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What to Watch on Monday: A few finales, return of 'Bachelorette'

Dancing with the Stars (8pm, ABC) - The tenth and final performance show of the season, and it's only one hour long!

House (8pm, Fox) - In the seventh season finale, House does something odd (even for him) which could alter his relationships with Wilson and Cuddy for good. FYI, Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) is not returning next season.

The Bachelorette (9pm, ABC) - Dental student Ashley Hebert (right), Brad Womack's second runner-up (also known as "the real winner in that situation"), meets 25 potential husbands. Among them, a butcher, a fellow dentist, a masked man and a guy she already knows. We've scanned the bios and don't see any obvious North Carolina connections, but we'll monitor the episode tonight just in case -- solely for potential news value.

The Chicago Code (9pm, Fox) - In the series finale (what a shame), Teresa gets a return visit from FBI agent Cuyler (Adam Arkin), and Jarek is determined to resolve some lingering issues that have plagued the Wysockis. Meanwhile, Teresa and Jarek play all their cards in their case against Gibbons.

The Event (9pm, NBC) - In the series finale, Martinez and Peel are immersed in a power struggle with Jarvis and unbeknownst to them, Sophia. Also, Sean, Vicky, Sterling and Simon race to stop the dispersion of the virus, while Leila battles for her life and the portal begins to cool.

Fox cancels five shows overnight

Before I went to bed last night, Fox had canceled 'Human Target,' 'The Chicago Code,' and 'Breaking In.'

When I got up this morning, 'Lie to Me' and 'Traffic Light' had also been axed.

Not surprised about 'Lie to Me,' but I didn't realize 'Traffic Light' -- which has really grown on me -- was on the bubble. So that one was a little surprising.

The network also says it will not pick up 'Locke and Key,' a planned show which was based on a comic book by Joe Hill about a family that moves to a haunted New England mansion. 

What to Watch on Monday: Lifetime dramatizes Natalee Holloway case

Justice for Natalee Holloway (8pm, Lifetime) - A docudrama chronicling the ongoing search for the truth behind the 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. Natalee's mother Beth (Tracy Pollan) is continually harassed by the suspected killer, who is also accused of murdering a woman in Peru in 2010. The real Beth Holloway hosts a new Lifetime show called 'Vanished,' which debuts after this movie.

How I Met Your Mother (8pm, CBS) - Ted makes a tough decision that has a dramatic impact on his relationship with Zoey.

American Experience: Soundtrack for a Revolution (9pm, UNC-TV) - This history of the civil rights movement and its freedom music features performances by John Legend, the Roots, Wyclef Jean, Angie Stone, Joss Stone, Mary Mary, and Anthony Hamilton and the Blind Boys of Alabama. The documentary also includes remarks from Harry Belafonte, Julian Bond, and Andrew Young. Read our review.

The Chicago Code (9pm, Fox) - A possible hate crime spurs Teresa to try to stop an unethical promotion system within the police force, but her daring actions awaken suspicion in Gibbons.

Castle (10pm, ABC) - A beauty pageant contestant is found strangled to death during rehearsals. The wealth of suspects include the pageant's sponsor, the host, and rival contestants. Didn't we already see 'Miss Congeniality?'

What to Watch on Monday: Will Brad pick Emily on 'The Bachelor?'

The Bachelor (8pm, ABC) - Tonight's the night Brad Womack gives out his final rose, and it better be to Charlotte's Emily Maynard if he knows what's good for him. Whatever happens, there promises to be lots of drama before the final rose ceremony. 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose" special airs immediately following this at 10pm. In the meantime, catch up on all of our 'Bachelor'/Emily Maynard coverage.

The Best of Laugh-In (8pm, UNC-TV) - A special featuring memorable clips from the variety show, "Rowan  & Martin's Laugh-In," which ran from 1968-1973.

House (8pm, Fox) - A bullfighter is admitted after being attacked by a bull, but House is away from the hospital, reeling from his Cuddy breakup.

The Chicago Code (9pm, Fox) - Jarek and Caleb try to track down a drug supplier whose merchandise put a wealthy family's son in a coma, and the investigation leads to the discovery of a complex murder.

