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How I Met Your Mother recap: Girls vs. Suits

A hundred episodes into "How I Met Your Mother," and we're finally granted a glimpse of the mother of Ted's future children. A glimpse of her foot, that is, as she exits stage left. (You're such a tease, Ted.)

More importantly, though, the show marked the 100-episode milestone Monday night with the cameo trifecta of Tim Gunn, Rachel Bilson and Stacey Keibler's legs, as well as Barney's song-and-dance tribute to his closet of tailored, Italian suits. 

Note to fans of "500 Days of Summer": consider Neil Patrick Harris' Broadway-style extravaganza a superior version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's overly celebrated "I just got lucky with Zooey Deschanel" dance number in that movie. I love Hall and Oates revivals as much as the next child of the 1980s, but Harris is the true song-and-dance man. 

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