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What to Watch on Sunday: 'Revenge,' 'Good Wife' and 'Homeland' head huge TV night

Amazing Race 21 (8pm, CBS) - In the Season 21 opener, eleven two-member teams race around the world and vie for a $1 million grand prize. Of note this season (to me at least), is that the Fabulous Beekman Boys are racing.

Call the Midwife (8pm, UNC-TV) - The first episode of a new UK series about young midwives in 1950s-era East London. In tonight's first installment, the main heroine Jenny lee, arrives to work at a convent of nursing nuns, which is a far cry from the private hospital she expected. My review.

Once Upon a Time (8pm, ABC) - In the second season opener, the fairytale characters begin to remember their past lives, yet remain in the present. Meanwhile, magic enters the town thanks to Mr. Gold, and Prince Phillip awakens a beauty named Aurora.

The Simpsons (8pm, Fox) - The family heads to New York City for the Season 24 premiere, where Bart  searches for his lost love, Mary Spuckler.  "Bob's Burgers," "Family Guy" and "American Dad" all have season premieres tonight, too.

Revenge (9pm, ABC) - In the Season 2 premiere, Emily (Emily VanCamp, right) ponders her next move as the stakes get higher. (That's right, ABC isn't letting out any details about this episode, but from the photo released, it looks like Emily has a fight on the beach.)

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - The fourth season begins with Kalinda's estranged husband forcing his way back into her life, and Diane and Will trying to rescue the firm from financial ruin.

Dexter (9pm, Showtime) - Season 7 picks up right where Season 6 ended: Debra catching Dexter in the act of murdering Travis. As if Dexter doesn't have enough problems, LaGuerta reopens the Bay Harbor Butcher case when new evidence surfaces. "Dexter" has a habit of waxing and waning from season to season, but from what I've seen so far, things seem to be on track for a really good one. The complex relationship between Dexter and Debra will be central this season. 

Homeland (10pm, Showtime) - Judging from the first two episodes delivered by Showtime, Season 2 of the the Emmy-winning "Homeland" looks to be just as strong as ever.  In tonight's season premiere, Brody is offered a spot on a presidential ticket, and recovering Carrie receives a disturbing request from Saul. And the cliffhanger in week's episode will have your palms sweating, desperate for more.

666 Park Avenue (10pm, ABC) - A creepy new drama about a young couple who move into an exclusive Manhattan apartment building controlled by evil supernatural forces. Should you watch? Here's my review.

The Mentalist (10pm, CBS) - In the fifth season opener, Jane tries to uncover Lorelai's link to Red John, while the CBI team up with the FBI to investigate a hotel employee's homicide.

Also tonight, new episodes of "Copper" (10pm, BBC America), "Boardwalk Empire" (9pm, HBO) and "Treme" (10pm, HBO).

What to Watch on Sunday: Big changes loom in 'Good Wife' season finale

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - The third season ends with Lockhart and Gardner facing bankruptcy as Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) and Patti Hyholm (Martha Plimpton) join forces to sink the firm. Meanwhile, Alicia faces her conflicted feelings about Peter, and Kalinda's past catches up with her.

Breakout Kings (9pm, A&E) - In the Season 2 finale, the gang track a fugitive who used to perform in the circus as an escape artist. Later, they have a difficult choice when a case they're barred from being involved in turns personal.

Mad Men (9pm, AMC) - Don, Roger and Pete team up to recruit new clients, and Sally lends a hand to a relative.

Game of Thrones (9pm, HBO) - The Baratheon rivalry ends, drawing different reactions from Catelyn and Littlefinger. Also Tyrion finds Joffrey's defense plan at King's Landing lacking, but also learns of a mysterious secret weapon.

TV Land Awards (9pm, TV Land) - Kelly Ripa hosts the 10th annual ceremony, which honors revered shows and stars from TV's past. Tonight, the show receiving the Impact Award is my all-time favorite, "Murphy Brown" (cast at left). Also honored, "One Day at a Time," "Laverne & Shirley," "In Living Color," and "Pee-wee's Playhouse."

The Celebrity Apprentice (9pm, NBC) - A very close call for Clay Aiken in the boardroom last week. Tonight, Clay clashes with Dayana Mendoza and loses it. Should be fun to watch.

The Big C (9:30pm, Showtime) - Cathy embraces new changes in her personal life, and Adam and Andrea deal with their personal issues in their own way.

GCB (10pm, ABC) - Amanda assemblese an all-female barbecue team for a cook-off. Meanwhile, Heather meets a handsome butcher and Sharon helps Zack with his dealership problems.

Veep (10pm, HBO) - The Veep is unexpectedly called to the White House Situation Room and later falls victim to a stomach bug that's going around.

