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Health care and crap-shooters

Find 25 more letters about the election issues that are reverberating this week (other than Sarah Palin's wardrobe, we mean). These letters appear online only.

More stylin' with Sarah Palin

The Oct. 23 front-page story about Sarah Palin and the Republican National Committee's spending $150,000 to make her over continues to bring the response.

That Obama endorsement

One reader says "thanks and keep up the good work," but many other readers didn't really appreciate The N&O's endorsement of Barack Obama for president.

GASP ... choke ... what?

Help me understand "Girlfriends Appalled about Sarah Palin." "It felt a bit like any old woman will do," says one of the Raleigh women insulted by John McCain's choice of a running mate. Gender was not the main attraction.

Predictable presidential endorsement

Most readers aren't all that surprised that The N&O endorsed Barack Obama for president. These letters appear online-only.

Post-presidential election healing

The race for president has been heated and emotional, to say the least. How can the winner best overcome divisions and help the country move forward? If the other guy wins, how are you going to feel about the future?


The Durham Association of Educators is holding a political rally and “walk to the polls,” along with a wellness fair, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today at Durham School of the Arts.

The public is welcome, association president Donald Barringer said Friday.

Late afternoon musing

You have to wonder how many points Libertarian Mike Munger will go up in the gubernatorial polls just for being able to stand between two snipers at Wednesday night's debate without getting shot. (Thursday, Page 1A)

Brits hear from Flywheel-for-Obama

Flywheel Design, a downtown-Durham marketing company, says its benefit bash for Barack Obama raised more than $1,000 — what’s more, it made news overseas.

Dole v. Hagan: Hear them roar

Both U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole and State Sen. Kay Hagan have met with the editorial board now in anticipation of our coming endorsement. The N&O's multimedia team attended both meetings and has put together some snippets.

To hear Kay Hagan talk about how she would have worked harder to find an immigration compromise, how Dole was basically useless as a banking committee member and how the Iraq war has not made us safer, go here.


To see Elizabeth Dole talk about how her go-with-Bush rate is more like 55 percent, how the country missed an opportunity in 1986 to fix immigration and what she thinks should happen in Iraq, go here.

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