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What to Watch on Monday: HBO doc a tribute to legendary Hollywood casting director

The Bachelorette (8pm, ABC) - Desiree meets with her two remaining suitors and makes her decision in tonight's finale. "After the Final Rose" recaps the season at 10.

Casting By (9pm, HBO) - A documentary tribute to legendary casting director Marion Dougherty (1923-2011), who had an exceptional eye for talent and who supplied big breaks for actors such as James Dean, Robert Duvall, Robert Redford and Glenn Close. The film also explores how Dougherty (seen here with director George Roy Hill) helped change the way Hollywood cast movies as it moved way from the old studio system in the 1960s and 1970s.

Major Crimes (9pm, TNT) - An investigation into the suspicious death of an unlikeable agent puts the squad in contact with denizens of an old apartment complex. Meanwhile, Provenza faces the possibility of permanent desk duty. The episode stars Tim Conway, Doris Roberts, Marion Ross, Ron Glass and Paul Dooley.

The Fosters (9pm, ABC Family) - In the first season finale, the family gather for Stef and Lena's wedding, which Lena's dad plans to officiate and Stef's dad plans to skip.

Under the Dome (10pm, CBS) - Big Jim takes action when his authority is challenged, and a baby is born as another life ends.

Teen Wolf (10pm, MTV) - Scott and Derek get trapped inside an evacuated hospital drink a powerful storm.

Inside Foyle's War (10pm, UNC-TV) - A look at the British miniseries featuring remarks from the creator, producer, director and actors.

What to Watch on Monday: Jesus meets his mom on 'The Fosters'

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All (8pm, ABC) - Desiree and several of her suitors reflect on the past season, and Desiree faces one of the men she rejected.

Switched at Birth (8pm, ABC Family) - Angelo's relationship with Bay is tested as he fights for custody of his infant daughter. Elsewhere, Daphne and Jace stumble onto a possible political scandal. Nikki learns that Toby's reconnected with Simone.

The Fosters (9pm, ABC Family) - Jesus (Jake T. Austin, right) meets his biological mother, but it doesn't go well. Meanwhile, Lena's worldly ex-girlfriend visit town, Stef worries about Mike's excessive drinking and Brandon struggles to impress his piano teacher.

The Cheshire Murders (9pm, HBO) - A chronicle of a 2007 home invasion in Cheshire, Conn., that resulted in arson and the deaths of a Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters. Adrienne has a review of "The Cheshire Murders," which has a Chapel Hill connection.

Major Crimes (9pm, TNT) - In a case that brings gang violence and social profiling to the forefront, the squad realizes that things are not always as they appear.

Get Out with Bear Grylls (9pm, NBC) - The eight remaining teams must display swimming prowess when they're dropped in the middle of the bay. Also, they must brave waterfalls.

Under the Dome (10pm, CBS) - The residents of Chester's Mill receive unexpected visits from loved ones on the other side. Meanwhile, the town braces for a threat from outside the dome.

What to Watch on Monday: Marilyn Monroe doc on HBO and final 'Voice' performances

The Bachelorette (8pm, ABC) - The bachelors travel to Atlantic City with Desiree, who tours the boardwalk with one guy and visits Seaside Heights with another. Later she teams up with 2013 Miss America to put on a "Mr. America" pageant for the guys, and she is serenaded by Darius Rucker during a private date with one bachelor.

The Voice (8pm, NBC) - Cher is one of the scheduled performers during tonight's show, which also features the final performances of the remaining contestants.

The Goodwin Games (8:30pm, Fox) - Jimmy decides to take a bigger role in his daughter Piper's life, so he introduces her to Henry and Chloe, and the young lady really hits it off with her aunt.

Love, Marilyn (9pm, HBO) - A documentary on the life, death and legacy of Marilyn Monroe taken from her personal diaries and papers. Some contemporary actors, such as Glenn Close, Viola Davis and Hope Davis, give voice to passages in the diary. Oliver Platt performs words by director Billy Wilder. Here's Adrienne's review.