What to Watch on Sunday: A Mike Wallace tribute and a batch of new shows

60 Minutes (7pm, CBS) - Tonight, a tribute to longtime "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace, who died last week at the age of 93.

Titanic (9pm, ABC) - The conclusion to Julian Fellowes' miniseries based on the sinking of the Titanic.

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - Alicia is forced back into the public spotlight by Peter's latest political rival.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (9pm, UNC-TV) - An adaptation of Charles Dickens' unfinished story about an opium-addled choirmaster (played by Matthew Rhys, who was Kevin Walker on "Brothers & Sisters") who believes his nephew stands between him and the woman he fancies. When the nephew goes missing, the question is, did the uncle murder him or did someone else?

Nurse Jackie (9pm, Showtime) - Carmelo Anthony has a small part in tonight's episode, which focuses on Jackie's stint in rehab.

The Celebrity Apprentice (9pm, NBC) - Clay is still in the game. Tonight, the teams must design two original puppets and perform an improvisational show with a Henson Alternative troupe. Expect: drama drama drama.

NYC 22 (10pm, CBS) - A new series about six NYPD rookies trying to balance their personal lives with work. Tonight, rookies go on their first patrol and try to prevent a gang war and a domestic murder. Here's Adrienne's review.

Mad Men (10pm, AMC) - Tonight's cryptic episode summary: Lane makes an interesting friend and Pete plays host to an assortment of guests.

Girls (10:30pm, HBO) - In the premiere of a new comedy about a group of twentysomething women navigating life in New York, Hannah (Lena Dunham) gets shattering news from her parents and then loses her unpaid internship. This series is crazy good. Here's my full review.

What to Watch on Sunday: 'Luck' ends and 'Mad Men' begins

NCAA Basketball (CBS) - Kentucky plays Baylor at 2 p.m. and UNC takes on Kansas at 4:30.

Once Upon A Time (8pm, ABC) - The Who's Roger Daltrey stars as the voice of the Caterpillar in tonight's "Alice in Wonderland"-themed episode. In the episode, Emma is kidnapped by a mentally unstable man with a hat obsession.

Luck (9pm, HBO) - Tonight's series finale also serves as a season finale, since HBO abruptly stopped production on the second season last week after a third horse died on the "Luck" set. In the finale, Gus (Dennis Farina) draws on past experience to deal with a present threat, and Ace (Dustin Hoffman) is floored by a surprise visitor. John Ortiz, at left, plays trainer Turo Escalante.

Mad Men (9pm, AMC) - In tonight's two-hour Season 5 premiere, Roger and Pete clash, and Joan has a run-in with a houseguest. Here's everything I can -- and can't -- tell you about tonight's premiere and a cool gallery of Season 5 photos.

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - Alicia is assigned to be on a blue-ribbon panel that is investigating a police shooting, but she soon begins to question the actions of the panel chairman.

Celebrity Apprentice (9pm, NBC) - The celebrities must hose a launch party for a "mocktail" drink product. We think Clay Aiken may be the project leader tonight.

Shameless (9pm, Showtime) - Fiona's Thanksgiving plans get put on the back burner when Frank tries to get Monica out of bed to help with her depression.

Eastbound & Down (10pm, HBO) - Kenny tries a new pitch while attempting to be a better man and more responsible father.

What to Watch on Sunday: A mind-blowing 'Walking Dead'

ACC Tournament Championship (1pm, WRAL) - Championship game.

Bob's Burgers (8:30pm, Fox) - Season 2 opens with the kids in an abandoned taffy factory searching for treasure. Bob and Linda must find them before the building's scheduled demolition.

The Walking Dead (9pm, AMC) - This term is admittedly overused, but it's valid in this case: Tonight's episode is a game-changer!!! I'm dead serious. Rick, Shane (left), Daryl and Glenn head into the woods (at night!) to look for someone/something dangerous in the area. Something mind-blowing happens. Your Mind = Blown.

Desperate Housewives (9pm, ABC) - Speaking of your mind being blown, a major character is killed on tonight's show. Unfortunately, that surprise got blown earlier this week during the real-life Nicollette Sheridan/Marc Cherry trial (which has been fascinating!). You may already know who it is, but if you don't and want to know, Google your heart out.

The Celebrity Apprentice (9pm, NBC) - The contestants must produce a live event spotlighting a new Buick, but ... the choice for project manager is questioned on one team and a deep division develops on the other. A preview from last week featured Trump saying he would fire two people tonight.

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - Alicia defends Colin Sweeney (again) on sexual misconduct charges, which threaten to derail his attempt to regain control of his company. 

Oprah's Next Chapter (9pm, OWN) - Oprah interviews Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Coming Home (10pm, Lifetime) - Season 2 begins with a military dad, who is a huge Oakland Raiders fan, being reunited with his kids during the halftime show at a Raiders home game.

