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What to Watch on Tuesday: Shark Tank begins fall run

Shark Tank (8pm, ABC) - The recent new eps were considered their summer run, so tonight is the official debut of "Shark Tank's" fall season. This show is surprisingly gripping. No matter how improbable a person's success, it's hard not to get caught up in cheering them on. The real fun is when several of the sharks are interested in the same idea. Shark Kevin O'Leary's touch of evil is countered by Robert Herjavec touch of humanity.

The Biggest Loser (8pm, NBC) - Last week, Raleigh native Tracey Yukich was released from the hospital, so all three NC contestants are back in the competition. Tonight, someone goes down with an injury.   

The Good Wife (10pm, CBS)
- Alicia represents a stripper who claims to have been raped at a prominent businessman's bachelor party.

Flipping Out (10pm, Bravo)
- Tonight is the night Jeff confronts Ryan about stealing business. Could this be the end of their long friendship and partnership? I don't know about you, but I'm Team Jeff all the way.

What to Watch on Monday: NBC debuts Trauma

House (8pm, Fox) - House quits his job at Princeton, telling Cuddy he's making some big changes in his life. Andre Braugher returns in a guest spot as House's psych physician from Mayfield.

Trauma (9pm, NBC)
- Derek Luke stars in a new NBC medical drama about paramedics. It's a good deal better than their medical drama about nurses ("Mercy"), and it's exec produced by Peter Berg ("Friday Night Lights").

Lie to Me (9pm, Fox)
- This season gets more into the personal life of Dr. Lightman (Tim Roth) and we'll learn about a damaging secret from his past. Word on the street is that this already solid drama is much improved this season, thanks to the addition of "The Shield" creator and producer Shawn Ryan.

Big Bang Theory (9:30pm, CBS) - Sheldon and Howard consult an entomologist, played by Lewis Black, to help settle a bet regarding the species of a cricket. Their favorite comic book is at stake.

What to Watch on Sunday: Huge premiere night starts with Amazing Race

Amazing Race 15 (8pm, CBS) - Contestants begin their journey
tonight in Los Angeles, but soon find themselves in Tokyo trying to survive a Japanese game show. Lots of great teams this year, but one stands out for me: two Harlem Globetrotters.

The Simpsons (8pm, Fox) - It's season 21 for our favorite Springfield family, and tonight's debut was co-written by Seth Rogen.
Rogen also lends his voice to the trainer getting Homer ready for his super hero movie role. Look for lots of big name guest stars this season, such as Sarah Silverman and Anne Hathaway.

Cleveland Show (8:30, Fox) - A "Family Guy" spinoff from Seth McFarlane and Mike Henry about a divorced father who returns to his hometown and romances his first love, who now has children of her own. Fox also debuts "Family Man," and "American Dad" tonight.

Desperate Housewives (9pm, ABC) - A "beloved character" is
attacked in tonight's premiere, and much of season 6 will focus on solving the question of whodunnit. There's a mysterious new couple on the block, played by Drea de Matteo ("Sopranos") and Jeffrey Nordling ("24"). The show will also immediately reveal who was at the altar with Mike in last year's finale -- Susan or Katherine?

Dexter (9pm, Showtime)
- Season 4 opens with Dexter in full Family Man mode. He's married now with two stepchildren and a new baby. The only problem is he's still dicing up bad guys in his spare time. Keith Carradine returns as Agent Frank Lundy get Dexter's help in tracking a new serial killer called The Trinity Killer, because he kills in threes. A mind-blowingly creepy John Lithgow plays Trinity.

Californication (10pm, Showtime) - Hank is up to his old nasty tricks this season, and has expanded his tom-catting territory to academia.  

Cold Case (10pm, CBS) - For the seventh season debut, the team is investigating the 1966 murder of a young woman aboard a luxury ocean liner.

Brothers & Sisters (10pm, ABC) - Another season, another medical crisis for an unnamed member of the Walker family. Also, this season, Kitty and Robert try to save their marriage, and Sarah has a fling with "Dancing with the Stars" and "Sex in the City" French hottie Gilles Marini. And Nora and Holly will fight a lot, of course.

There's also some great stuff airing tonight in non-premiere news...

What to Watch on Saturday: SNL premieres with Megan Fox and U2

It's repeat night, so you can catch up on some of the premieres you may have missed earlier this week.

CBS has "CSI" with Laurence Fishburne at 8pm and "The Good Wife" at 9pm. If you missed "The Good Wife," you should tune in.

NBC airs "Law & Order" again at 8pm, followed by "Mercy" at 9pm, and "Law & Order: SVU" at 10pm.

ABC has college football -- Iowa at Penn State.

Also, "Making His Band," the P-Diddy reality show airs at 9pm on MTV. Wilson NC's Jamareo Artis is still in the competition.

And if you're hooked on "The Locator," as we are, tonight Troy Dunn will facilitate a reunion between a woman and the daughter she gave up for adoption. That's on at 9pm on We (channel 61 on cable).

