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New Wake County charter school receives preliminary state approval

The Longleaf School of the Arts in Raleigh received preliminary approval today from the State of Board of Education to open for the 2013-14 school year.

The vote was expected as the state board decided to vote on all 25 charter school applications as a block instead of individually. The board will vote in March on whether to give them final approval to open.

Longleaf could provide stiff competition for the Wake County school system, which didn't submit an impact statement on the charter. The combination of an arts-focused high school program and ties with the N.C. Governors School would likely appeal to many local families.

At the time of the application, Longleaf's organizers say they weren't yet ready to reveal the potential location for the school. The liberal N.C. Justice Center had argued that applicants that haven't secured buildings yet shouldn't get preliminary approval.

State Board of Education considering approval of new charter school in Wake County

A proposed Wake County charter school should find out next month whether it's gotten preliminary approval from the State Board of Education to open in the 2013-14 school year.

The Longleaf School of the Arts, a high school to be located in Raleigh with a fine arts emphasis, is one of 25 applicants that the Public Charter School Advisory Council is recommending for approval. The state board will vote on the applications next month.

Longleaf almost didn't make the cut. The Advisory Council voted 7-6 to recommend the school. According to the advisory council's minutes,some members had questions about changes that Longleaf had made to its original application.

Superior Court judge overturns ruling that allowed N.C. Virtual Academy to open

A Wake County Superior Court judge went further than expected today and yanked the charter allowing the N.C. Virtual Academy to open in August.

Sarah Ovaska, who has been covering the issue for the liberal N.C. Policy Watch, tweeted that Judge Abe Jones overturned an administrative law judge's ruling that granted the charter for what would have been the state's first online charter school. Jones has ruled that the state Board of Education's decision to not review the school's application was in effect a denial.

Based on statements that Jones had made at Monday's hearing, the thought was that the judge might refer the school's application back to the state board for further review.

The decision will be cheered by the 89 school boards, including Wake County, that joined the N.C. School Boards Association in joining the litigation against the charter school.


Click here to view a copy of today's ruling posted by N.C. Policy Watch.

Click here to view Satuday's N&O article by Anne Blythe. In the article, Bill Harrison, the state board fo education chairman, says now it might not be until 2014 before they're in a position to allow a virtual charter school to open.

North Carolina school boards taking sides over new online charter school

Is the Wake County school board looking after its interests or being a bully by joining the lawsuit against the proposed online charter school?

As noted in today's article, the issue went 5-4 along party lines with the Democrats backing the N.C. School Boards Association's request that it take part in the litigation. The Republicans voted no, questioning the propriety of the decision.

"I think it’s anti-charter school and I don’t think we belong in it," said school board member Debra Goldman, the GOP nominee for state auditor.

Wake County school board votes to join lawsuit against new online charter school

More to come later, but the Wake County school board voted 5-4 along party lines tonight to enter the lawsuit against the new N.C. Virtual Academy.

The five Democrats voted yes, contending that the new charter school would drain funds from Wake by taking some of their students. They also said it was improper how the school went to the Cabarrus school board instead of the State Board of Education for initial approval.

The four Republicans voted no, saying there was no reason for Wake to interfere in the Cabarrus school board's business. Conflict of interest questions were also raised about Tharrington Smith representing the 36 school districts joining the lawsuit, the N.C. School Boards Association and the Cabarrus school board.


It turns out that Tharrington Smith doesn't represent Cabarrus.

Wake County school board to vote on joining lawsuit opposing proposed online charter school

Will the Wake County school board join a group of school systems from across the state in urging that a virtual charter school not be allowed to open this year?

The N.C. School Boards Association has gotten at least 35 school districts to pass resolutions joining in the litigation opposing the new N.C. Virtual Academy. Now the Wake County school board is scheduled to vote on the issue today.

Normally, new charter schools get approval by going to the state Board of Education. But N.C. Learns Inc. instead got preliminary approval from the Cabarrus school board in January to open the proposed K-12 school that could eventually educate more than 6,500 students across the state.


Also, corrected to say that Goldman is not facing a runoff for auditor. Her opponent did not request a runoff.

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Two new charter schools proposed for Wake County

Two proposed Raleigh charter schools could offer stiff competition to the Wake County school system.

The proposed Longleaf School of the Arts would be a high school focused on the fine arts "inspired by the curriculum of the North Carolina Governor's School." The proposed Wisdom Academy "is an urban charter school that targets K-8 students in the Southeast Raleigh corridor of Wake County."

With the charter cap a thing of the past, the State Board of Education is more likely to approve both schools opening for the 2013-14 school year if they've got a good enough business plan.

NCHSAA voting on Gibbons' status

N.C. High School Athletic Association member schools will vote this week on whether Cardinal Gibbons, and other parochial non-boarding schools, can remain in the organization.

Wake County still waiting to place 225 students at schools

There are some 200+ applicants who are in limbo right now in Wake County's new student assignment plan.

As noted in today's article, school officials say 225 new students did not get placed in any of their selections after the first round. (It says 223 on the website but James Overman said the number is closer to 225.)

School officials say all of those students will receive school assignments at one of the schools on their choice list by the end of the second choice round. But the applicants are skeptical.

New charter school approved today in Wake County

The new Triangle Math and Science Academy proposed for downtown Raleigh got approval today from the State Board of Education.

TMSA was one of nine charter schools that got fast-track approval to open for the 2012-13 school year. The Wake County school system didn't take a position on the school.

The lifting of the charter school cap could result in a spike in the number of charter schools in Wake. But some of their attractiveness could be limited by how the students leaving charter schools are handled in the new student assignment plan.

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