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Final thoughts from Tahira Nyabinghi

Community blogger Tahira Nyabinghi, 40, of Greensboro writes:

Starting weight on Jan. 1, 2011:  230
Current weight:  160
What was your goal weight?  120
What prompted you to start a weight-loss program? My medical condition – I have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, an autoimmune disease
How did you shed the pounds? I transformed to a raw foods lifestyle from a carnivorous one
What were your biggest weight-loss stumbling blocks during the year and how did you overcome them? My biggest stumbling blocks were those who were supposed to by my support network.  When I achieved a weight loss goal, they pushed my old food choices. To defend myself against these pitfalls, I kept my losses quiet, thereby keeping them from knowing my true weight.
What did you learn during this process? I learned that I have the power to change my life. I can control my own destiny.
What's next for you? Will you continue losing -- if so, will you use the same strategy or something new? If you're looking to maintain, how will you go about that?  I will continue to lose until I reach my goal weight and then will incorporate a personal trainer in my regular routine to maintain the weight loss and really focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle.
For you, what has been the biggest benefit of losing weight? The biggest benefit that I have realized is to reclaim the woman that I am. I was a hidden butterfly and have learned to spread my natural wings.
What advice do you have for others who are embarking on their own weight-loss journey in 2012? Do not let others control your destiny, you are your best supporter and have the power within your spirit to achieve your goals.

Final thoughts: Joy is my new middle name and confidence my new armor. I celebrated my 40th birthday on Dec. 26 with peace and tranquility, not fanfare and noise. I awoke crashing waves against the sand, glowing embers of sunrise and solitude of spirit. I have learned over the past year that it is OK to be alone, to enjoy my own company, to have strength in my beliefs and to hold my head up high.

Through this magnificent journey of rediscovery, I have managed to triumph over food, be bulldozed by hot wings and succumb to mouth-watering cheese cake. Along the road, I have picked up a genuine friend or two to walk this path with me. My spiritual home has not been written yet but I am open to beginnings, texts, prayers, rituals and nature. No longer am I bound to chains that would cage my emotions or stifle my questions. I am able to take flight and stretch my wings.

The raw food path is not right for everyone but it is right for me and I have no regrets forgoing sustenance that I used to engorge upon. I will miss the hot wings, cheesecakes, pizzas and occasional burgers, if only in a mental phase. The benefits that I have achieved allow me to overcome those minor cravings as I focus on my bigger picture, true health, true peace of mind and soul, true patience with myself and others. Truth.


What I gained by dieting

Community blogger Tahira Nyabinghi writes: Beginning Weight   230lbs/Ending Weight   170lbs

I completed my N&O makeover and have a warm feeling inside.  This
long journey has had ups and downs and ultimately I did not achieve my
goal weight of 120 lbs lighter but I have gained a deeper understanding
of myself and my world.  I have stepped outside of who I am as a woman
and realized that all along, my beauty was apparent.  For so long, I was
wrapped in the belief that I had to be tiny in order to be fulfilled,
not the case at all.  My self worth should not be tied to my outward

My year-end gift to you

Community blogger Tahira Nyabinghi writes: The
year is drawing to a close and I thought that it would be good to end
with some holiday recipes.  I cannot claim to have created them but I do
guarantee that if prepared properly, you will only give your taste buds
a truly, welcoming treat.  

Crossing the bridge from 39 to 40

Community blogger Tahira Nyabinghi writes: Sitting
at my desk, I wonder how my life is going to change in six weeks. You
see, in that time frame, I will be ending my life as a 39-year-old and
start my journey as a 40-year-young woman.  I am specific about being a
woman because I am ready to grow up now. 
I am shedding my innocence with the passing of this bridge and forging a path that I am looking toward.

Major changes in my life

Community blogger Tahira Nyabinghi writes: Beginning Weight 230/Current Weight 150

For those of you in the larger community who have been following my raw food travels, I apologize for my extended absence.  I have a chronic illness and for many weeks, I have been in and out of the hospital as well as on long term bed rest. During this time, I have relocated out of the area and taken on different employment.  I am still a raw foodist, though I have reached a plateau with my weight loss.
I  have also altered my appearance as well.  I am submitting a current photo so you can see the changes. I would enjoy hearing from you and will accept words of encouragement too. In my case, the raw food lifestyle, is better for my condition that consuming any type of cooked or processed food. My physicians informed me that my prolonged illness was due more to the weather and stress, not by my diet. Physically, I am doing much better and learning how to appreciate the simplicity of life.
My family, though they understand my changes, can only see with carnivore eyes and do not care for my unique palate.  Each day offers different challenges.

60 pounds lost -- and counting

Tahira Nyabinghi writes: Jan.1 230lbs  -- Aug. 1 170lbs My family is taking a notice of my slimming figure; so much that my daughter is beginning to look at me funny.

Confessions and Twizzlers

Tahira Nyabinghi writes: Today is another mediocre day for me. I started the week doing a short water fast and for my troubles, received a huge, long lasting migraine. The three-day cleanse was wonderful, I just forgot the consequences of doing a fast. Either way, I cannot seem to get rid of this headache. I have settled in to a routine for the most part with my eating habits now, I introduce a new menu item about once a week. I am experimenting with fruits and vegetable combinations as well.

Minus 50 and counting

Community blogger Tahira Nyabinghi writes:

Beginning weight: 230 pounds
Current weight: 180 pounds

Sharing recipes with you

Tahira Nyabinghi writes: It is time for me to share some of my favorite meals again. I thought this time I would give you a few easy raw dishes to try as well as one or two more elaborate ones for the very creative.

Swollen feet and water fasting

Tahira Nyabinghi writes: The most recent physical problem I am having is swelling in my feet. I think it is because I am not drinking enough water. I have been reading a pretty good book lately on fasting and the benefits of doing it for a short time and am considering doing a short-term water fast when my system is stable.  My physician said that it would be OK as long as it was under his supervision.  

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