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Auditions this weekend for "the new face of CW22"

CW22 is holding auditions this weekend for someone to represent "the new face of CW22."

The local station is seeking a TV personality who can reach out to the youth market through social media networks and also through appearances at special events and on television.

Could that be you? Auditions will be held in the music recital hall at Peace College from 10am to 4pm Saturday, November 21. For eligibility rules and more info, check out their website.

Oriental's Kevin Williamson returns with "The Vampire Diaries"



There's lots of pretty faces on the new, tonight at 8, "Vampire Diaries", (it's the CW, after all) but it's the name behind the show that matters most.

That name is Kevin Williamson, the show's co-creator and one of its main writers, who is from Oriental (near New Bern), the son of a fisherman.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Melrose Place-90210 doubleheader

90210 (8pm, The CW) - Second season premiere has Annie still coping with the aftermath of her accident from last season. 

Melrose Place (9pm, The CW) - This much-anticipated remake of the legendary 90s soap is an homage to its predecessor, but it's also a bit more sophisticated. The writers will instill a sense of "anything can happen," so don't get too attached to any of the characters. There's a death in the first ten minutes of the premiere, and the rest of the season will revolve around solving the murder. Check back here on Wednesday for a recap.

Shaq vs. (9pm, ABC) - Tonight, Shaq puts on the gloves to fight Oscar De La Hoya. There will have to be some major restrictions on this fight to keep even an untrained Shaq from killing De La Hoya, since Shaq is more than a foot taller and twice the weight of the champion boxer.

Sons of Anarchy (10pm, FX) - Season two premieres tonight. Adam Arkin and Henry Rollins join the cast.

Flipping Out (10pm, Bravo) - Jeff hires a convict to replace weepy Rachel, who mercifully quit last week, saving Jeff the trouble of firing her behind. Why did he hire the ex-con? From viewing the previews I will venture that it was because he is pretty. It doesn't exactly work out.

What to Watch on Tuesday: NC couple gets "Hitched or Ditched"

Hitched or Ditched (9pm, CW) - An interracial couple from North Carolina who have been dating for ten years must decide on this show if they are getting married or ending their relationship.

America's Got Talent (9pm, NBC) - The third show of preliminary auditions from across the US.

The Cleaner (10pm, A&E) - Joe Don Baker guest stars in an episode in which Ben (Benjamin Bratt, left) has to intervene when an alcoholic father is abusive to his teenage son.

Rescue Me (10pm, F/X) - After dealing with a horrific accident at work, Tommy has a dream about his dead father, brother, and son, and Jimmy Keefe.

Chelsea Lately (11pm, E!) - "The Hills" star Lauren Conrad is interviewed by Chelsea Handler. This should be interesting considering the smack Handler has talked about Conrad and her show in the past. Check out Handler's hilarious "Hills" spoof, "CSI: The Hills."

Donna Martin returns to '90210'

If you've been waiting to catch up with Donna Martin since the original 'Beverly Hills, 90210,' tonight's the night she makes her grand return to the small screen.

Is she still married to David? What color is her hair? Why is she back in Beverly Hills? I can't wait to find out.

In case you didn't watch last week's episode (directed by Jason Priestley, a.k.a Brandon Walsh), you missed a real shocker.

Clay Aiken considered "genius" on 'Top Model'

Clay Aiken was the guest judge on America's Next Top Model last night, helping the ladies out with their acting skills.

It was almost a "blink and miss it" appearance for Clay. He got not quite 4 minutes in the first half of the show, playing a fashion designer in quick scenes with each model.

When he was introduced, the girls squealed like, well, like little girls. Model Fo noted that Clay has been on Broadway and "the guy's pretty much a genius."

The man stealer comes back to '90210'

Looks like bad girl Brenda Walsh is coming back to 90210 for the show's season finale.

Shannen Doherty, star of the original Beverly Hills 90210 and a guest star on The CW's new version, left the show earlier this season when her character got tangled up in some love triangle drama: Brenda hooked up with her friend Kelly's (Jennie Garth) boyfriend Ryan and then took off. 

Why is she back? "It is the finale, so you can probably expect a lot of drama," Doherty told E! Online.

Annie wants someone to love on '90210'

Tuesday's "90210" has me wondering: Is Annie Wilson the anti-Donna Martin?

No matter how hard she tries, Annie can not get a guy to sleep with her.

Grandma Tabitha sends Annie off to her Palm Springs desert house for a relaxing getaway. Ethan tags along. She tells him she's ready to give it up. To him. Tonight. They start making out and stripping down. But wait. Ethan tells her that he can't go through with it because it's more than just sex with her. They are in love, after all.

Feel-good episode of 'OTH'

There was a lot of love on Monday's episode of "One Tree Hill."

It's a shame Millie and Mouth can't get a piece of it. They were so good together.

Mouth won't forgive Millie for cheating on him with Owen. He tries to find it in his heart, but he can't stop picturing his love in bed with another. He tells Millie that it's a good idea for her to take a job working for Brooke in New York.

Is Duke starring in CW's Privileged?

The Duke Chronicle recently ran an interesting article about Duke University showing up in a handful of movies and TV shows. By "showing up" we mean they get a mention or maybe a crew films some scenes there. One such mention is on one of The CW's current teen angst dramas, Privileged. It's a show about a beautiful (of course) tutor who lives and works with some spoiled, wealthy kids (also beautiful) who are busy doing all the usual spoiled, wealthy kid things. But one of the storylines is that they also just happen to be trying to get into ... where else? Duke. Anyway, it's an interesting -- and pretty thorough -- look at Duke's flirtations with Hollywood over the years. Read it here.

Privileged airs tonight at 9pm.

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