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Wake County school board dealing with school board election districts and other issues today

The Wake County school board will have a wide range of items to deal with today, including budget, school capping, school calendars, school name changes and school board election districts.

During the work session, one topic is "Wake County Board of Education's Support of the Current Election Districts for Board Positions." Presumably the board will be asked to officially oppose Senate Bill 325, which would change the election districts.

The board will continue to discuss the budget and go over instructional calendars, presumably for the 2014-15 school year.

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Renaming Wake Forest-Rolesville High School could cost $120,000

The Wake County school board will deal today with another consequence of abandoning the Forest Ridge High School site in favor of Rolesville High School.

During the work session, school administrators will propose that Wake Forest-Rolesville High School be renamed Wake Forest High School because Rolesville High is opening in August. There's a price tag for the change.

According to this handout, it would cost $20,000 to change the name of the sign in front of Wake Forest-Rolesville and to change the sign in the main gym. But the big price tag is the estimated $100,000 in new uniforms for the high school to reflect the name change.


School board members indicated they'd support renaming Wake Forest-Rolesville High and Wake Forest-Rolesville Middle at the April 9 meeting. The discussion was mixed on West Apex HIgh with several board members said they'd like Friendship High. But at staff's urging, they'll see what the Apex Town Council does tonight.

School board names new assistant superintendents and principals

The Wake County school board announced tonight the hiring of two new senior  administrators and two new principals.

Sylvia Wilkins was named assistant superintendent of academics. The position used to be chief academic officer before it was downscaled after Donna Hargens left to become a superintendent in Kentucky.

Wilkins, who has been principal of Dillard Drive Elementary School since 2007, will report to the newly created but still unfilled position of deputy superintendent for school performance.

Wake's 2011 calendar acceptances by base school

For you numbers crunchers, here's additional information on Wake County year-round and traditional-calendar acceptances by base school

The most year-round applicants by base elementary schools this year was at Wildwood Forest Elementary, where 67 of 109 applicants were accepted. That's compared to 52 acceptances out of 78 applicants last year.

The most year-round applicants by base middle schools was again Wake Forest-Rolesville Middle, where 242 of 265 applicants got accepted Last year, 252 of 282 applicants were accepted.

Benefits, challenges and surprises from higher Algebra I enrollment

The one figure that people kept repeating out of Thursday's Wake County school board economically disadvantaged student performance task force meeting was 35 percent.

As noted in today's article, 35 percent is this year's gain in Algebra I enrollment under the new EVAAS placement guidelines compared to last year's total. There was a 26 percent increase in pre-Algebra enrollment. Overall, the gain for both courses was 30 percent.

"I know this is new for a lot of principals, but I want to really thank all of you for taking on the challenges," said school board member John Tedesco, chairman of the task force at Thursday's meeting. "Because of that we saw measurable gains. You can’t dispute that. A 35 percent increase is impressive."



Board committee recommends name of Rolesville High School

The site in Rolesville for a new high school hasn't been acquired yet, but it looks like a name is already in place.

The Wake County school board's facilities committee unanimously recommended today that the new school planned in town be called Rolesville High School. The recommendation comes a week after the board voted to scrap the Forest Ridge High site in favor of looking at a pair of alternatives suggested by Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles.

Staff has been told to look at a property on Louisbury Road near U.S. 401 and another on Rolesvile Road near Quarry Road.

New board questioning cost estimates for abandoning Forest Ridge

There's a healthy dose of skepticism among members of the Wake County school board majority to the idea that abandoning Forest Ridge High would cost $15.5 million.

As noted in today's article, administrators said switching sites now would push the opening back form 2012 to 2014. This two-year delay would lead to $10 million in classroom trailer costs, $4 million in inflated construction costs and $1.5 million in redesign work.

Unlike the old board, new board members are taking the staff info with more reservations.

Consequences of delaying assignments

Get ready for some overcrowding in parts of the county now that assignments to Forest Ridge High, Rolesville Middle and Walnut Creek Elementary have been put on hold.

As noted in today's article, the school board voted Tuesday to delay the assignments to those three schools by two years because the recession has delayed when they'll open. There will be consequences.

Not assigning students to Forest Ridge High until 2012 means that Wake Forest-Rolesville and Wakefield high schools will need to keep their off campus ninth-grade centers until at least then.

Node 325 dropped

The Node 325 people have been more successsful, it seems, at getting dropped from the reassigment plan than other bigger groups.

At the urging of Kevin Hill, the school board agreed to not reassign Node 325 from Wakefield middle and high schools over to Wake Forest-Rolesville. The people in that node had been concerned they'd be overlooked because of the larger groups pushing for change in the area.

In contrast, the Bedford folks are still slated to go from Wakefield to Heritage High.


The board has finished reviewing the reassignment plan. Thursday's work session has been cancelled. Next up is the final vote on Tuesday.

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