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Steve Ford: Three bills that McCrory shouldn't let over the bar

Former N&O editorial page editor Steve Ford writes for the N.C. Council of Churches about three bills Gov. Pat McCrory should veto.

One is about environmental regulations:

"If Gov. Pat McCrory goes along with the General Assembly’s partial “disassembly” of state environmental rules – and if North Carolina loses significant ground in the battle against pollution, as likely would be the case – he won’t be able to say he wasn’t warned.

"Fourteen of the state’s environmental groups have teamed up with a request that McCrory veto House Bill 74 – which they describe as a “68-page compilation of special interest handouts.” The so-called Regulatory Reform Act of 2013 was approved by the Republican-controlled Senate and House in the closing hours of the legislative session that concluded on July 26, with environmental advocates strongly objecting."

Read the rest of his blog post at here

Lots of reaction to Barbara Holt's Point of View on abortion and morality

Getting lots of response to the Friday Point of View "Pro-life bills take the moral path" by Barbara Holt, president of North Carolina Right to Life Inc. Here's a glimpse of the feedback, largely unedited. Read Holt's piece here

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