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Voices bursting in air

As mountainous songs go, "The Star Spangled Banner" is kind of the K2 of public singing -- a challenge that daunts even the best professional singers, and with good reason because it's awfully difficult to pull off. But if you think you have what it takes, the Durham Bulls are looking for a few good anthem singers to inaugurate home games for the upcoming 2013 baseball season, which opens April 8 at Durham Bulls Athletic Park. Auditions happen March 16 at the Streets at Southpoint; check here for details.

Katherine Fritsch

N&O photojournalist Chris Seward usually spends his time in the RBC watching big lugs bang into each other on the ice.  Several days ago, he photographed a somewhat smaller subject, Katherine Fritsch, the 10-year-old girl who sings the National Anthem before Canes games.

You can see his photo gallery and also hear her sing the anthem on our multimedia channel.  You can also read Matt Ehlers' story about Katherine. 

Naturally, this being the playoffs,  a fight broke out in the comment section below Matt's story, provoked by a Pittsburgh fan's snarky comment. Jeepers, guy, it was a great story about a sweet, talented girl.  Fortunately, another Pittsburgh fan jumped in and apologized, saying "I wish he would just shut up and quit giving Pittsburgh people a bad name." 


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