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Dole comes to call

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole met with the editorial board today (cartoonist Dwane Powell's sketch above) and talked about what she sees as her main accomplishments in the Senate (the tobacco quota buyout, for one). She also addressed opponent Kay Hagan's main criticisms: that she never visits North Carolina (she does, too, it's just that the taxpayers don't pay for it so her visits don't show up on lists), that she isn't even from here (oh, please, she graduated from a North Carolina high school and went to Duke) and that she ever voted against the troops (her husband is a wounded war veteran). One of Hagan's biggest criticisms has been that Dole is basically George Bush. You can listen to Dole talk about how she differs from Bush in these two clips.


How Dole differs from Bush
How Dole differs from Hagan

Joe Six Pack and stem cells

Find out what readers find appalling and despicable about the latest election shenanigans. These letters appear online only.

Obama foe needs exhaust work

A small white car drove up to a home on Westview Drive late Monday night. Someone got out and stole a Barack Obama campaign sign from the yard and fled west on West Main Street. The victim said the vehicle had a loud muffler. "I checked the area but did not locate the suspect vehicle," wrote Officer D. Strowd in a report.

Getcher cartoons fix here ...

McClatchy editorial cartoonists offer up some more fodder on the financial crisis and on the election.

Bev Perdue's thoughts on Easley

... and the Board of Transportation and school vouchers, among other things. The N&O's multimedia team put together some video of gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue's visit with the editorial department Wednesday. View it here.

UNC students blog the elections

It isn't much of a stretch to assume that college students are expressing their political opinions these days on blogs. But in one UNC Chapel Hill class, it's required.

Sociology Professor Andrew Perrin is requiring the freshmen in his First-Year Seminar course to blog on the presidential race, North Carolina's Gubernatorial race, and the U.S. Senate contest between Kay Hagan and Elizabeth Dole.

Students are divided into nine blogging teams, each of which is expected to post comments at least once a week. The blog component is worth 25 percent of each student's final grade in the course.

Said Caitie Forde-Smith, a student from Greenville:

"It connects us as a class even when we're not in a classroom setting. Dr. Perrin has encouraged our biases, and that's what produces thought-provoking blogs. Things that spur discussion in class, things that we care about and have opinions about enable our discussion. It's a chance to have our say, to be concerned and active citizens all the time, not just in class."

Forde-Smith comments come from this UNC news release.

Bev Perdue comes to call

Gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue (Dwane Powell sketch shown here) met with the editorial board today and offered an eight-point plan for "changing the face of North Carolina state government." Four of her points involve beefing up accountability. She also wants to strip state boards, such as the Board of Transportation, of voting power, making them advisory boards only. Here's a snippet of her talking about how high she would set the ethics bar in her own Democratic administration.


McCrory on changing the Jones Street culture

Another thing Pat McCrory talked about was how he believes North Carolinians badly want to change the less-than-admirable culture of the Democratic-led government in Raleigh.

 Listen to an excerpt here:


Pat McCrory comes to call

Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory visited with The N&O's editorial board today in a meeting that touched on a wide array of issues. (Cartoonist Dwane Powell was there. Catch the sketch here.)

To watch McCrory talk about how he would deal with a potential $2 billion budget shortfall next year, what he would do about the mental health situation (No. 1, keep Dix open), how he REALLY feels about school vouchers (only in very specific cases) and how he would tie the state's education policies to its commerce needs, click here. He also defends his position on barring illegal immigrants from community colleges.

Calling all Palin defenders

Every letter The N&O received today regarding the vice presidential debate was basically pro-Biden. Have a look at some. Add your comments. These letters appear online only.

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