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The funniest thing I've seen today

This New Yorker riff is absolute genius:

Easley and N&O - cozy?

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So, is The N&O trying to protect Mike Easley in its opinion pages?

At least one reader thinks so, after the op-ed page ran a column Thursday by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd that omitted a negative reference to our governor.

In the version on the NYT website, Dowd refers to Easley's now-famous fist-bump with Barack Obama this way: "playful fist bump that now has older white guys, like North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley, awkwardly trying to do it with Obama." See the full column here.

But that line did not appear in the version of the column that ran in The N&O on Thursday, nor for that matter in the edition of the News York Times distributed in North Carolina.

The N&O did refer to it in today's Under the Dome column.

Allen Torrey, N&O op-ed editor, says the New York Times syndicate did not include the gubernatorial-slamming language in the version sent out to newspapers. Ryan Teague Beckwith, author of the Dome item, says he picked it up from The Times' online edition.

I'm sure Easley was happy not to see it in the reprinted Dowd column. But he has never accused The N&O of going easy on him.

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