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What to Watch on Wednesday: 'The Bridge' and 'Camp' make their debuts

MasterChef (8pm, Fox) - Eva Longoria chooses Mexican ingredients for the mystery-box challenge. Later, the chefs whip up fish tacos for a large group of surfers at the beach, and the winning team receives tickets to the 2013 MLB All-Star game.

Nova: Building Pharaoh's Chariot (8pm, UNC-TV) - Experts build and test two replicas of ancient Egyptian chariots to learn whether, as some historians claim, the chariot revolutionized warfare and enabled Egypt's greatest era of conquest.

The Bridge (10pm, FX) - In this new series, based on a spectacular Scandinavian drama, two detectives -- one from the U.S. and one from Mexico -- must work together to track down a ruthless killer operating on both sides of the border. In the opening episode, a body is found on the bridge connecting El Paso and Juarez, Mexico. It stars Diane Kruger ("Inglorious Basterds") and Demin Bichir ("Weeds" "The Heat"). MINI REVIEW: I hate to be that person who gets all pretentious and claims to prefer the original foreign version of whatever American TV remake rolls around, but I'm gonna be that person. FX's "The Bridge" is very good, but after watching three episodes, for me it hasn't quite touched the Scandinavian version, "Bron/Broen." It's a great story and the performances here are also great, though I do prefer Sofia Helin's Det. Saga Norén to Kruger's Det. Sonya Cross. But that's nit-picking. If you like smart, complex dramas, check it out.

Camp (10pm, NBC) - A new comedy-drama series following campers and counselors at Little Otter Family Camp. In tonight's opener, the camp owner and director (played by Rachel Griffiths of "Brothers and Sisters") considers a buyout offer from a competing resort as she struggles to keep things afloat. Meanwhile, her 15-year-old son Buzz prepares for his first year as a counselor in training. MINI REVIEW: A surprisingly pleasant summer diversion that brings to mind some of the teen-sex-and-drugs-summer-camp movies like "Wet Hot American Summer" and "Meatballs" -- but cleaned up a bit for broadcast TV. I watched the first three episodes and the show definitely grew on me (could have done without the gambling addiction side story that pops up in the second episode, though). Charles Grounds, the young actor who plays Buzz, reminds me a lot of John Francis Daley when he played Sam Weir on "Freaks and Geeks." So that's a big plus, too.

Paranormal Witness (10pm, Syfy) - A devout Baptist family from Indiana's alleged battle with demonic forces is recalled.

Necessary Roughness (10pm, USA) - Dani works with a self-help guru who's skeptical about talk therapy, and Nico digs up information on V3.

What to Watch on Saturday: New TV movies in battle of good vs. evil

The Bridge (8pm, CBS) - A retired narcotics cop is killed along with his informant, prompting Internal Affairs to look for a killer from within the police department. Meanwhile, Frank cuts a deal with a former crime boss to help a jailed ex-cop.

Persons Unknown (8pm, NBC) - Dread sweeps through the group when Joe falls seriously ill, and even though Erika has the antidote, she won't give it to him unless he confesses his secret. Elsewhere, reporter Renbe and Kat attend Tori's funeral in Rome, and discover that Tori's ambassador father is also looking into her disappearance.

Jack's Family Adventure (9pm, Hallmark) - A successful ad man (Jonathan Silverman, left) tries to reconnect with his family by taking them on a monthlong vacation to a rustic cabin he recently inherited. The family is resistant at first, but start to enjoy themselves when they meet a cowboy (Peter Strauss) who teaches them about life's simpler pleasures.

Goblin (9pm, Syfy) - And now for a less family friendly offering... In this original Syfy movie, Halloween spawns a goblin that is determined to take a baby from an unsuspecting family, and it's up to their teenage daughter to save her baby brother from becoming the monster's meal. (Note to self: What the hell...)

What to Watch on Saturday: CBS debuts "The Bridge"

The Bridge (8pm, CBS) - The first episode of a new CBS series about a beat cop (Aaron Douglas) who is fed up with the way police offers are being treated, so he becomes something of an activist and is voted in as the leader of the police union. Tonight's premiere is two hours.

Celebrity Ghost Stories (8pm, BIO) - This show featuring celebrities recounting hauntings is surprisingly creepy. The two back-to-back episodes tonight from last season (new season begins next week) feature Jay Thomas, Justine Bateman, Jeffrey Ross, Lisa Rinna, and Traci Lords.

Doctor Who (9pm, BBC America) - The Doctor tries to solve the mystery of a staircase on which people ascend but never descend.

The Gates (10pm, NBC) - A repeat of the last "Gates" episode, which aired a couple weeks ago. The new police chief investigates the murder of the former police chief, focusing his suspicion on British vampire Claire.

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