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Update on Time Warner Cable vs. Sinclair negotiations

Here's an update from the N&O's .biz blog on the latest in the Time Warner Cable vs. Sinclair Broadcasting dispute.

Deadline looms in Time Warner Cable vs. Sinclair (The CW) battle

You may have already read about this in the N&O's .biz blog, but if not, take a minute to familiarize yourself with the latest Pay-TV carrier fight: Time Warner Cable vs. Sinclair Broadcasting.

This fight puts The CW channel in jeopardy for TWC viewers (and also MyRDC, which I'm not sure I have ever actually watched). The CW, known locally as CW22, airs shows like "The Vampire Diaries," "Gossip Girls," "One Tree Hill," "Smallville," and "Supernatural."

The deadline for the two companies to reach an agreement is tomorrow, December 31. If there's no agreement right away, know that many full episodes of those CW shows can be viewed on the CW website.

Get all of the details over at .biz.

"Nikita" is action-packed and in need of a sandwich

She's too skinny.

Just look at Maggie Q, the star of The CW's "Nikita" (9 tonight). And in that scene she's supposed to be so hot, a man surrounded by bathing-suited beauties sends them away to get close to her alone.

I dunno, is seeing a ribcage sexy?

For me, that was the flaw in this latest turn on the Luc Besson film "La Femme Nikita," about a revenge-seeking heroine who is a sexy, smart butt kicker. Fully clothed, Q is more convincing as someone who could snap a big man's neck. And overall, she's very good in this role; I'd go as far to say that it's equivalent to Jennifer Garner's star-making turn on "Alias."

CW renews "Life Unexpected" and "One Tree Hill"

The CW has renewed One Tree Hill and their new (quite good) drama Life Unexpected.

Life Unexpected is about a teenager named Lux who escapes foster care and ends up making a family with her unmarried parents, who gave her up when they were teenagers themselves.

The renewal is great news for Britt Robertson, originally from Charlotte, who stars as Lux.

Update: In a giant no-brainer, CW canceled Melrose Place.

"Life Unexpected" promises surprises in tonight's finale

The CW is advertising big surprises in tonight's season finale of their freshman hit, "Life Unexpected."

We know Cate and Ryan are supposed to be getting married, but that Cate and Baze have unresolved feelings for each other. Will the wedding go on? Adding intrigue, the CW synopsis says Lux (Charlotte's Britt Robertson) is going to reveal something that "could change all their lives forever." And there are pictures of Lux with Cate and Baze in a courtroom (left), and it looks as though Lux is wearing a black jacket over the bridesmaid dress shown in the wedding shots. Does Lux stop Cate's wedding to Ryan and drag her parents to the Justice of the Peace so that they can get married instead? 

Raleigh casting call for "America's Next Top Model"

Okay ladies, if you think you have what it takes to compete on The CW's popular reality show "America's Next Top Model," then hoof it downtown on Thursday (April 8) for the show's open casting call.

They are looking for "females, ages 18-27, of diverse backgrounds, shapes and sizes" -- unless that shape and size puts you under 5'7" tall (then they're very sorry, but you can keep your petite behind home). There's no weight requirement.

"Fly Girls": Don't board this flight

I'm no snob; I'll watch any reality show once. Thankfully, that means this is the last time I'll see "Fly Girls" (The CW, 9:30 pm).

The good news is it's only a half hour. The bad news is it's a whole half hour!

"Fly Girls" is a docu-series that follows the glamourous life of flight attendants for Virgin America. Apparently, not even other flight attendants  buy the so-called reality of this show.

"Life Unexpected" an unexpected gem

"Life Unexpected," which debuts tonight on The CW, is way better than most CW fare of late. In fact -- and this is the ultimate compliment -- it's a little reminiscent of "Gilmore Girls" (but darker and without the distractingly wacky townfolk).

It's about a fifteen-year-old girl in Portland, Oregon, the product of a high school one night stand who has been cruelly bounced around the foster care system her entire life.

Lux (played by Brittany Robertson, who is from Charlotte) is about to turn 16 and wants to be emancipated from the system, so she finds her real father to ask him to officially sign away his rights. 

Today's DVD giveaway pits good against evil!

Get ready for some scares, a little heaven, a little hell and some sibling squabbles.

We're talking about "Supernatural," the CW's tale of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) recruited by an angel for heaven's battle against hell. In this four-disc, 22-episode set, the brothers take on demons, spirits, Dracula and a drunk, heavily-armed 7-foot-tall teddy bear. It's all a part of saving the world from the big evil: Lucifer.

Special features include a three-section featurette gallery bridging heaven, purgatory and hell to examin key mythological precepts (that's what it says), creator commentary, and extended/unaired scenes and a gag reel. And this DVD is blu-ray, so it's in high-definition.

Just email me ( with the name of the show in which Padalecki played Dean Forester in the subject line. In the body, give your name and contact information. Entries with the correct answer will be put in a random drawing to choose a winner.

We'll take emails until midnight. (Sunday, Dec. 20) Check back tomorrow for the weekend winners and a new chance to win.

Time Warner Cable's deal to keep The CW

Looks like CW fans with Time Warner Cable dodged another bullet -- for now. Read about the deal the cable company reached with Sinclair Broadcast Group over at  the N&O .biz blog.

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