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"Teach: Tony Danza" will make you want to hug a teacher

When I told my mom about "Teach: Tony Danza" (A&E, 10 tonight), the reality show that chronicles the actor's year-long experience as a 10th-grade English teacher, she said "Hmm. I could see that."

What mom, a retired educator, meant was that you can tell Danza has a teacher's heart. The man is likable, drips with sincerity, and seems awfully kind and caring.

But as you learn from "Teach," those qualities might make you right for the job, but they don't make you a teacher. And through Danza's experience, this excellent, engrossing, emotional journey makes plain what we mouth, but don't really live: Teaching is a noble and undervalued profession.

What to Watch on Friday: "Blue Bloods" in control

Smallville (8pm, CW) - Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt) is hired by the Daily Planet to replace Lois, who has left for Egypt. When Clark saves Cat from an assassin named Deadshot (Bradley Stryker) he uncovers a plot against the Blur.

Medium (8pm, CBS) - As she probes a series of slayings, Allison begins noticing bizarre symbols materializing above folks' heads and concludes the floating figures could be a mechanism for matching people to their soul mates. Tony Hale and Lana Parrilla guest star.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - This new Tom Selleck family cop drama smoked its competitors last week in the ratings. Tonight, the Reagans weigh the pros and cons of vigilantism when a man with a police record takes action against a criminal who is terrorizing riders on a subway.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (10pm, IFC) - A new office comedy about a hapless U.S. transplant working in London, created by and starring David Cross. In the first episode, Todd is promoted to sales rep and put in charge of the launch of a new energy drink, Thunder Muscle, which is from North Korea and contains some suspect ingredients.

Outlaw (10pm, NBC) - Garza advocates for an emotionally vacant mother who accidentally killed her baby daughter by leaving the infant in a hot car. Jay Mohr guest stars.

Teach: Tony Danza (10pm, A&E) - A new seven-part series following actor Tony Danza as he teaches sophomore English at Philadelphia's Northeast High School. He also signs up to be an assistant football coach in an attempt to bond with the players in his class. Read more about Danza's show.

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