Tony Shalhoub, James Woods, Topher Grace and Billy Cruddup.

Plus, it's a DVD/Blu-ray combo with a digital download copy available for your computer or iPad. The Blu-ray features include an in-depth look at pivotal events that impacted the economic crisis, discussion by cast, crew and financial experts on the origin of the crisis, and other thoughts from the cast and crew on the events that inspired the film.

If you're interested, email me by midnight tonight and include your mailing address. The winner will be notified on Monday.

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