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Duke president to appear on 'The Colbert Report'

Duke president Richard Brodhead will be the interview guest on Thursday night's "The Colbert Report."

The Duke Chronicle reports that Brodhead will appear on the show to discuss a recent report on K-12 education. At least, that's the plan. There's no telling where Stephen Colbert could go...

"The Colbert Report" airs on Comedy Central at 11:30 p.m., Monday-Thursday.

North Carolina gets attention from Colbert and Maher

It's getting hard to keep track, frankly, but here are a couple of recent North Carolina General Assembly shout-outs (for lack of a better term), this time from Bill Maher, who made the state legislature the focus of his New Rules segment on this week's "Real Time With Bill Maher" (singling out Art Pope) and from Stephen Colbert, who gives the NCGA a tip of the hat for turning the state into a "conservative Shangri-La."

Before Colbert gets to the legislature, though, the South Carolina native takes another opportunity to slam Eastern NC barbecue and even more pointedly, the city of Charlotte. Colbert: "Who makes barbecue sauce with vinegar? That's what you use to clean a toilet. And when I say 'toilet,' I mean 'Charlotte.'"

In the Colbert video below, the North Carolina stuff starts at the 4 minute mark.

Angry South Carolina native Stephen Colbert: 'I am from North Carolina.'

Stephen Colbert declared himself a North Carolina native this week during a segment on "The Colbert Report" in which he discussed his sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, losing a congressional election in his home state of South Carolina to former disgraced South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

The angry Colbert said he felt betrayed by his home state and would turn his back on it. "From now on," he said. "And I never thought I'd say this, I am from North Carolina. No, I have to -- I have to! I'm a Tar Heel now! Whatever the f*#$ that means."

Colbert then went on to profess his love for the state bird, the cardinal (after consulting an Almanac to get the bird's name right). "That's a stupid bird," he said. "But it's mine now."

Colbert also mentioned the state dog (the Plot Hound) before slamming North Carolina 'cue as a "sauceless, vinegar-based meat product that they call barbecue." Colbert then took a bite of some eastern N.C. barbecue and gagged.

We know Colbert is a great, great actor because there's no way he prefers that mustardy South Carolina mess to our delicious pig. Smithfield Chicken N' Bar-B-Q, a local barbecue and fried chicken chain, posted an open letter to Colbert on their website last night, challenging his barbecue tastes and offering to send him some of their barbecue and slaw in an effort to set his mind -- and taste buds -- right.

You can watch the full Colbert segment here.

Viacom cuts internet access to 'Daily Show,' 'Colbert' and other shows

You know how there's a Viacom blackout on DirecTV and everybody's all, "Oh, I'll just watch on the internet" about it?

Not so fast!

That's what DirecTV was advising customers to do (watch online), so  Viacom cut off internet access to some of the most popular shows on their darkened channels.

Here are the shows you can't watch online: "The Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" (Comedy Central); "Spongebob Squarepants," "Victorious" and "iCarly" (Nickelodeon); "Dora the Explorer" (Nick Jr.); "Jersey Shore" and "Teen Mom" (MTV); and "Hot in Cleveland" (TV Land).

Update: CNN is reporting that DirecTV is giving $10 discounts to subscribers who call and complain about the missing content.

'Colbert Report' takes on NC General Assembly's bill on rising sea levels

Stephen Colbert took on republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly in last night's episode of "The Colbert Report."

In his "The Word" segment titled "Sink or Swim," the South Carolina native pokes fun at the recent proposed bill that combats alarming new climate studies regarding rising sea levels. The bill would make it illegal for North Carolina to consider "scenarios of accelerated rates of sea-level rise," instead relying on historic data for planning purposes.

Here's the segment.

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The Word - Sink or Swim
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Comedy Central suspends taping of 'The Colbert Report'

Comedy Central confirmed today that it has temporarily suspended taping of "The Colbert Report," the popular news satire program starring Stephen Colbert.

They gave no reason in their statement: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will air repeat episodes on Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16.”

Last night's episode, which followed a new episode of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," was a repeat and was apparently canceled at the last moment.

Brian Stetler, a New York Times media reporter, tweeted earlier this morning that there doesn't seem to be any professional drama going on: "There's no indication of any corporate drama re: Colbert's unforeseen absence. Comedy Central expects to be back to new episodes soon."

Update: The Wall Street Journal reports that Colbert canceled the tapings due to a family emergency.

John Tedesco citing Colbert Report skit in his run for State Schools Superintendent

Wake County school board member John Tedesco is turning Stephen Colbert's mocking criticism of him into a tool to help him get elected as state schools superintendent.

On his campaign website, Tedesco uses a cropped screenshot of his picture on Colbert's "Disintegration" segment from January 2011. Last year, critics of the Republican board majority repeatedly pointed to the segment on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report."

"Opposition, obstructionists, and status quo bureaucrats are met head-on by John Tedesco's pledge to his constituents," says Tedesco's website. "This has caused fans and critics alike in the media to chronicle his every move; some just waiting to see what he will do next. The New York Times, CNN, Fox News, LA Times, The Economist, The Washington Post, Education Weekly, and more have joined North Carolina's news outlets WRAL, ABC 11, NBC 17, News 14, and The News & Observer in their coverage of Mr. Tedesco."

Tedesco includes a line from a not terribly flattering New York Times story in February 2011 that says "since he was elected, his ups and downs have been chronicled practically daily in the media." (The website incorrectly says it was a 2010 article.)

Mack Paul writing about "Chairman Tedesco"

Democrats are now using Wake County school board vice chairman John Tedesco as a campaign issue to help boost Kevin Hill's re-election bid over Heather Losurdo.

In an e-mail message today to Democrats, Wake County Democratic Party Chairman Mack Paul writes that "if Heather Losurdo wins, it means John Tedesco ascends to the chairmanship of the Wake County School Board."

In writing about what Tedesco's elevation to chair would mean, Paul rips into Tedesco for his Tea Party remarks about "bringing conservative values to education.” Paul also brings up Stephen Colbert's satirical attack on Tedesco on Comedy Central.

Wake Democrats accuse Ron Margiotta of hiding "his real record"

The Wake County Democratic Party is going after school board chairman Ron Margiotta's recent campaign mailer, saying it doesn't reflect the incumbent's "real record."

In a press release Tuesday, Wake Democratic Party Chairman Mack Paul said Margiotta's "real record of achievement is far different." Paul accused Margiotta of putting high school accreditation and federal funding at risk, insulting parents, violating the Open Meetings Law and making Wake a "national punch line" on the Colbert Report.
"Ron Margiotta left off some key parts of his record, including the poor leadership that threatened accreditation for our high schools," Paul said in the press release. "He also left off his 'success' at putting our federal funding at risk in his single minded pursuit of creating high poverty schools.

Any success we have had has been as a result of hard working teachers and our students. Many of the results that he trumpets came as a result of policies and work that happened prior to him taking a leadership role on the Board."

Colbert to sing "Friday" on Fallon's show tonight

Stephen Colbert lost a fundraising challenge with Jimmy Fallon and the punishment is that he has to sing "Friday" on Fallon's show tonight.

Colbert explains how it all happened and rehearses a bit in the video below.

'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' airs on NBC at 12:30am.

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