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What to Watch on Friday: A not-so-happy ending for Penny

Nikita (8pm, CW) - Owen begins to unlock the secrets from his past, with help from Amanda. Also, Alex tells Birkhoff that she wants to leave Division.

Eve of Destruction (8pm, Reelz) - In part one of a two-part miniseries, two scientists look to space to tap an unlimited energy supply for Earth, but when their experiment is sabotaged by eco-activists, it turns an already risky proposition into one that could mean the end of the planet. Stars Steven Weber. Part airs Saturday night at 8.

Happy Endings (8pm, ABC) - Couples game night at Brad and Jane's turns a tad too competitive, prompting Penny to make a surprise move. Seth Morris guest stars. At 8:30, the gang wonder about Penny's state of mind after a traumatic event, and then get really concerned when they learn she's written a play called "Black Plague: A Love Story."

Vegas (9pm, CBS) - DA Reynolds sweats the idea of a wiretap on Savino's phones, but Ralph, Jack and Katherine expect to use it to their advantage. Later, Mia is shocked when her supposedly deceased mother shows up in town and sets her romantic sights on Savino.

Spartacus: War of the Damned (9pm, Starz) - In the series finale, Spartacus and his outnumbered rebel force prepare for what could be their final, pivotal battle against the Romans.

Da Vinci's Demons (10pm, Starz) - After the "Spartacus" finale, you'll probably want to hang around for the newest Starz series, chronicles the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, but portrays him as a sort of action hero. Stars Tom Riley.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Linda stops Danny from questioning a wounded accomplice before surgery, but the patient doesn't survive the procedure, leading to a feud between Linda and Danny concerning protocol.

Out There (10pm, IFC) - After Wayne backs out of participating in a father-son event, Chad asks Sharla's dad to fill in.

"Duke": Let this dog have some of your day

Since my own beloved mutt Jazubee Yogi died (yes, that was really his name), I haven't owned another dog. The loss was too painful. This makes me a sucker for dog-centric movies.

"Duke" (8 tonight, Hallmark Channel) is a dog-centric movie and so, I liked it. But you unless you're dead inside you'd have to be moved by "Duke." The dog is good and the main human performance is really good.

It's the "inspired by true events" story of Terry Pulaski (Steven Weber), a  proud Marine who, when the story opens, has been badly injured but still helps to return to his military duties. Unfortunately, not only do his injuries prevent that, but Terry also has a bad case of post-tramautic stress disorder.

What to Watch on Saturday: Hallmark's 'Duke' tells of war vet's love for his dog

Duke (8pm, Hallmark Movie Channel) - An original movie in which a troubled veteran (Steven Weber) finds solace in the companionship of his dog, Duke, after leaving his family. But when the dog becomes ill, the man leaves Duke at the office of a compassionate veterinarian -- a move that changes his life in unexpected ways. Read Adrienne's review.

Tanked (9pm, Animal Planet) - The guys install a tank for a tattoo parlor in Las Vegas to soothe nervous customers, and later, a show piece tank for a furniture store in Jamestown, North Carolina.

The Firm (9pm, NBC) - In all the episode guides I can find online, this episode -- Chapter Fifteen -- is the final one listed. So this may be it, "Firm" fans. Tonight, Mitch and Ray make some risky decisions in their bid to expose Kevin Stack and the Noble insurance conspiracy. Meanwhile, Abby finds herself at the center of things as Stack and Alex Clark endeavor to evade justice.

Space Twister (9pm, Syfy) - In this movie, otherwordly storms wreak havoc on Earth and a high-school student's science project may be the key to saving the planet.

Flipped Off (10pm, A&E) - The premiere of a new series about real estate properties in the Houston area that are bought, renovated and sold for profit. These "flipping" shows were all the rage during the housing boom, but I really thought they'd all gone away. Apparently not. In tonight's debut, Russell Hantz and his brother Shawn struggle to make it through their first renovation project together.

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