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Wednesday deals (Feb. 1-7)

Soda, frozen pizzas, ground beef, hot sauces, chips, salsa, popcorn and nuts are all on sale at the grocery stores this week in advance of Super Bowl Sunday. Take advantage of the very best deals and skip the rest.
Food Lion has got ground chuck for just $1.99 per pound and spiral ham for $1.29 per pound. It's also the final week of its money-back promotion on its store-brand products.
Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter both have DiGiorno pizzas for $4 each after coupon. You can also pick up FREE Colgate toothpaste at Lowes Foods and Speed Stick deodorant for 50 cents, along with Heluva Good dip for 69 cents.
At Harris Teeter, Frank's hot sauces are 16 cents and Kettle Brand chips are just 84 cents after coupon.
And at Aldi, as usual, there are some terrific produce deals, including avocados for just 49 cents each and grape tomatoes for 69 cents a pint.

Read on for all the best deals I spotted at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi. I've also included the top deals at Kroger from Sunday for better comparison. Please post any deals you come across while shopping so we can all save even more.

Wednesday Deals (Jan. 25-31)

Looks like it's a good week to store hop, cherry picking the best deals at each of the grocery stores. At Aldi, the produce deals are outstanding, including pineapple and cantaloupe for $1 each and a 5-pound bag of grapefruit only $1.19. Aldi also has chicken breasts on sale for $1.69 per pound. At Harris Teeter, you can score Orville Redenbacher popcorn for just 66 cents a box, combining a paper and a digital coupon. Harris Teeter has also got a nice Meal Deal special that would work perfectly for Super Bowl along with good prices on Kraft shredded cheese, Campbell's Select Harvest soup, Muellers Whole Grain pasta and Planters peanut butter. At Lowes Foods, PictSweet veggies are just 63 cents a bag and Red Baron pizzas are just $2.49 after coupons. And finally, at Food Lion, the sale on store-brand products is still going strong, allowing you to earn rewards for money off your next grocery order.

Read on for the best deals that jumped out at me at Aldi, Food Lion, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods. (I've also added the Kroger deals from Sunday at the bottom of the post to make comparisons easier.) Please use the comments section below to post the deals you find so we can all save.

Wednesday Deals (Jan. 18-24)

If you're looking for the very best deals on groceries, skip the front pages of the sales circulars this week. The best bargains are inside the sale pages or not in the circulars at all.

With the right coupons, you can snag FREE Wolfgang Puck pasta sauce, Colgate toothbrushes and toothpaste, along with 36-cent 6-packs of Coke Zero at Harris Teeter.
At Lowes Foods, there's a great deal on Hormel deli meats and it's the last week to take advantage of the 3-week sale using store coupons on snacks and cereals.
At Food Lion, don't miss out on the second week of its store-brand promotion that rewards you with a coupon for cash off your next grocery order. (Food Lion will actually pay you to buy some of its products!)
And finally, Aldi has some terrific sales on produce and split chicken breasts, which are just 89 cents per pound.

Read on for all the best deals and feel free to post any great deals you find:

Wednesday Deals (Jan. 11-17)

It's another great week for deals at the grocery stores with lots of BOGO deals at Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods and a store-brand promotion at Food Lion that rewards you with a coupon for cash off your next grocery order. Harris Teeter also has a few Buy 2, Get 3 deals. And it's the second week of Lowes Foods' in-store coupon promotion with several nice deals on cereal and snack foods.
If that's not enough, Harris Teeter has got milk for $2.97 per gallon and Aldi is celebrating a new store opening in Durham with a coupon for $5 off your $30 order.

Read on for a store-by-store breakdown of all the best deals at the supermarkets this week:

UPDATED: Wednesday Deals (Jan. 4-10)

Harris Teeter's Super Doubles promotion may be the big news this week in the world of coupons. But the other grocery stores have some can't-miss deals:

  • great produce buys at Aldi, including 99-cent pineapples and 50-cent per pound pears.
  • a new set of in-store coupons at Lowes Foods that yields 30-cent cereal and some extremely inexpensive snack foods.
  • a coupon for $5 off a $30 grocery order at Food Lion.
  • and a nice P&G promo at Kroger.

If you need a good deals list for Super Doubles at Harris Teeter, click here. I've got a great list matching up sales and unadvertised specials with the coupons we received here in the Triangle.

Read on for a store-by-store breakdown of all the best deals this week:

Wednesday Deals (Dec. 28-Jan. 3)

Lots of party foods are on sale this week at the grocery stores in anticipation of New Year's Eve gatherings, along with pork, corn bread and collard greens for New Year's Day.
My two favorite deals this week: FREE Mueller's 100% Whole Grain pasta at Harris Teeter and $2.97 per gallon milk at Kroger.
Otherwise it's a light week for deals but I have a feeling the deals might improve when a whole new set of coupons is released Sunday.

Read on for a store-by-store breakdown of the best bargains at Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Kroger.

Wednesday Deals (Dec. 21-27)

Ham, turkey, vegetables, rolls and napkins -- they're all on sale this week at the supermarket, just in time for holiday gatherings. Among the best deals: Sister Schubert rolls for 59 cents at Harris Teeter, 20-cent canned Green Giant veggies at Lowes Foods, $1.29 per pound spiral sliced ham at Food Lion and 99-cent pineapples at Aldi. And my personal favorite deal of the week: $3.88 for 5 pounds of Clementines at Food Lion.

Read on for all the best deals:

Wednesday Deals (Dec. 14-20)

There are lots of grocery bargains to be snatched up this week: Harris Teeter has got milk for $2.97, plus great deals on eastern apples, butter, Crest toothpaste and Pantene shampoo and conditioner. At Lowes Foods, you can pick up free boxes of cereal with the right coupon combinations, along with 15-cent hot sauce, 20-cent canned veggies and $1.47 per pound spiral ham. Food Lion has got an even better deal on spiral ham at $1.29 per pound, along with sales on baking supplies and 89-cent Coke 2 liters. Aldi has some super deals on produce, including 99-cent whole pineapples and sweet potatoes for 33 cents per pound.

Read on for all the top deals at the groceries this week:

Wednesday Deals (Dec. 7-13)

Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods both have great e-offers this week. At Harris Teeter, you can pick up two 87-cent bags of sugar -- just in time for holiday baking. And at Lowes Foods, you can score two boxes of $1 dishwasher tablets -- just in time for all those holiday dishes.

There are also some noteworthy deals on frozen veggies, nuts, flavored coffee creams, cereals and bagged salads.

Read on for a store-by-store breakdown of all the top deals this week:

Wednesday Deals (Nov. 30-Dec. 6)

It's definitely a week to go store hopping, picking up the best bargains at each supermarket. Harris Teeter has got milk for $2.97 a gallon, matching Kroger's price, as well as whole-grain pasta for just 10 cents a box. Also at Harris Teeter, be sure to check your digital coupons. There are some new digital coupons on P&G products that will combine with paper coupons, scoring you 99-cent Pantene hairspray and stylers and 74-cent packages of Duracell batteries.

Lowes Foods has a great sale on boneless chicken breasts for $1.79 per pound, a definite stock-up price. Food Lion is offering a $10 coupon off your next order when you buy $50 in select gift cards. And at Aldi, there are some great deals on baking ingredients and produce (How does $1.49 for a 5-pound bag of grape fruit sound?)

Read on for a store-by-store breakdown of all the best deals:

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