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D'Auvray leaves bu.ku

William D'Auvray, executive chef and founding partner of bu.ku in downtown Raleigh, has left the restaurant. D'Auvray didn't give specific reasons for his departure other than to say that he's working on another project. We'll have more details as we get them.

So a man with a garbage bag comes in...

Let me just start this post out by saying that a man appeared at our front guard desk with a large garbage bag slung over his shoulder and asking for me.
This truly can only mean trouble but I am a journalist and therefore I am game for such a thing.
I knew the man, Chef Matt Kelly, was coming for a scheduled portrait for our monthly feature, Five Questions with a Chef. I just didn't know about the garbage bag.
I said nothing. He said nothing.
After a couple shots in the studio he mentioned the bag and it's contents: a somewhat fresh boar's head.
So, of course, I took a deep breath and we took photos with the head.

A couple years back I had the misconception, as a news photographer, that food was "fluffy." I think that is often the sentiment in newsrooms. I never imagined that food photography could be as odd, enlightening or grisly as news. I have met so many interesting people and learned much more about food through our community's eyes.

See Andrea Weigl's short interview with Kelly here.

Marks of the Chef

Chef culture leans toward punk rock. That’s what happens when you keep the same hours as rock stars: Work late. Party into the wee hours. Sleep ... more

Observations on "The Chef Jeff Project"

After watching the second episode of The Food Network's "The Chef Jeff Project," I had a few thoughts:

1. You can take the gangbanger off the streets, but it's hard to take the street out of the gangbanger.

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