GCB (10pm, ABC) - Amanda worries that the sins of the mother will be visited on the daughter when Laura attends her old high school and encounters a new set of mean girls. Also, Carlene plots revenge for Amanda embarrassing her in church.

CSI: Miami (10pm, CBS) - The "Miami Taunter" kills again, and Horatio visits the matriarch (Raquel Welch) of the suspected killer's family.

Eastbound & Down (10pm, HBO) - Kenny thinks his son is cursed and maybe the blame for a recent run of bad luck.

What to Watch on Sunday: A night of 'Wives' (Army, Good, Desperate, Christian)

Army Wives (9pm, Lifetime) - The sixth season begins with the tribe preparing to leave Fort Marshall, but Roxy isn't prepared to move. Meanwhile, Joan gets the fort ready for a hurricane. A second new episode airs at 10.

Desperate Housewives (9pm, ABC) - Susan offers to help the father of Julie's baby to raise the child, and Bree decides to go to Maine with Orson -- maybe for good. None of this can be as crazy as the real life "Desperate Housewives" trial going on right now in Los Angeles.

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - Alicia defends a documentary filmmaker who is blamed for a student's suicide. Meanwhile, power grabs are made at the Will-less firm, and Peter discovers the price of taking the moral high ground.

The Walking Dead (9pm, AMC) - There's a real shocker in tonight's episode. Not kidding at all. Rick and Shane decide they must kill their prisoner, and Dale pushes back against what he sees as a lack of humanity fostering among the group. And Carl's actions have an unexpected and tragic impact on the group (stupid, stupid Carl!). Do not wait to watch this one or someone will spoil it for you on Monday.

The Celebrity Apprentice (9pm, NBC) - The dysfunctional women's team may finally get a break when the contestants design living storefront window displays for a fashion collection. Or maybe not... Also, Dee Snider has surgery to repair the finger broken in last week's episode.

GCB (10pm, ABC) - The pilot for a new dramedy about a disgraced widow who moves back to Dallas to start over, but has to contend with a group of women who are eager to get revenge for her mean behavior in high school. Adapted from a novel called "Good Christian Bitches," this could be called "Desperate Housewives of Dallas." Stars Annie Potts and Kristen Chenoweth (left). Here's my "GCB" review.

Kandi Factory (10pm, Bravo) - Kandi Burruss invites two fledgling performers to Atlanta, where her team of experts attempts to mold them into pop stars. The singer with the most promise has a song released and gets to star in a music video.

Breakout Kings (10pm, A&E) - In the Season 2 premiere, the team hunts a merciless serial killer whom Lloyd's testimony helped convict.

What to Watch on Sunday: SAG Awards and 'Luck' on HBO

Screen Actors Guild Awards (8pm, TNT and TBS) - This is sort of the stepchild of the major awards shows, relegated to basic cable and without any kind of host. But I'll still watch!!! Especially since tonight Dick Van Dyke will present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Mary Tyler Moore.

Luck (9pm, HBO) - HBO officially debuts their new drama series about the world of horse racing (viewers got a sneak preview in Decemeber). It stars Dustin Hoffman as an owner trying to get back into the swing of things after three years in jail. Also stars Nick Nolte. Written by David Milch and directed by Michael Mann. Here's Adrienne's review.

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - The last new episode we got ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, so I'm hoping for more insight into the whole Kalinda/Will con tonight. Also, Wendy Scott-Carr presents her evidence against Will to the grand jury, and when Alicia takes the stand, details of her relationship with Will are revealed.

Downton Abbey (9pm, UNC-TV) - In a really great episode 4, Matthew and William are engaged in a fierce battle at the front, and Vera strikes a cruel blow against Bates and Anna.

A Smile as Big as the Moon (9pm, ABC) - A fact-based drama about a Michigan high school football coach and special ed teacher who fights an uphill battle to take his students to NASA's Space Camp in Alabama in the 1980s.

Shameless (9pm, Showtime) - Fiona is concerned she is dumping too much responsibility on the Gallagher children when stress causes Debbie to break out in a rash. The Gallagher children stressed? YOU DON'T SAY.

An Evening of Stars (11pm, BET) - This UNCF fundraising showcase features Patti LaBelle, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Marsha Ambrosius, Ledisi, Musiq Soulchild, and many others.

What to Watch on Sunday: 'Downton Abbey' and 'The Firm' lead the night

Downton Abbey (9pm, UNC-TV) - The second season opens during World War I with Matthew and Thomas in the trenches in France, and Robert and William longing to join the action. Also, Mary struggles with her feelings for Matthew when he returns from the war and attends a concert at the estate with a new companion.

