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Raleigh woman on 'Let's Make a Deal'

According to the folks at "Let's Make a Deal," Alexis Coney of Raleigh will compete on an episode of the game show airing tomorrow.

Coney isn't the first local to try to make a deal with host Wayne BradyErika Bennett of Raleigh was on the show in August of 2010 and Kayla Haver of Knightdale competed in March of 2011.

"Let's Make a Deal" airs Monday-Friday at 3 p.m. on WRAL.

Knightdale woman tries to make a deal with Wayne Brady

Knightdale's Kayla Haver will be on 'Let's Make a Deal' Monday afternoon, trying to deal her way into some big prizes.

'Let's Make a Deal' is the game show where audience members dress in crazy costumes and are picked to "make a deal" with host Wayne Brady. The show says 1 out of 18 audience members get picked to play. The show was hosted by Monte Hall from 1963-1977.

Tune in Monday to see what Kayla wins. 'Let's Make a Deal' airs on WRAL at 3pm.

Barney Stinson sings "Stand By Me" - deleted scene (VIDEO)

Lorenzo wrote about the laugh out loud moments in last night's "How I Met Your Mother," with Neil Patrick Harris's Barney Stinson repeatedly breaking in on the "Stand By Me" duet by Wayne Brady and Ben Vereen. CBS doesn't have that clip up on their site, but they do have a clip of an unused take of the same scene. Maybe not quite as funny as the sequence that ended up in the show, but still very LOL-able. 

"How I Met Your Mother": Barney cleans house

You know how friends and co-workers are always sending you "LOL" responses to your e-mails, text messages, and Facebook updates, even though you know they're not really laughing out loud? Because whatever you just wrote really wasn't that funny, certainly not funny enough to prompt even a giggle out of a half-drunk audience at a "Rules of Engagement" taping, but they'll toss you a courtesy LOL.

So it means something when I say "How I Met Your Mother" made me, dare I say it, laugh out loud Monday night. It's not the first episode where Barney Stinson has broken into song, but the sight of Neil Patrick Harris interrupting Wayne Brady and Ben Vereen's father-son reunion with a goofy sing-along of "Stand By Me," suggests this show may have some life left in it.

Raleigh woman makes a deal with TV's Wayne Brady

Raleigh resident Erika Bennett will be on the "Let's Make A Deal" game show Wednesday, trying to win some fabulous prizes from host Wayne Brady.

On "Let's Make a Deal," audience members dress in crazy costumes and then make deals with the host to win hidden prizes (remember "What's behind Door #1?"). Back in the day, the show was hosted by Monty Hall, who is a creative consultant on the current version. The new show is filmed at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.

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