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What to Watch on Friday: 'Big Easy Express' doc will rock you like a wagon wheel

Touch (8pm, Fox) - In the two-hour Season 2 premiere, Martin (Keifer Sutherland) and Jake join Lucy's search for her daughter, Amelia, in California. Meanwhile, Aster Corporation's Calvin Norburg hopes to make a significant discovery, and religious zealot Guillermo Ortiz concentrates on his vision.

Big Easy Express (8pm, Showtime) - This documentary is described as a musical journey of three bands, six cities, one train and thousands of miles of track. Filmmaker Emmett Malloy features indie folk heroes Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Tennessee's Old Crow Medicine Show and Mumford & Sons aboard a beautiful vintage train traveling from California with the ultimate destination of New Orleans. Another music documentary, "Mumford & Sons: The Road to Red Rocks" will air again immediately following this.

The Job (8pm, CBS) - In this new reality series, candidates vie for jobs with prominent companies. Tonight, people from Brooklyn, Hawaii, Idaho and Alabama all want an assistant manager gig at Palm Restaurant Group.

Shark Tank (9pm, ABC) - This is a far better reality series choice for the night. In front of the sharks, the creator of a toilet-training system for cats shares a new business idea and two Austin men offer to give up 100 percent of their hand-cooler business.

Banshee (10pm, Cinemax) - When rampaging bikers crash a town festival with fatal consequences, Lucas and Siobhan dole out some vigilante justice.

Portlandia (10pm, IFC) - Peter and Nance prep for the opening of their bed-and-breakfast by hosting their friends, and a local furniture maker is featured in the "Man Issue" of a magazine.

What to Watch on Friday: Mumford & Sons featured in Showtime concert doc

NAACP Image Awards (8pm, NBC) - 44th annual award show, hosted by Steve Harvey, will give Kerry Washington ("Scandal") the NAACP President's Award (gotta be a joke in there somewhere) and U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Janine Howard will receive the NAACP Chairman's Award. Presenters include Halle Berry, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Archie Panjabi and Wanda Sykes.

Mumford & Sons: The Road to Red Rocks (8pm, Showtime) - This documentary offers a compilation of live footage from the British rock band's two sold-out concerts at the Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado. It also has interviews with band members and a behind-the-scenes look at their life on the road.

CSI: NY (9pm, CBS) - When a young pizza maker is carjacked, the team tries to figure out what the perpetrators were after.

Shark Tank (9pm, ABC) - Hopeful entrepreneurs pitch sandals for barefoot runners and a website that creates personalized soundtracks for children.

Banshee (10pm, Cinemax) - A botched museum heist delivers unexpected consequences. Also, Lucas, Carrie and Job renew their partnership.

Real Time with Bill Maher (10pm, HBO) - Maher's guests are Newark mayor Cory Booker, filmmaker Alex Gibney, author Sam Harris, journalist Jackie Kucinich and actress Eva Longoria.

House of Cards (Netflix) - Netflix's first original series debuted early this morning, available only to Netflix streaming subscribers. It's a political drama starring Kevin Spacey. We didn't get preview access, but I'm reading that it's very good. And unlike most TV series, all 13 episodes are available at once, so you can watch at your own pace -- great news for us binge-watchers!

What to Watch on Friday: Walter delves deeper into mysteries on 'Fringe'

Malibu Country (8:30pm, ABC) - After agreeing to host Kim's baby shower, Reba puts her foot in her mouth when she unknowingly gets caught on video saying some unkind things about the honoree.

Fringe (9pm, Fox) - Walter goes into the deprivation tank with the goal of learning more about the mysterious figure called Donald. Meanwhile, Capt. Windmark sets out on a crucial mission.

CSI: NY (9pm, CBS) - An off-duty police officer is killed during a robbery and the CSIs use the art of interrogation to break down the suspects and get the truth.

Shark Tank (9pm, ABC) - A pair of engineers demonstrate a capsule that can keep liquids hot for a longer period of time, and a mom has an idea for cleaning stuffed toys. Also, an update on a jewelry business from Season 3.

