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Homo Sapiens Entitlus: a species emerges and another declines


My childhood friend, Dr. Edwin Leap, is an ER physician in a small, rural South Carolina hospital. He also is a writer and an award-winning blogger. His latest offering is a diatribe against the entitlement mentality that he perceives permeating our society and against the decline of the productive class. Pretty powerful stuff here. What do you think?


Homo Sapiens Entitlus:  a species emerges

There is a staggering degree of entitlement mentality that wanders through America’s emergency departments.  In the 19 years since I finished residency, it has grown in ways I could never have foreseen.  It seems that everyone is entitled to pain medicine (which is causing ever increasing deaths in America) and everyone is entitled to disability at younger and younger ages (’I got the degenerative disc disease, doc,’ they say at 25 years of age).  Our patients are entitled to work-excuses, and to CT scans, to patient care representatives and in short, entitled to whatever it is they desire.


Read the rest here.

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