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Smartphone-controlled toilet answers nature's call

When it comes to luxurious household fixtures Lixil of Japan has ascended to the throne - of the porcelain variety.
The Bluetooth capable Satis commode can be remotely controlled via an Android app. The My Satis app can raise the toilet seat, flush, and more. Music can be streamed through the commode's built-in speakers, and the app's usage history calculates electricity & water consumption.

Three models of the Lixil Satis ranging from about $2,400 to $4,700 are expected to go on sale in February.

The bottom line on toilet paper, according to Consumer Reports

Let's talk toilet paper.

We all want our TP to be soft and strong but we don't want to spend a lot of money on it either.

But how in the world do you know what's a deal and what isn't from the dizzying wall of white at the grocery store. One-ply or two-? Double roll or single?

What's the difference between "Ultra Soft and Thick" and "Ultra Plush"?

Does anyone really want a toilet paper with "Ripples"?

The May issue of Consumer Reports addresses the delicate issue of toilet paper, ranking 25 brands for softness, strength and price, along with how well the paper disintegrated in swirling water and how well sheets tore at the perforation.

The overall top 5 performers in Consumer Reports testing and (price per 100 sheets):

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