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Wednesday grocery deals, Feb. 6-12

Each of the Triangle's grocery stores has its share of excellent deals this week.

Harris Teeter has free Smart Balance Spread and South Beach Diet bars, along with great deals on organic yogurts, Earthbound Farm organic salad, Jolly Time popcorn, Johnsonville Chicken Sausage, Steamfresh veggies and Sea Pak frozen seafood.
You can also pick up milk for $2.97 per gallon, a very nice deal.

Lowes Foods has a gift card promotion that rewards you with a $5 discount off your next shopping order and a nice deal on Hallmark greeting cards. You'll also find good deals on strawberries, Duncan Hines Red Velvet cake mix for just 25 cents, split chicken breasts for 99 cents per pound and Eggland's Best eggs for $1.30 per dozen.
The Fresh Rewards E-Offer is especially good this week: $2.99 after coupon for 12 rolls of Scott's Extra Soft toilet paper.

Food Lion also has a gift card promotion running this week, giving you a $10 discount on $50 in gift cards. You must purchase an additional $10 in groceries to get the deal but a 20 percent discount on gift cards is a very generous offer.
Food Lion has also got good prices on cantaloupe, spiral sliced ham and bone-in chicken breasts.

At Aldi, you'll find some great prices on produce -- $1.29 for pineapple and cantaloupe, strawberries for $1.49 per pound and a five-pound bag of grapefruit for just $1.69.

Keep reading for a long list of this week's top deals at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi -- with and without coupons.

Wednesday grocery deals, Oct. 17-23

It's a great week for deals at the grocery stores. Take a look.

Among the highlights at Harris Teeter: free Colgate toothpaste and Yoplait Simplait, 7-cent bologna, 10-cent hot dogs, 50-cent Greek yogurt, $1 pizza dough, $1 per pound, split chicken breasts, $1.25 cantaloupe, six E-Vic Specials and a General Mills promotion that shaves $5 instantly off your order.

Among the highlights at Lowes Foods: 30-cent Yoplait yogurt, 97-cent per pound split chicken breasts, $2 All laundry detergent, Gold Medal flour for $2.50, a new set of in-store coupons and double fuel rewards.

Among the highlights at Food Lion: 50-cent green peppers, 69-cent cucumbers, $1 Ragu pasta sauce, $1.12 Cabot cheese, three pounds of Gala apples for $2.50 and a General Mills promotion that shaves $5 instantly off your order.

And finally, at Aldi, you'll find some fantastic produce deals.

Keep reading for a long list of the very best of this week's deals at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion at Aldi.

Please add your best deals in the comments section below.

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