The Event (9pm, NBC) - Martinez reasserts control following the attack in Alaska, and Sophia learns about Thomas' rampage. Meanwhile, Michael leaves Leila with a friend (Gabrielle Carteris) while he hunts Thomas.

Stargate Universe (10pm, Syfy) - In the season's second episode, Eli may have found a way home, but Rush believes the plan could go catastrophically wrong.

Lizard Lick Towing (10pm, truTV) - Ron and Amy host what TV Guide calls a "pig roast," but we all know they have a pig-pickin'. At the pig-pickin', a guest's car needs to be repossessed. Also, Amy's water breaks while Ron is away.

What to Watch on Monday: 'The Event' returns, and the 'Women Tell All'

The Event (8pm, NBC) - I had almost forgotten about this show. You can thank the cancelation of 'The Cape' for its return. If you're still paying attention, tonight the president and his chief of staff order the intelligence community to decrypt Thomas' satellite message and a surprise attack by Thomas is handled by Blake in a heroic standoff. Also, a new Alaskan senator threatens to reveal information about the Mt. Inostranka detention facility on "Hardball with Chris Matthews."

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All (8pm, ABC) - It's the night when all the rejects get together and scrap. Might be interesting to watch just to see how Crazy Michelle tries to pretend like it was editing that made her look crazy all season.

House (8pm, Fox) - A bombshell that hits Cuddy causes her to rethink her priorities and distracts House as the team tries to diagnose a troubled team with mysterious scars. There's a dream sequence choreographed by Mia Michaels of 'So You Think You Can Dance,' so I guess you know what that means...

He Loves Me (9pm, Lifetime) - A new Lifetime movie in which a Seattle woman (Heather Locklear) tries to save her marriage despite her husband's infidelities. We've got a review.

The Chicago Code (9pm, Fox) - A teenager's murder in Chinatown is investigated, and Teresa tries to get the locals to cooperate while Gibbons works on making  headway with the area's unofficial mayor.

Being Human (9pm, Syfy) - Really enjoying this show. Tonight, Sally meets some ghosts in an old, vacant part of the hospital, and Aiden helps a boy who is being bullied. Also, Nora and Josh continue their awkward courtship, and Rebecca resurfaces (I could do without Rebecca).

All About Aubrey (10pm, Oxygen) - A new reality series about singer Aubrey O'Day, the former vocalist for the female group Danity Kane. O'Day attempts to launch a solo career. Learn more from our review.

What to Watch on Monday: 'Bachelor' Brad takes Emily to South Africa

How I Met Your Mother (8pm, CBS) - Barney realizes he has feelings for Nora, which makes him think there's something wrong with him. Yay. Just what I wanted -- another episode of Barney acting silly.

The Bachelor (8pm, ABC) - Brad takes Ashley, Chantal and Emily to South Africa, where the issue of "fantasy-suite dates" comes up. Brad then cuts one woman loose and takes the other two women to Cape Town to meet his family. On last week's episode, Brad travelled to Charlotte to meet Emily Maynard's little girl Ricki. At some point during this show, the competitors on the next season of "Dancing with the Stars" will be announced.

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Chuck and Sarah orchestrate an intricate heist at a high-security bank. Also, the couple's wedding plans heat up, and an unforeseen twist marks Morgan's search for a new roommate.

The Chicago Code (9pm, Fox) - Jarek and Caleb try to stop a bomber who blew up a building and has plans for additional targets. Elsewhere, an armed teenager attempts to rob Gibbons, and this prompts him to recall his own upbringing and youthful ideals.

Being Human (US) (9pm, Syfy) - Emily and Josh return to their parents' house, and Aiden confronts Bishop over the attack on Emily. Also, Sally tries to reach out to her friend Bridgette.

Bethenny Ever After (10pm, Bravo) - The follow-up to "Bethenny Getting Married?" follows Bethenny Frankel, her husband Jason, and their new baby Bryn on their Hoppy family adventures. In tonight's premiere episode, the family visits Jason's hometown in Pennsylvania, but the rural environs prove to be a culture shock for Bethenny. There's also a pretty tense dinner with Jason's parents, who want more time with their granddaughter.