Banshee (10pm, Cinemax) - The series premiere of this new crime drama, which is filmed in Charlotte, an ex-con assumes the identity of a lawman in a small Amish town called Banshee. Upon arriving there, the sheriff has a run-in with an Amish gardener, while keeping a watchful eye out for the New York mob czar he once double-crossed.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Jamie experiences grief following an incident at work. Elsewhere, Mayor Poole takes the witness stand in a case Erin is prosecuting.

What to Watch on Friday: The new USA series that wasn't

Shark Tank (9pm, ABC) - Mark and Lori offer an entrepreneur an investment of $1 million, and an engineer runs into difficulty while discussing finances. Also, the makers of a peanut butter from Season 3 give an update on their business.

Great Performances: Paul Simon's Graceland Journey (9pm, UNC-TV) - The making of Paul Simon's 1986 "Graceland" album is recalled in this documentary, which accompanies the singer-songwriter on a visit to South Africa, where he reunites with some of the musicians involved in the recording.

Over/Under (10pm, USA) - This was originally supposed to be a new USA series, but it was scrapped after this two-hour pilot was filmed. Not because it was bad, but because its "darker tones" didn't really fit with the quirky "Characters Welcome" USA vibe. It's now a two-hour movie about a Manhattan day trader whose massive gambling problem costs him his job, forcing he and his photographer wife to relocate to Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, the man and a young father-to-be start a high-end bookie business. Stars Steve Pasquale, Caroline Dhavernas, Anthony Carrigan and "Breaking Bad" villain Giancarlo Esposito.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Danny and Kate search for a sniper who appears to be a radical environmentalist. Meanwhile, Danny's youngest son is seriously injured in a bicycle accident.

The Dead Files (10pm, Travel) - Amy and Steve visit a Seattle restaurant, which they come to believe is haunted by spirits who want to cause harm. Also, evidence of a bloody massacre is uncovered.

What to Watch on Tuesday: Saftey first on 'Happy Endings,' finale for 'Sons of Anarchy'

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (8pm, CBS) - Burl Ives narrates this Christmas classic, first telecast in 1964. It's not officially Christmas until the first Rudolph viewing.

Shark Tank (8pm, ABC) - "Shark Tank" on a Tuesday? What is ABC trying to do to my life?!? I have routines!

Ben and Kate (8:30pm, Fox) - Kate and Will go on a camping trip together, but their romantic getaway is interrupted by some unwelcome guests.

Happy Endings (9pm, ABC) - Penny (Casey Wilson, left) feels that a post-concussion prescription helmet she is wearing is going to head off any chance for romance with a great guy (Nick Zano, left) that she's met. Meanwhile, Jane's efforts to break into the boy's club at the car dealership hit a speed bump, so she turns to "trophy wife" Brad for help.

Go On (9pm, NBC) - The gang throws a party but the bash falls on the same day Mr. K believes the world will end.

Sons of Anarchy (10pm, FX) - In tonight's Season 5 finale, Jax strikes up a new deal while ridding himself of some old problems. (Fingers crossed that "Old Problems" is Clay's nickname.)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (10pm, CBS) - If the kiddies are still up and buzzing over the Rudolph broadcast, then … get them to bed, quick!! Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars perform as supermodels prance about in their underwear.

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - Mark grows more frustrated by Sarah's relationship with Hank, whom she's helping to mend fences with his family. Meanwhile, Crosby and Adam fight to save the Luncheonette from the mean lady from "Louie," while also recording an album for Glen Hansard.

What to Watch on Friday: Chef Ramsay takes 'Kitchen Nightmares' to Brooklyn

Kitchen Nightmares (8pm, Fox) - Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Mama Maria's, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Brooklyn where the exhausted owner has lost control of the staff and the food he serves.

Malibu Country (8:30pm, ABC) - A tabloid rumor about her ex's new romance spurs Reba to entertain the notion of meeting men, so she accepts an offer to go on a blind date.

Shark Tank (9pm, ABC) - Comedy writer Bruce Vilanch helps pitch an idea for a virtual classroom designed to teach technology to baby boomers.