The biggest news of the night is the premiere of "Saturday Night Live," with summer It-Girl Megan Fox and musical guest U2. A little SNL summer controversy involved Lorne Michaels cutting solid performers Micheala Watkins and Casey Wilson from the show. The very funny Watkins was known for her portrayal of Arianna Huffington and Hoda from "The Today Show." Michaels replaced Watkins and Wilson with two women from The Upright Citizens Brigade.

What to Watch on Friday: L&O and a 'ghost block' part of busy debut night

Law & Order (8pm, NBC) - "Law & Order" enters its 20th season, as well as a new night and earlier timeslot. Tonight, a law professor is scrutinized when a war veteran is found dead in a university parking garage. Later this season, our beloved L-T, Liet. Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson, left) will battle cancer.

Brothers (8pm, Fox) - A brand new show starring former NFL defensive end Michael Strahan as a broke football player who moves back home with this brother, played by Daryl "Chill" Mitchell, his mom, CCH Pounder, and his dad, Carl Weathers. Great cast!

Smallville (8pm, CW) - "Smallville" starts season nine on a different night. Tonight, Jor-El tells Clark to end things with Lois, but the heart wants what it wants. Brian Austin Green joins the cast as a new reporter working with Lois.

Ghost Whisperer (8pm, CBS)
- Melinda delivers a tiny little ghost whisperer of her very own in tonight's premiere, which is also directed by Jennifer Love Hewitt. The show then takes a "Desperate Houswives" style leap five years into the future.

Medium (9pm, CBS) - The second half of CBS's Friday Ghost Block features NBC's castoff thriller starring Patricia Arquette. The show's producers say there will be no changes to the show, even though it's skipping to a new network. Tonight's premiere picks up four months after last season's finale, and Allison is out of her coma. But will her powers be the same?

Dollhouse (9pm, Fox) - Season two and Echo's first mission is to marry a British businessman linked to a former FBI agent's open case.

Numb3rs (10pm, CBS) - In tonight's premiere, we'll find out if Amita accepted Charlie's marriage proposal. In other business, the team is protecting a political activist who may be the target of a sniper.

Real Time with Bill Maher (10pm, HBO) - This isn't a season premiere, but one of Bill's guests tonight is former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Don't expect Maher to castigate Spitzer for the cheating, but still, it should be interesting.

What to Watch on Thursday: FlashForward debuts and Grey's returns

FlashForward (8pm, ABC) - This is ABC's big new drama premiere, and it stars Joseph Fiennes (left, from "Shakespeare in Love") as an FBI agent trying to get to the bottom of a weird phenomenon in which a worldwide blackout allowed people to see into their futures. Everyone sees one precise point in time: 10pm on April 29, 2010. Apart from that being my birthday, what is significant about that date? And what do the visions mean? ABC is counting on this one.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC)
- "FlashForward" is followed by the two-hour premiere of "Grey's." Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know the answer to the cliffhangers about what happened to George and Izzie, but I won't spoil it for you rock-dwellers. Let's just say the doctors are searching tonight for ways to deal with their grief.

CSI (9pm, CBS) - It looks like this could be an entirely different show this season. Not only did show star William Petersen leave "CSI" before last season, the show also just lost Jorja Fox and Gary Dourdan. But Laurence Fishburne is still on board, and he's searching for a new serial killer, Dr. Jekyll.

The Mentalist (10pm, CBS) - Fresh off an Emmy nomination, Simon Baker resumes his role as faux-psychic and police consultant Patrick Jane. This season, a new agent (Terry Kinney from "Oz") shows up to snatch away the Red John case, which is Jane's passion. The battle between Jane and Agent Bosco will play out over the course of the season.

These shows aren't season premieres, but don't forget NBC's night of comedy (which ends at 10pm, wink wink) and new episodes of "Bones" and "Fringe" on Fox, as well as "Survivor" at 8pm on CBS and "Vampire Diaries" at 8 on the CW. Also, new episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on FX at 10, and over on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta," Kim's mysterious sugar daddy Big Papa returns!

What to Watch on Wednesday: Lots of new shows tonight

New Adventures of Old Christine (8pm, CBS) - Last season ended with Richard getting gilted by new Christine, and Barb (Wanda Sykes) getting apprehended at his wedding by a sexy INS agent. Wait, Richard is single and Barb needs an American husband. Hmmmm.... (Can't recommend it, but "Gary Unmarried" follows at 8:30).

Mercy (8pm, NBC) - It's another nurse show, and despite having their own version of McDreamy (James Tupper from "Men in Trees"), reviews are pretty sketchy. The main drama involves a former Iraq war vet nurse (Taylor Schilling, left with Tupper) and her coworkers in a New Jersey hospital. 

Law & Order: SVU (9pm, NBC) -  Producers promise that this season will be more intense than ever, which is a fairly scary thought. Tonight's episode features Christine Lahti as an Executive ADA assisting in a serial rape case.

Criminal Minds (9pm, CBS) - This premiere picks up where last season ended: Hotch (Thomas Gibson) being shot by the Reaper (C. Thomas Howell). 

Modern Family (9pm, ABC) - In a(nother) mockumentary style sitcom, Ed O'Neill plays the patriarch of the Pritchett family. He's divorced from Shelly Long, but remarried to a woman half his age, and his gay son has just adopted a Vietnamese baby with his partner. Hilarity ensues.

