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A dozen new digital coupons on SavingStar

SavingStar, the online digital coupon site, has added a dozen new offers to its site.

Among the new coupons:

  • .70/1 Krave cereal from Kellogg's
  • .50/3 Kleenex tissue
  • $1.50/2 Wasa crackers
  • .75/2 Red Gold tomatoes

Not familiar with SavingStar?

Wednesday deals (Feb. 1-7)

Soda, frozen pizzas, ground beef, hot sauces, chips, salsa, popcorn and nuts are all on sale at the grocery stores this week in advance of Super Bowl Sunday. Take advantage of the very best deals and skip the rest.
Food Lion has got ground chuck for just $1.99 per pound and spiral ham for $1.29 per pound. It's also the final week of its money-back promotion on its store-brand products.
Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter both have DiGiorno pizzas for $4 each after coupon. You can also pick up FREE Colgate toothpaste at Lowes Foods and Speed Stick deodorant for 50 cents, along with Heluva Good dip for 69 cents.
At Harris Teeter, Frank's hot sauces are 16 cents and Kettle Brand chips are just 84 cents after coupon.
And at Aldi, as usual, there are some terrific produce deals, including avocados for just 49 cents each and grape tomatoes for 69 cents a pint.

Read on for all the best deals I spotted at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi. I've also included the top deals at Kroger from Sunday for better comparison. Please post any deals you come across while shopping so we can all save even more.

Kroger offering daily digital deals

Each day through Feb. 4, Kroger is offering a deal of the day in the form of a digital coupon.

You can see all the scheduled deals now but you must return to the site, log in and load the digtal coupon onto your loyalty card each day you're interested in a coupon.

Some of the deals are just so-so, but a few of them are for items that rarely, if ever, have coupons.

Wednesday Deals (Jan. 18-24)

If you're looking for the very best deals on groceries, skip the front pages of the sales circulars this week. The best bargains are inside the sale pages or not in the circulars at all.

With the right coupons, you can snag FREE Wolfgang Puck pasta sauce, Colgate toothbrushes and toothpaste, along with 36-cent 6-packs of Coke Zero at Harris Teeter.
At Lowes Foods, there's a great deal on Hormel deli meats and it's the last week to take advantage of the 3-week sale using store coupons on snacks and cereals.
At Food Lion, don't miss out on the second week of its store-brand promotion that rewards you with a coupon for cash off your next grocery order. (Food Lion will actually pay you to buy some of its products!)
And finally, Aldi has some terrific sales on produce and split chicken breasts, which are just 89 cents per pound.

Read on for all the best deals and feel free to post any great deals you find:

New SavingStar coupons make a 'Super Triple' deal at Harris Teeter

SavingStar, the digital coupons savings site, has some new coupons up today, including one that makes it possible to score a "Super Triples" deal at Harris Teeter.

Here's how:

This week, during Harris Teeter's Super Doubles promotion, Special K cereal is on sale for $2.50 per box.

There is a paper coupon from last week's newspaper for $1/3, which will double, giving you $2 off three boxes of Special K.

To get an additional $1 off, go to SavingStar and select the $1/3 coupon on Kellogg's cereals and it will be loaded onto your grocery loyalty cards, including your Harris Teeter VIC card.

When you go to Harris Teeter, be sure to swipe your VIC card and use your paper coupon, scoring yourself a "Super Triples" deal. (The Super Doubles promo runs through Tuesday, Jan. 10.)

While the $1 SavingStar coupon won't come off at the register, it will be saved in a virtual piggy bank on the SavingStar site. Each time you save $5, SavingStar will deposit money into your bank account or send you a $5 Amazon gift card.

If you're not familiar with SavingStar, click here to read the post I wrote about it when the program began last summer.

$4 in FREE groceries at Kroger

Here's a quick and easy way to score $4 in free groceries at Kroger.

Click here to access the digital coupon page at Kroger. Select at least one coupon and load it onto your loyalty card.

Next, you'll be prompted to send four emails to friends telling them about the promotion.

Once you do this, a $4 credit will be loaded onto your Kroger loyalty card. No strings attached.

Spend $4 on groceries and get them all free. Use coupons and bring home even more free groceries.

Harris Teeter Super Doubles: Here's what 24 cents can buy


I left Harris Teeter pretty happy today, saving more than 99 percent thanks to Super Doubles.

I bought $62.35 worth of groceries and paid 24 cents, plus $1.41 in tax.

Here's a breakdown of how I worked my deal:

I bought 19 items, using 18 paper coupons, four digital coupons and two "Register Rewards" that I had left over from a deal at Walgreens. (Harris Teeter accepts these as a competitor's coupons and they work like cash.)

Of the 18 paper coupons, all but five came from the newspaper. The Muir Glen and Post cereal coupons were printables; the Muellers came from the manufacturer.

Eleven of the items I "bought" were completely free: the Smart Balance milk, the Bayer aspirin, the Tampax, the Oral B floss, the Muir Glen tomato paste and the Mueller's pasta.

The four digital coupons alone saved me and additional $6.50 -- not bad for a couple of mouse clicks.

If you haven't signed up for Harris Teeter's digital coupons, you really should because in many cases the digital coupons will double, triple or even quadruple your savings. Click here to read more about HT's digital "e-vic" coupons, which is part of the store's online loyalty program.

And finally, one of the items I purchased -- the Truvia -- also earned me 75 cents by way of my SavingStar account. Not familiar with SavingStar? It's another form of digital couponing but instead of immediately subtracting the savings from your grocery order it tallies them in a virtual piggy bank. When you save $5 you can cash out.

If you take my SavingStar earning into account, Harris Teeter actually paid me to shop.

Harris Teeter Super Doubles: How did you do?


On the first morning of Super Double coupons at Harris Teeter, how did you do?

We'd love to hear about your experiences saving money with coupons. Was this your first time shopping a big coupon event? Or are you an old hand?

How much did you spend? How much did you save? Did you spot any bargains not on the good deals list?

Go ahead and brag!

(Later today, I'll share my savings and show you a photo of what I bought.)

Wednesday Deals (Dec. 28-Jan. 3)

Lots of party foods are on sale this week at the grocery stores in anticipation of New Year's Eve gatherings, along with pork, corn bread and collard greens for New Year's Day.
My two favorite deals this week: FREE Mueller's 100% Whole Grain pasta at Harris Teeter and $2.97 per gallon milk at Kroger.
Otherwise it's a light week for deals but I have a feeling the deals might improve when a whole new set of coupons is released Sunday.

Read on for a store-by-store breakdown of the best bargains at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Kroger.

BREAKING NEWS: DTV coupon program needs a bailout

Last week, the digital TV conversion coupon program was running out of money. Now it's all gone.

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