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What to Watch on Tuesday: Buble Christmas and 'Sons of Anarchy' finale

A Michael Bublé Christmas (8pm, NBC) - Singer Michael Bublé presides over a holiday variety show featuring Justin Bieber, Kellie Pickler (left), Thalia, Tracy Morgan, Ed Helms, the Puppini Sisters, and Naturally 7.

A Night at the Movies: Merry Christmas! (8pm, Turner Classic Movies) - A look at holiday-themed movies and behind the scenes info and interviews with Chevy Chase, Margaret O'Brien, Chaz Palminteri, Zack Ward, and Brian Henson.

On thin Ice: Into the Arctic (9pm, Animal Planet) - Explorer Bruce Parry examines the lives and cultures of people living above the Arctic Circle in Alaska, Siberia and Greenland, and how they are adapting to a changing world.

New Girl (9pm, Fox) - I'm trying to start a movement to get this show renamed "Schmidt" and the focus of it altered accordingly. Tonight, Schmidt weasels his way into his boss's baby shower to compete with his office female counterpart. This will be way funnier than anything Jess is doing tonight.

Raising Hope (9:30pm, Fox) - Jimmy and his coworker Frank realize they were both bullied by the same guy in high school, but their plot go get revenge on him doesn't work out like they'd hoped.

Sons of Anarchy (10pm, FX) - In the fourth season finale, Jax (Charlie Hunnan, right) must overcome major obstacles to complete the gun deal with the Irish and the cartel.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - In the Season 2 finale, Annie and Danielle's vacation in Stockholm turns dangerous when Danielle is mistaken for a spy, putting her life in jeopardy.

Moonshiners (10pm, Discovery) - The premiere of a new reality series chronicling the adventures of those who illegally distill their own moonshine deep in Appalachia and the local authorities who pursue them. They throw in a little history of the bootleg whiskey tradition from the 1790's through the origins of NASCAR, and the first few episodes feature some clips of Popcorn Sutton (read more about the series). Another episode airs Wednesday night at 10, the regular timeslot for subsequent episodes.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Robin Roberts interviews Scotty McCreery

Vietnam in HD (9pm, History) - This three-part series explores the history of the Vietnam War that includes restored rare footage. Part one begins with the arrival of U.S. Combat forces in 1965 and the Battle of Ia Drang.

Raising Hope (9:30pm, Fox) - A 13-year-old kid's obsession with Sabrina drives Jimmy nuts, and Burt and Virginia wonder how to get Maw Maw's gold tooth back after she swallows it.

All Access Nashville (10pm, ABC) - Robin Roberts visits with a bunch of country music stars, including Scotty McCreery, who Roberts spent time with in Garner. She also talks to Kenny Chesney, Faith Hill, and Keith Urban, in addition to Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush of Sugarland, who are interviewed at the site of August's Indiana stage-collapse tragedy.

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - Seth stays with Amber after his release from rehab, but the arrangement soon wears on her. (If someone had told me in previous seasons that Amber would one day be my favorite character on this show, I'd have questioned their sanity). Also, Crosby worries about Jabbar having a new father figure when Jasmine gets serious with her boyfriend. (If someone had told me last season that I'd still be hating Jasmine this season, I'd have totally believed them).

Sons of Anarchy (10pm, FX) - Jax and Tara taste life after SAMCRO but discover just how hard it is to really escape it.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - Annie tries to turn a money launderer's wife (Nina Kronjager) into a CIA asset while hunting down her husband. But the woman catches Annie following her and demands to meet with Arthur, whom she met when she was a Stasi agent.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Bieber on 'Dancing,' 'New Girl' back after a break

Dancing with the Stars (9pm, ABC) - Tonight's results show includes performances by Justin Bieber, Boyz II Men, and Christina Perri.

New Girl (9pm, Fox) - This show is back tonight after a few weeks off, and I'm sad to admit I didn't miss it a bit. Tonight: Nick lands a date with an attractive coworker (Lake Bell) but then Jess (Zooey Deschanel, left) accidentally walks in on him naked and her laughter kills his self-confidence. As I'm sure it would for anyone.

Raising Hope (9:30pm, Fox) - While camped out on the lawn due to a termite infestation, the Chances learn that Hope unveiled a violent streak at day care, and now they're afraid she inherited her mother's serial-killer gene.

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - Kristina plans a family night that doesn't go as expected, and Crosby worries he'll be replaced by Jasmine's new boyfriend.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - In the winter premiere, Annie feels lonely during some downtime following a failed mission in Venice.