Cougar Town (9:30, ABC) - A new comedy that appears to be better than its awful title would indicate. Courtney Cox plays a 40-something struggling with the usual issues of aging: re-entering the dating game, raising a teenage son, arm flab, etc. 

Eastwick (10pm, ABC) - A new show based on John Updike's novel and the 1987 movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer. Three New England women (Rebecca Romijn, Jaime Ray Newman, Lindsay Price) discover their witchy powers while keeping a close eye on possible love interest/possible bad guy (Paul Gross).

CSI: NY (10pm, CBS) - Tonight's premiere will answer the question of who got shot at the end of last season's finale episode. Are Mac (Gary Sinise) and Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) both okay? 

What to Watch on Tuesday: CBS debuts NCIS:LA & Good Wife

NCIS (8pm, CBS) - The seventh season opens as the team is dealing with fallout surrounding Ziva's near-death experience. Gibbs has Tony and McGee look for her replacement.

NCIS: Los Angeles (9pm, CBS) - This NCIS spinoff follows the undercover agents of the NCIS Office of Special Projects out of a field office in Los Angeles. Agent G. Callen (Chris O'Donnell) is back on the job after four months of recovery from being shot, working tonight on a kidnapping case. LL Cool J plays Sam Hanna and Linda Hunt is Henrietta Lange. 

The Good Wife (10pm, CBS) - Julianna Marguilles plays a politician's wife who resumes her career as an attorney when her husband (Chris Noth) is jailed for corruption.

The Forgotten (10pm, ABC) - Christian Slater stars in this new Jerry Bruckheimer crime procedural about a group working to identify victims of unsolved murders.

In non-premiere news. . .

What to Watch on Monday: Network premieres kick into high gear

House (8pm, Fox) - This could very well be the best 2 hours of television this week, if not this whole season. The "House" season 6 premiere picks up where season 5 left off: House is inside a mental institution recovering from his Vicodin addiction. The strong supporting cast tonight includes Andre Braugher as House's doctor, and Lin-Manuel Miranda as House's roomate. This is one you don't miss.

How I Met Your Mother (8pm, CBS) - CBS is all new tonight, and their sitcoms get things off to a strong start. On HIMYM, the gang finds out that Barney and Robin are secretly dating, and Ted begins his teaching career at Columbia. A brand new (and widely trashed) sitcom starring Jenna Elfman ("Accidentally on Purpose") follows at 8:30. Then it's "Two and a Half Men" and "Big Bang Theory" at 9 and 9:30.

Heroes (8pm, NBC) - The fourth season premiere of "Heroes" is a two-hour event tonight. Claire gets some unwanted attention at college thanks to an odd death.

Dancing with the Stars (8pm, ABC) - Expect this to win the night. The 9th season opens with 16 contestants, more than in any other season. Some of the stars competing this season are Donny Osmond, Tom DeLay, Melissa Joan Hart, and Michael Irvin

CSI: Miami (10pm, CBS) - Season 8 begins tonight with Delko fighting for his life after being found unconscious in the Everglades at the end of last season. At some point, Horatio will dramatically remove his sunglasses and thoughtfully recall how the team came together during a case 12 years earlier, when Delko found a dead body in the trunk of a car.

Castle (10pm, ABC) - It will be so nice to see smart alecky Nathan Fillion again! In the 2nd season premiere of "Castle," Kate and Castle argue over his interference in her personal life, but put aside their differences to investigate a dead man found in a tree. Also, Castle has a book deadline looming.   

Late Show with David Letterman (11:30, CBS) - President Barack Obama is Dave's guest tonight.

What to Watch on Sunday: Emmys, HBO, Diva, and Mad Men go big tonight

61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (8pm, CBS) - Tonight's big show is hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. "30 Rock" leads with 22 nominations and "Mad Men" follows with 16. I've already picked my favorites. Have you?

Drop Dead Diva (9pm, Lifetime) - Jane meddles in a judge's love life and ends up suing a matchmaking service. Kim and Grayson work with psychic sisters who have a dispute about the family business. Guest stars are Liza Minelli, Delta Burke, and Rosie O'Donnell

Curb Your Enthusiasm (9pm, HBO) - Larry David is back for his 7th season, and he's really itching to ditch the Black family (they keep the house too warm), except Loretta (Vivica A. Fox) may have cancer. What's a guy to do...

Bored to Death (9:30pm, HBO) - A funny new comedy series starring Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson, and Zach Galifianakis. Schwartzman plays a writer who decides on a whim to try his hand as an unlicensed private detective.  

Mad Men (10pm, AMC) - The summary from AMC says that a surprise visitor shows up at Sterling Cooper, that Sally gets "spooked" by something or someone, and that Joan gets some surprising news. Hmmm. Word on the street is that something really shocking indeed happens, and that we don't want to save this on the DVR for later. If you're watching the Emmys and can't DVR, "Mad Men" repeats on AMC at 11pm. Also, don't forget that Monday, Oprah will devote her entire show (4pm, WTVD) to "Mad Men."

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