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No more wet-T-shirt pix at RDU, TSA says

The Transportation Security Administration plans a software upgrade for its full-body scanner machines at 40 airports including Raleigh-Durham International, to get rid of the explicit video images that have drawn complaints about personal privacy.

The millimeter wave imaging machines now used at RDU and many airports produce a silvery image of the traveler's skin -- with detailed, intimate body outlines. TSA says the image is viewed only by a security officer isolated in a nearby room, but many travelers have objected.  Some say they'd rather undergo intimate body pat-downs than submit to the body scanners.

[7/21/11 update: ACLU welcomes the change. See today's story.]

The new software will display a generic, cookie-cutter outline of a human body, marked to show the location of anything that warrants a closer look ... [ MORE]

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