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UPDATED: Harris Teeter Triples deals list for the Triangle

NOTE: This is the latest and greatest list of Triples deals, updated to include sales in today's circular! The sale begins at 7 this morning and runs through Tuesday, Sept. 20.

There are at least 13 FREEBIES and 15 more grocery bargains to be had for 25 cents or less during Harris Teeter's Triple Coupon Promotion this week. The freebies include everything from dish liquid to tofu. And for a quarter or less, you can stock your pantry with rice, candy, cake mixes, frosting, even lunch meat!

My list is specifically tailored to Triangle shoppers, using Triangle store prices and coupons readily available here, either through newspaper inserts, magazines or Internet printing.

One last thing: Please remember to follow Harris Teeter's coupon policy: You may triple up to 20 coupons per day. No more than three identical coupons. No more than two identical Internet coupons. Coupons with a face value of up to 99 cents will triple, which means a 75-cent coupon is worth $2.25. A $1.25 coupon is still worth $1.25.

Here's the list and happy shopping:

Wednesday deals (Sept. 14-20)

The big news in the grocery world this week is definitely the Triples event at Harris Teeter. But there are still some notable deals at the other stores, including cheap TP at Lowes Foods, a 3-day sale at Food Lion and some fantastic produce deals at Aldi.

Read on for a store-by-store breakdown. Or, if you want to focus all your efforts on Triples at Harris Teeter, click here to see all those deals.

Wednesday deals (Sept. 7-13)

It's a great week for deals at both Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods, along with more great prices on fruit at Aldi.

At Harris Teeter, you can't beat the 77-cent ice cream, the 49-cent Entenmann's doughnuts and the 67-cent Kashi entrees!

At Lowes Foods, there's a new sheet of in-ad coupons that are good until Sept. 27. These coupons, when paired with insert coupons, Internet print coupons and Lowes Foods digital coupons, will yield some great deals over the course of the month. Be sure to get yourself an extra copy at the store this week because after that, they'll disappear from the stores. Or, you can do as I usually do, and just have the cashier key in the coupon and keep your sheet of coupons intact. I especially like the 10-cent Old El Paso tortillas and the 25-cent cake mixes and frostings.

As always, read on for a store-by-store breakdown of all the deals. And this week, more than ever, please share the deals you find at Lowes Foods. In some cases, the possibilities are endless so I'd love to hear back from you.

Wednesday deals (Aug. 31-Sept. 6)

With Labor Day weekend approaching, this week's grocery deals have a definite picnic theme. There are lots of sales on condiments, hot dogs and hamburgers, buns and other cook-out fixings. BOGO deals dominate the circulars, along with a handful of B2G3 deals tossed into the mix. Lowes Foods has two freebies: KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce and Planters peanut butter. But my favorite Wednesday deal has to be the Cheerios at Harris Teeter, which are just 59 cents a box with a little coupon-stacking magic. Read on for all the details on the Cheerios deal and a store-by-store breakdown of the rest of Wednesday's top deals.

Wednesday deals (Aug. 24-30)

How does (more) free peanut butter, 15-cent pasta,  97-cent produce deals and milk under $3 a gallon sound to you?

Those are among the best deals I found in this week's grocery circulars. Here's a store-by-store breakdown:

Wednesday deals (Aug. 17-23)

The deals are plentiful this week with lots of good sales. But, if I were forced to pick one store to shop at this week, it would have to be Harris Teeter, which has tons of BOGO, B1G2 and B2G3 deals. Many of the bargains have a back-to-school theme with lots of breakfast and easily-packed lunch foods on sale. But there's also a lot of meats and seafoods on sale, too, for you folks who don't like the packaged products.

At the other stores, I especially like the $1.99 butter e-offer at Lowes Foods as well as its 3-day sale over the weekend. And if you have the .55/1 coupon, the Almond Breeze milk is a good deal at $1.40. At Food Lion, chicken leg quarters are 59 cents per pound and store-brand 2-liters of soda are just 73 cents each. And finally, at Aldi, the prices on summer produce continue to be good with peaches, plums and nectarines all under $1 a pound.

Read on for a store-by-store breakdown of good deals. And remember, these are just the deals that caught my eye. Please chime in with the bargains you spotted. Couponing is definitely a team sport!

Wednesday deals (Aug. 10-16)

The Super Doubles event at Harris Teeter is definitely the headline of this week's grocery store sales, but there are still notable deals to be had at the other stores.

I especially like the free Bob Evans side dishes, free granola bars and free Kozy Shack puddings at Lowes Foods. The 3-day sale items at Food Lion are also noteworthy. And Harris Teeter has some great deals unrelated to Super Doubles, including Fiber One cereal for a buck and Arnold Sandwich Thins for 74 cents.

Read on for all the best deals of the week.

(If you want to focus all your efforts on Super Doubles, click here to check out the good deals list I posted, which is tailored to the coupons we received here in the Triangle.)

Updated again: Harris Teeter Super Doubles deals list for the Triangle

As promised, I did a little coupon reconnaissance at my local Harris Teeter store and have some nice additions to the deals list for Super Doubles, which starts at 7 a.m. Wednesday.

These are bargains I found on regularly priced items or items with a sale date that continues through Super Doubles.

Just so you know, I've tailored my list for deals we can actually get here in the Triangle, using the coupons we get here. Why waste time looking for a deal that doesn't exist in the Triangle.

(Since coupon values vary across the country, one region might get a $1/1 coupon while we get a .75/1 coupon, which makes a big difference when you're talking Super Doubles.)

Finally, keep in mind this list is a work in progress. I'll be adding to it throughout the day and early Wednesday morning as I find more deals.  Also, feel free to post potential deals you've spotted.

Wednesday deals (Aug. 3-9)

It's a great week for deals at the grocery stores with some blockbuster sales that just might entice you to take a break from tax-free weekend shopping. My top deal of the week has to be the milk priced below $3 at both Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter.

Lowes Foods also has free granola bars, 48-cent Cheez-Its, $1.99-a-pound chicken breasts and a killer General Mills cereal deal. With the right coupons, you can score three boxes for free.

Harris Teeter  has six e-vic specials on necessities such as toilet paper, laundry detergent and dish soap. Split chicken breasts are also on sale for 99 cents per pound.

At Food Lion, a 5-pack of Allegra medicine is free after rebate. Bing cherries are $1.99 per pound, chicken breasts are $1.99 per pound, and Michelina frozen dinners are just 68 cents each after coupon when you buy five.

Aldi has terrific prices on produce with bananas at 44 cents per pound, blueberries for $1.49 per pint and cantaloupe just $1.29 each.

Read on for a store-by-store breakdown of all the best deals I spotted this week. And, as always, feel free to chime in with the great deals you found. It's always great to hear your great deals.

Wednesday deals (July 27-Aug.2)

The deals at the grocery stores are phenomenal this week, more than making up for last week's bare-bones bargains. Harris Teeter is advertising six e-vic specials, five Buy 2, Get 3 Free sales and multiple BOGO deals.

Not to be outdone, Lowes Foods has also got a stellar ad. In fact, the entire front and back pages of the circular are filled with nothing but BOGO deals with even more BOGO deals inside. Lowes Foods also has school supplies deals this week.

Food Lion also has a sizeable number of BOGO deals, along with some decent produce deals.

Read on for a store-by-store breakdown of the very best deals that caught my eye this week.

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