The Firm (9pm, NBC) - NBC's newest drama series is based on the John Grisham novel and motion picture "The Firm," but set ten years after the action in the original work. In tonight's premiere, Mitchell McDeer (Josh Lucas, right) and his family work to reclaim their lives after ten years in the Witness Protection Program. Also stars Juliette Lewis ("Cape Fear"), Tricia Helfer ("Battlestar Galactica"), Molly Parker ("Deadwood"), Callum Keith Rennie ("The Killing"), and Shaun Majumder ("Detroit 187").

Shameless (9pm, Showtime) - In the Season 2 premiere, Fiona lands a job tending bar at a popular local joint and meets a new guy. Meanwhile, Frank uses his son Liam as collateral for a gambling debt. And that is why I can't make myself like this show.

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - A couple whose divorce was overseen by Lockhart/Gardner brings a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the firm after the pair accuse them of encouraging their breakup for financial gain. F. Murray Abraham guest stars.

House of Lies (10pm, Showtime) - A new dark comedy about a top-dollar management consultant and his ethically challenged team. In the premiere episode, the consultants head to NY with a plan to help bankers justify their big bonuses while their customers suffer from a financial crisis the bankers helped cause. I'm not sold, but here's my review. Stars Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell.

Californication (10:30pm, Showtime) - Season 5 opens a after the end of Season 4, with Hank living in New York but hoping to relocate. He may get his chance when Charlie invites him to LA to write a screenplay for a project starring a rapper-turned-actor. In LA, he meets up with Karen and her new husband, and meets Becca's new boyfriend.

What to Watch on Sunday: A family crisis on 'The Good Wife'

Once Upon a Time (8pm, ABC) - David (aka Prince Charming) must make a choice between Mary Margaret or Kathryn. Last week's backstory on Jiminy Cricket was crazy dark, right? Yikes.

Boardwalk Empire (9pm, HBO) - Jimmy recalls his time at college, and Nucky and Margaret discuss how to make the best of a potentially bad situation.

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - A routine arbitration turns into a battle between Alicia and Louis Canning (Michael J Fox), but when Alicia's daughter Grace goes missing, she and Louis find they have more in common than they believed. A tense episode with lots of Chris Noth camera time. Jennifer Carpenter ("Dexter") guest stars as Alicia's new client.

Dexter (9pm, Showtime) - Dexter races to identify the Doomsday Killers' next victim, while Debra's surprising reaction to a crime scene makes her wonder if she depends too much on her brother.

Neverland (9pm, Syfy) - A gang of young pickpockets snatches a magical orb that transports them into a fantastical realm in the debut of the miniseries set before Peter Pan met Wendy and Hook became a captain. Part one of two parts.

Homeland (10pm, Showtime) - Walker's Washington contact is identified by Carrie and Saul, but the target is protected via diplomatic immunity.

All-American Muslim (10pm, TLC) - The Fordson High football team plays its season opener during the holy month of Ramadan, when most of the team is still fasting.

Chef Roblé & Company (10pm, Bravo) - A new culinary reality series based on the experiences of Brooklyn-based chef Roblé Ali as he tries to launch a catering business with this commanding big sister.

What to Watch on Sunday: Get your gross-out zombie fix on "The Walking Dead"

Once Upon a Time (8pm, ABC) - Emma helps a pregnant woman escape from Mr. Gold (aka Rumpelstiltskin). Speaking of the spindly swindler, Cinderella makes a mistake in the fairy tale world when she strikes a bad deal with him.

The Walking Dead (9pm, AMC) - While searching the woods for clues, Daryl is seriously injured and set upon by zombies. Meanwhile, Glenn believes he is getting romantic signals from Maggie, but then isn't so sure, and Herschel makes it clear the travelers are fine to stay on the farm for now, but not indefinitely.

Desperate Housewives (9pm, ABC) - Chuck begins to harass Bree as his suspicions about her role in Alejandro's disappearance grow. Also, Lynette devises a plan to salvage her marriage as her 22nd wedding anniversary nears.

Boardwalk Empire (9pm, HBO) - Nucky turns to Arnold Rothstein for political advice in the aftermath of a personal loss, but Eli remains unsure of his brother's motives.

Homeland (10pm, Showtime) - Carrie and Brody spend a weekend in the countryside, which ends up complicating their relationship further.  

All-American Muslim (10pm, TLC) - This new series about five Muslim-American families living in Dearborn, Michigan, begins with a Catholic man considering a conversion to the Islamic faith of his girlfriend, which causes friction with his mother.

The Good Wife (10pm, CBS) - Alicia tries to win a stay of execution for a guilty man because he has information that could keep another one of her clients from a murder conviction. Meanwhile, Eli races to get ahead of a client's potential scandal. MSNBC host Chris Matthews guest stars as himself.

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