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Yes, Randy Newman, we're gonna miss Monk when he's gone

As if I weren't upset enough about the series finale of "Monk" airing tonight, and the possibility that USA is doing something dastardly with the show's beloved main character, Randy Newman has gone and written a new song for the show that nearly sends me to blubbering every time I hear it.

Newman wrote and performs the current "Monk" theme song ("It's a Jungle Out There"), which for me is the greatest TV theme song of all time. It's funny and upbeat, and fits Monk's personality perfectly. For the finale, Newman penned a somber tune in which he laments, "Though many hearts are broken, we must somehow carry on. I think you're gonna miss me when I'm gone."

Damn you, Randy Newman and your mournful singing voice! I'm still hoping that by "gone" they only mean "new episodes gone from my TV set," but it's not looking good (read the recap of part one of the "Monk" finale). I like closure, "Monk" writers, but not like that.

"Monk" marathon Friday: The Trudy Mythology

In advance of the "Monk" series finale Friday night, USA is showing a "Monk" marathon starting tomorrow morning, featuring episodes dealing with Monk's previous efforts to solve his wife Trudy's murder.

The "Trudy Mythology" marathon begins at 6am with "Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale" and ends with parts 1 and 2 of the series finale.

Part 1 of the finale repeats at 8pm (read our recap of the first part of the finale, but only if you're okay with spoilers). The final installment of "Monk" airs at 9pm and again at midnight, and promises to solve Trudy's murder and bring her killer to justice.

Here's a full list of the episodes in the "Trudy Mythology:"

Saying goodbye to Mr. Monk

Just watching the commercials on USA showing Tony Shalhoub's obsessive-compulsive detective Adrian Monk packing up his stuff and
carrying away all those neat little boxes makes me one sad little couch potato. 

Tomorrow night marks the beginning of the eighth and final season of "Monk," and I for one feel like I'm about to lose a very dear, sweet, quirky old friend.

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