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10 eco-friendly, budget-friendly ways to wrap gifts


The gifts are purchased and you're feeling pretty good about holding the line on your holiday budget this year. But you still have one major Christmas chore to complete: the wrapping of the gifts.

It's a time-consuming venture, for certain. But it can also be expensive. And then there are the costs to the environment.

Last year, I wrote about how I used old maps, tattered sheet music and hand-sewn drawstring bags to wrap gifts. Click HERE to read about my frugal gift-wrapping ways and see photos of the finished projects. There's even a bow made out of expired coupons.

This year, I've got 10 more ideas for completely free gift wrap, which I found while browsing the virtual bulletin board Pinterest. (Click HERE if you'd like to access the links to these and other DIY gift-wrap projects.) All of these projects can be completed without spending a dime and they'll help you tread more lightly on the planet, a double play in my book.

You're on your own for the time involved.

Rare printable coupons on diapers, gift wrap and eggs

Great new printble coupons have surfaced on the Internet, including a high-value Huggies coupon, a rare coupon on eggs and a fun coupon on holiday wrapping paper perfect for children's gifts.

The coupons won't last long so if you're interested, print them before they disappear:

Post-holiday recycling programs in the Triangle

It's holiday time, which means more waste is making its way into your home by way of presents, decor and all those holiday goodies. Find out how and where you can dispose of the extra holiday waste with our roundup of holiday recycling programs in the Triangle area:

Chatham recycles nonworking strings of lights, other holiday waste

Chatham County is offering holiday programs to recycle trees, wrapping paper, cooking oil and even nonworking strings of lights.

Free tree-cycling will be offered at the Main Solid Waste & Recycling Facility at 720 County Landfill Road on the following dates:

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