Ultimate Factories (10pm, National Geographic Channel) - The Season 5 opener visits a BMW plant in South Carolina for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the X3.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Frontline's 'Pot Republic'

History Detectives (8pm, UNC-TV) - A cane with Japanese characters carved into it that may shed light on a family's past in a WWII relocation camp.

Frontline: The Pot Republic (9pm, UNC-TV) - A report examining the marijuana business in California, where medical marijuana is legal and some counties are attempting to regulate pot production. Included: the black market that is said to have bloomed beneath the "medicinal" banner, and the federal government's response.

Flipping Out (9pm, Bravo) - Jeff and the gang go to Vegas to throw Sarah a bachelorette party. Then Zoila enters the hospital for her face-lift, which is her birthday gift from Jeff.

101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (9pm, ABC) - In the Season 1 finale, eliminated contestants get wet and run the risk of facing sharks. Among the ways of getting ditched: being fired from a WWII canon, being dropped into the ocean with an anchor attached, and being launched into the ocean in a cart filled with fish.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - Annie and Joan pose as a news team to help extract a CIA operative from a hostage crisis in Mexico.

HawthoRNe (10pm, TNT) - Camille and Miles (Derek Luke) mull over their future, and Bobbie makes a mistake and may pay a steep price for it. Chi McBride guest stars.

Deadliest Catch: Behind the Scenes (10pm, Discovery) - A behind-the-scenes look at the seventh season of the crab-fishing reality series. Included: a rookie skipper's spat with a veteran producer and a seasoned captain's clash with a greenhorn cameraman.

What to Watch on Tuesday: MLB All-Star game and cable drama

MLB All-Star Game (8pm, Fox) - The 82nd All-Star game -- first time from Arizona -- takes place tonight. The National League got a rare win last year after Atlanta's Brian McCann hit a bases loaded double.
Memphis Beat (9pm, TNT) - When an iconic Memphis movie theater mysteriously burns down, Rice takes the case to smoke out the culprit. Meanwhile, with his mother in tow, Dwight hits the road to New Orleans to speak to his father's killer, hoping any insight will prove that his father was never a dirty cop.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King (9pm, ABC Family) - Chloe hangs out with two South American Mai girls and learns their outlook differs vastly from hers. Meanwhile, Brian is upset that Whitley's forcing him to go back to college, and Paul follows Chloe's words of wisdom on romance.

Flipping Out (9pm, Bravo) - Jeff's exasperation with his employees mounts when Sarah (poor Sarah) drops the ball during an important client meeting and Zoila is late for work. Meanwhile, Jeff gains a new client who happens to be the wife of rock musician Tommy Shaw.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - Annie and Reva are captured by Belarusian police during a mission to install security cameras. While the pair try to escape, Joan sends Jai to head up a rescue operation.

Combat Hospital (10pm, ABC) - A Romanian civilian suffers a brain heemorrhage and needs immediate neurosurgery, and Simon must talk Rebecca through the operation on a cell phone from a medavac helicopter.

"Suits" isn't custom, but it's tailor made for USA

"Suits" (10 tonight, USA) is one of those shows that you've seen before, but you might enjoy anyway.

Indeed, you've probably seen it on USA; plot-wise it's kin to "Burn Notice," "White Collar" and "Covert Affairs" (it shares that last show's two executive producers).

Like those shows, "Suits" is the story of a nice guy stuck in a bad situation; Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is bright and has the ability to remember anything he reads. Still, because of bad choices, he's reduced to making money by taking tests for those who aren't as smart. Meanwhile, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is a wealthy, arrogant attorney, who will close a deal by any means necessary. He's about to make senior partner, much to the chagrin of his nemesis Louis (Rick Hoffman).

What to Watch on Tuesday: A 'Modern Family' Q&A, 'White Collar' returns

Inside the Actors Studio (8pm, Bravo)  - James Lipton chats with the cast of ABC's 'Modern Family.'

Opry Memories (8pm, UNC-TV) - A special featuring vintage performances from the Grand Ole Opry, featuring John Schneider as host.  

MasterChef (8pm, Fox) - Second round of auditions finishes out the contestant pool for Season 2.

White Collar (9pm, USA) - In the solid Season 3 premiere, Peter and Neal (Matt Bomer at left with Willie Garson/Mozzie) must put aside their differences while hunting down a thief who robbed the Federal Reserve. But Peter still can't quite shake the feeling that Neal is conning him, and after the opening of tonight's episode, you'll understand why.

