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Chapel Hill's cell phone ban and towing ordinance delayed

Superior Court Judge Orando Hudson has issued an injunction, temporarily delaying the enforcement of the town's towing ordinance and cell phone ban. Both laws are being challenged by Geroge King, of George's Towing in Chapel Hill.

The towing ordinance was supposed to take effect today, the cell phone ban is to take effect June 1.

Read our story here, and read the temporary restraining order and complaint below.

Why stop at cell phone while driving ban?

The National Transportation Safety Board wants all states to ban texting, emailing or using a cellphone while driving except for emergencies. Whether you agree with a ban or not, it doesn't take long on the road to see why.

Our streets and highways are infested with distracted drivers. I confess succumbing on occasion to fiddling with navigation or browsing my music more than I think I should. Many mistake hand-free devices as a solution, but it is the concentration not the hands that is the main danger.

If we're going to ban cell phone use, why stop there? I've witnessed a number of drivers distracted by eating, adjusting the stereo, and even changing clothes.

Should two adults be required to ride with children to prevent the driver from being distracted?

Maybe conversation between drivers and passengers should be limited 140 characters or less.

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