What to Watch on Monday: 'The Bachelor' goes to Charlotte

The Bachelor (8pm, ABC) - Brad visits the four remaining bachelorettes in their hometowns, which means he accompanies Emily Maynard (left) to Charlotte. Will she let him meet her daughter with late NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick? Will she make the cut and move on to the South Africa trip next week?

The Chicago Code (9pm, Fox) - Jarek and Caleb chase a bank robber and try to uncover details about him. Elsewhere, Teresa and Gibbons discuss a pivotal construction site.

It's Good to be President (9pm, History) - The life of the U.S. president is explored, focusing on daily tasks outside of the political arena, and the perks and dangers that go with the job.

BET Honors (9pm, BET) - Gabrielle Union hosts the awards show, which pays tribute to Linda Johnson Rice, Herbie Hancock, Jamie Foxx, Cicely Tyson, and Lonnie G. Bunch.

Amanda Knox: Murder Trial in Italy (9pm, Lifetime) - Hayden Panettiere plays the Seattle exchange student accused of murdering her British roommate in Italy. Read Adrienne's review.

Castle (10pm, ABC) - In part one of a two-part story, an investigation of a murdered cab driver reveals his involvement in a high stakes conspiracy. That leads to a federal agent (Adrian Pasdar) taking charge of the case.

President of the World: The Bill Clinton Phenomenon (10pm, MSNBC) - In another Presidents Day offering, this "Hardball" documentary examines the life and legacy of President Bill Clinton. Includes footage of Chris Matthews' weekend with Clinton attending the Clinton Global Initiative in New York and a visit to Ireland. Also includes interviews with Clinton's close friends and colleagues.

Lincoln's Secret Killer (10pm, National Geographic Channel) - The health of Abraham Lincoln in his final year of life is probed by experts, who perform a DNA analysis on a piece of fabric stained with his blood. Some believe Lincoln was dying from a rare form of cancer when he was assassinated.

What to Watch on Monday: "Mad Love" on Valentine's Day

The Bachelor (8pm, ABC) - Brad and the six remaining women visit Anguilla. One woman is asked to leave during a date, and Brad quickly makes up his mind about another and cancels the customary cocktail party. This is the date where he asks Emily Maynard of Charlotte if he can meet her daughter, and according to previews, maybe doesn't get the answer he wants. Will she go home tonight?

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (8pm, USA) - Opening night coverage of the 135th annual dog show, featuring the hound, toy, non-sporting, and herding group competitions. Live from Madison Square Garden.

Chuck (8pm, NBC) - Chuck orchestrates Sarah's reunion with her former spy team, the C.A.T squad. The feline-quick team then try to take down their thuggish nemesis (Lou Diamond Phillips), but simmering resentments and past secrets soon surface.

Mad Love (8:30pm, CBS) - A promising new sitcom about four New Yorkers on their quests to find love. In the opener, sparks fly between two of them (Jason Biggs, Sarah Chalke, left) during a chance encounter atop the Empire State Building, and they make a double date with their respective best friends, who claim to hate each other. It's similar to "How I Met Your Mother," which airs just before at 8pm (it even has a narrator). Definitely worth checking out.

The Chicago Code (9pm, Fox) - The police seek revenge against a cop killer. Gibbons pays his respects to the fallen officer's family but has an ulterior motive for his visit. Also, Vonda and Isaac join the organized crime division.

American Pickers (9pm, History) - The men visit William Shatner, who wants them to find unique items for his Kentucky home.

Castle (10pm, ABC) - Castle's old school chum is accused of murdering his wife, and Castle and Beckett bicker over whether or not the man is guilty.

Don't run this "Traffic Light," it's worth a stop

Suddenly, Fox has gotten all intelligent.

After last night's smartly written cop drama "The Chicago Code," the network known for broadness in its comedy introduces "Traffic Light" (Fox, 9:30 tonight), a clever sitcom with a solid cast and realistic situations.

The show's title refers to the journey of life; it's a little labored (the original title was "Mixed Signals" for the Israeli comedy it's based on), but it hints at the theme of the show -- how three college buddies navigate their friendship as their lives changes.

Mike (David Denman; you might remember him from "The Office") and Lisa (Liza Lapira) are married with a child. Adam (Nelson Franklin) and Callie (Aya Cash) have just moved in together. Ethan (Kris Marshall) is the happy bachelor with a bulldog.

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