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A good deal for your good deed

Here's an extremely nice deal paired with an extraordinary opportunity to do a good deed at the same time.

Pantene has teamed with Walmart to offer up to $30 to folks who donate a ponytail of their hair to be made into wigs for women fighting cancer.

Earn a little extra cash with Jingit


If you shop at Walmart and have a smartphone, you might want to give Jingit a try.

Instead of spending money, you can walk out of the store making money after scanning a few barcodes and taking mini surveys using the Jingit smartphone app.

You won't get rich using Jingit, but it will give you a little cash for extras that don't normally fit in your budget.

Or as Chris Ohlsen, a vice president at Jingit, told me: "You're not going to be paying your mortgage...but a lot of people look at it as fun money."

Jingit has a $15 per week cap on earnings right now, but a quick Internet search showed most Jingit users report earning about $5 per week.

Would you pay more to use your credit card?

Last week's anti-trust settlement between the credit card companies and major retailers over so-called swipe fees could mean higher prices for consumers who choose to pay with plastic.

We could conceivably see a two-tiered pricing system in stores: one price for customers paying with cash and a higher price for those paying with credit.

How much is using your credit card worth to you?

If you had to pay more for your purchases would you still use it?

Or would you switch to cash?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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