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High blood suger diminishes brain power in diabetics

Here's another reason people with type 2 diabetes should strive to manage blood sugar levels: Higher glucose levels are associated with lower mental agility.

Those findings are published today in the journal Diabetes Care by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and others study sites participating in a large national study of diabetes.

Researchers found that a prolonged elevation in blood sugars over three or four months led to lower scores on tests that measure thinking skills, including memory. The investigators found no correlation between a one-day spike and thinking skills.

“One of the little known complications of type 2 diabetes is memory decline leading to dementia, particularly Alzheimer's dementia,” Dr. Jeff Williamson, principal investigator for the study at the Wake Forest clinical site. “This study adds to the growing evidence that poorer blood glucose control is strongly associated with poorer memory function and that these associations can be detected well before a person develops severe memory loss."

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