Major Crimes (9pm, TNT) - The squad investigates a puzzling murder-suicide case. Also, Rusty receives a threatening letter, which triggers Emma's demand that he be relocated.

The Fosters (9pm, ABC Family) - Mike invites Brandon to move in with him, which leads to an argument between Stef and Brandon.

Longmire (10pm, A&E) - The team hunt for cattle thieves, and later, Walt is concerned by Vic's behavior.

King & Maxwell (10pm, TNT) - An assassination attempt is made on a visiting diplomat. When Michelle falls under suspicion for the crime, Sean serves as her lawyer to prove her innocence. Along the way, the duo dig up a possible high-level cover-up.

What to Watch on Monday: 'Major Crimes' returns, plus a peek at new NBC singing show

The Goodwin Games (8:30pm, Fox) - Chloe has a career decision to make when her father's new challenge forces her to reconsider the actor's life and reenter the world of academia. Meanwhile, Henry's fiancee is busy running for political office, and it falls on him to plan the wedding.

Major Crimes (9pm, TNT) - Season 2 begins with the slaying of a high-profile filmmaker's pregnant wife. Meanwhile, the squad begins to run smoothly under Raydor's (Mary McDonnell, left) leadership, but a new deputy D.A. questions Raydor's intentions as Rusty's guardian.

The Fosters (9pm, ABC Family) - Lena and Mike disagree about whether to punish Brandon, while Jesus tries to cover for Mariana and puts his health at risk in the process.

King & Maxwell (10pm, TNT) - A new drama about two private investigators -- Sean King (Jon Tenny from "The Closer") and Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn from the "X-Men" movies) -- who work cases in the nation's capital. In the premiere, King's lawyer friend is mysteriously killed in a case that comes with possible political repercussions. Based on characters from the novels of David Baldacci. Here's my review of "King & Maxwell."

The Winner Is … (10pm, NBC) - After a semi-finals episode of "The Voice," NBC offers a sneak peek at another singing competition in which performers battle for a $1 million grand prize. The host is Nick Lachey.

Longmire (10pm, A&E) - A shepherd and his dog are found dead (Really?! They had to kill the dog, too?!). Meanwhile, Cady searches for answers about her mother's death.

Warehouse 13 (10pm, Syfy) - Pete, Myka and Steve team up with a U.S. Marshal to recapture two inmates who escaped from a prison in Arkansas during a volcanic event.

What to Watch on Monday: 'The Fosters' and 'Mistresses' debut, 'Revolution' season ends

The Goodwin Games (8:30pm, Fox) - After Chloe spots Jimmy with a mysterious man, she begins to fret that her brother is returning to his criminal ways.

The Fosters (9pm, ABC Family) - This is a new drama about a lesbian couple heading up a multiethnic family comprised of a biological son and a few adopted children. In the opener, Lena meets troubled teen Callie and asks her to temporarily move in with her family.

Defiance (9pm, Syfy) - Interesting relationships develop when the residents of Defiance are forced to stay indoors as a threatening Razor Rain storm approaches.

Revolution (10pm, NBC) - In the Season 1 finale (and the last episode filmed in Wilmington), the rebels suffer a major loss when they infiltrate the Tower. Also, Miles' leadership skills and feelings for Nora and Charlie are also put to the test, and Neville and Flynn give new meaning to evil. (Yikes.)

Teen Wolf (10pm, MTV) - Season 3 picks up four months after the
Season 2 finale, with a deadly new Alpha pack looking to bring Derek into their fold and wreak havoc on Scott's life.

Longmire (10pm, A&E) - A number of suspects are eyed after a body is found in a compost heap.

Mistresses (10pm, ABC) - The premiere of a new drama about four girlfriends having affairs. Tonight, Savi becomes attracted to a charming coworker and April begins receiving mysterious phone calls. Starring Alyssa Milano and John Schneider.

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