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New Fall Season: "Welcome to the Family"? No thanks, we'll pass

"Welcome to the Family"
Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC

"Welcome to the Family" is not the worst new sitcom of the fall season. (Congrats, "Dads" – you still hold that title.) But "Welcome" is the laziest new sitcom. There's just nothing novel or inspired here.

The different-in-every-way Yoder and Hernandez families are brought together when Yoder daughter Molly (Ella Rae Peck) and Hernandez son Junior (Joseph Haro) announce that they are pregnant and getting married.

Junior had just graduated from high school and was bound for Stanford, so Mom and Pop Hernandez (Justina Machado and Ricardo Chavira) are furious. Likewise, Ma and Pa Yoder (Mary McCormack and Mike O'Malley were all set for recently graduated daughter Molly to become "Arizona State's problem," not their's. (She's not as bright as Junior, constantly losing her cell phone and confusing words like "patriarchal," "patriotic" and "parochial.")

What to Watch on Tuesday: Fox comedies return, 'Latino Americans' on UNC-TV

Latino Americans (8pm, UNC-TV) - Part one of a three-part documentary series about the history and experiences of Latinos begins with "Foreigners in Their Own Land," which chronicles the years 1565-1880, when the first Spanish explorers arrived in North America, the U.S. expanded its territories in the Southwest, and the Mexican-American War stripped Mexico of half its territories. Also, "Empire of Dreams" recalls the Latinos who arrived from 1880 through the 1940s, and how they built communities in Florida, Los Angeles and New York.

Dads (8pm, Fox) - The pilot of a dreadful new series about two successful video-game developers who take in their hard-to-live-with fathers. Thad doesn't think much of it either -- here's his full review of "Dads."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (8:30pm, Fox) - Now this is more like it. Andy Samberg, right, plays Jake Peralta, a gifted but lazy detective who has some growing up to do when a straitlaced new commanding officer (Andre Braugher, right) takes over his precinct. Check out Thad's review of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

New Girl (9pm, Fox) - Season three opens with Jess and Nick impulsively heading to a Mexican beach town, but their romantic getaway is threatened when Nick runs into trouble with the authorities. Meanwhile, Schmidt must choose between Cece and Elizabeth, and Winston is obsessed with finishing a puzzle.

The Mindy Project (9:30pm, Fox) - The second season begins with Mindy being rushed back to New York from Haiti after falling ill, only to find that Schulman & Associates has hired a dashing new ob-gyn (James Franco), who also happens to be a formal model and a sex therapist with advice for Danny and Christina.

Cold Justice (10pm, TNT) - Kelly and Yolanda arrive in Texas to comb for clues in the 9182 slaying of an agricultural business owner.

Frontline: Egypt in Crisis (10pm, UNC-TV) - A special report examining the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. The Islamist movement's struggle for power culminated in 2012 with the election of president Mohomed Morsi, but he was ousted by the group's longtime advisory, the military, after a year in office.

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