The Voice (9pm, NBC) - The performance round kicks off with singers from each team battling each other. Also of interest tonight, the judges -- Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, and Adam Levine -- perform a medley of Queen songs.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - The Season 2 premiere has Ben vanishing after returning to Washington. Also, Annie is assigned to protect a Russian tennis player.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Premieres, finales, fashion

One Tree Hill (8pm, CW) - The eighth season opens with Clay and Quinn both facing life-threatening injuries after being shot by Katie. Meanwhile, Nathan prepares for training camp in the wake of Haley's pregnancy news, and Brooke and Julian return from Utah engaged.

Life Unexpected (9pm, CW) - In the Season 2 premiere, Cate and Ryan (left) are greeted with changes at work upon their return from their honeymoon. Also, Baze gets cozy with a new bartender and Lux meets a guy who's new in town.

America's Got  Talent (9pm, NBC) - The four remaining acts perform in Hollywood for the final time.

Covert Affairs (9pm, USA) - There are two back-to-back new episodes tonight. In the first, Annie poses as a potential recruit for smugglers in London, and in the second episode, which is the Season 1 finale, Annie and Ben work together to rescue an asset in Sri Lanka.

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - In the second season opener, Adam is stressed out by his family and his demanding boss, who is played by William Baldwin (Baldwin is rumored to be a love interest of Lauren Graham's character this season). Also, Zeek and Joel try to fix a leak in the barn, Crosby gets ready to see Jasmine and Jabbar, and Haddie learns to drive.

Fashion's Night Out 2010  (10pm, CBS) - Neil Patrick Harris hosts a showcase of world fashion, featuring Anna Wintour, Diane von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch, and Justin Timberlake.

Sextuplets Take New York (10pm, TLC) - A new eight-part series about the Carpios, a  family of Latino sextuplets (plus a 9-year-old) living in a small house in Queens, New York.

Also tonight, season finales for "Minute to Win it" (8pm, NBC) and "Wipeout" (8pm & 9pm, ABC).

What to Watch on Tuesday: Hal Holbrook joins "Sons of Anarchy"

White Collar (9pm, USA) - In the mid-season finale, Peter and Neal make progress tracking Kate's killer, and Neal arranges a con to get closer to the suspect.

Warehouse 13 (9pm, Syfy) - Pete and Myka travel to 1961 via H.G. Wells' time machine to stop a killer who is turning women into glass.

Sons of Anarchy (10pm, FX) - Season three opens in the wake of the kidnapping of Jax's son and SAMCRO is gunning for the kidnapper, gunrunner Cameron Hayes. The kidnapping also prompts Jax to take stock of his relationship with Tara. Also, Gemma is on the lam after Stahl framed her for Edmond Hayes murder. She seeks out her father (played by Hal Holbrook) who suffers from Alzheimers Disease. Finally, Hale's brother Jake decides to run for mayor of Charming. Here's more information on the new season of "Sons of Anarchy."

Nightline Prime: Secrets of Your Mind (10pm, ABC) - The conclusion of "Nightline's" human mind series looks at forces in the brain that cause people to overeat.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - An Iranian trade delegate escapes his handlers during a trip to Toronto and tries to strike a deal with the CIA to hand over stolen intelligence in exchange for entry into the United States. Mid-season finale.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Kathy Griffin ups the ante on public displays

HawthoRNe (9pm, TNT) - Tom recuperates from his car accident injuries but still faces surgery, and a sick child makes a wish to meet a famous athlete. Former NBA star John Salley makes an appearance.

Make It or Break It (9pm, ABC Family) - The gym presents its coveted Rocky Awards and Lauren wants to win Miss Congeniality so badly she stoops to dirty tactics.

Deadliest Catch (9pm, Discovery) - Josh tells the other crews about the passing of his dad, Captain Phil Harris. There's a separate tribute to Capt. Phil at 10pm.

Covert Affairs (10pm, USA) - Annie's new girl status has her stuck doing the undesirable jobs in the office, until she gets a tip about an active IRA cell in the U.S. that will go to great lengths to remain hidden.

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (10pm, Bravo) - Last week Kathy went to Washington to speak out for gays in the military by calling Rep. Jim Clyburn "a big queen" (she was joking; he's not). Tonight, in an effort to raise awareness of women's health issues, Kathy gets a public pap smear. Joy Behar is featured (hopefully in a separate segment).

Louie (11pm, FX) - Louis C.K. goes on the road, playing club dates in the South. Here we go.

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