Fringe (9pm, Fox) - A team member assumes a new role, while Walter searches for a vital object to help in the fight against the Observers.

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - Hank's newfound knowledge of the Wesen world leads him to question an arret he made earlier in his career. Also, Monroe deals with an unexpected situation at the spice shop.

Real Time with Bill Maher (10pm, HBO) - Maher's first post-election show feature guests James Carville, S.E. Cupp, Andrew Sullivan and Samuel L. Jackson.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Danny learns about voodoo while investigating a stabbing committed by someone in costume on Halloween. Meanwhile, Garrett reveals a deep secret to Frank, and Erin and Nicky take Danny's sons trick-or-treating.

What to Watch on Friday: A retooled 'Last Man Standing' and a new sitcom for Reba

Hurricane Sandy Benefit (8pm, NBC Universal stations and HBO) - This Red Cross benefit for victims of Hurricane Sandy will air on all NBC Universal channels. New Jersey natives Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi will perform, as will Billy Joel, Christina Aguilera and Sting. Jimmy Fallon also appears. Hosted by Matt Lauer from Rockefeller Center in New York.

Undercover Boss (8pm, CBS) - The fourth season begins with Modell's Sporting Goods CEO Mitchell B. Modell working undercover at his company.

Last Man Standing (8pm, ABC) - Season two opens as Mandy (Molly Ephraim) prepares to vote in her first presidential election, and Mike (Tim Allen, right) and Kristin (Amanda Fuller, right) try to sway her vote in opposite directions.  Which means lots of jokes about Kenya, Cayman Island bank accounts, gay marriage and community organizers. And it's so hilarious the way Allen's character wishes women didn't have the right to vote. Yes, it's as tiresome as it sounds. Still, expect a few changes in the series this season. "Last Man Standing" returns with a new showrunner (Tim Doyle from "Better Off Ted" and "Ellen") who recast Amanda Fuller in the Kristin role and drastically aged her baby to a 5-year-old. Also, no more Nick Jonas in the recurring role as the kid's father. Instead, Jordan Masterson plays the part.

Malibu Country (8:30pm, ABC) - In the pilot episode of a new comedy series,  Reba McEntire plays the betrayed wife of a cheating country music mega-star. After dumping her husband in the middle of a live press conference, Reba moves to California with her mom (Lily Tomlin) and kids to restart her own singing career. It's corny as heck, but if you love Reba, you'll love this. Review.

Shark Tank (9pm, ABC) - In its new timeslot, "Shark Tank" welcomes a California inventor whose "better fly trap" receives a show of support from "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Danny learns about voodoo while investigating a stabbing committed by someone in a costume on Halloween. Meanwhile, Garrett reveals a deep secret to Frank, and Erin and Nicky take Danny's sons trick-or-treating.

What to Watch on Friday: 'Mockingbird Lane' a rebooted 'Munsters' on NBC

Shark Tank (8pm, ABC) - An emotional pitch by a stylist from Santa Monica, who started her own slip business. Also, a Denver couple try to sell the sharks on their frozen yogurt for dogs.

Kitchen Nightmares (8pm, Fox) - In the Season 6 premiere, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits La Galleria 33, an Italian restaurant run by two sisters in Boston's North End, to help the owners improve their bland menu, reverse a dire financial situation, and mend broken relationships with staff and customers.

Mockingbird Lane (8pm, NBC) - This revamp of the mid-1960s series "The Munsters" was supposed to be a new series, but it's not likely that NBC will pick it up for a series run. Instead, the pilot airing tonight is being sold as a Halloween special. It stars Jerry O'Connell as Herman, Portia De Rossi as Lilly and Grandpa is played by Eddie Izzard. The show is by Bryan Fuller, who gave us "Wonderfalls" and "Pushing Daisies," so even though I've heard bad things about it, I have to check it out for myself.

20/20: All Access Nashville with Katie Couric (9pm, ABC) - Katie Couric interviews Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Martina McBride and Jason Aldean.

Fringe (9pm, Fox) - The Fringe team wonder if a recently surfaced Broyles can be trusted when they find themselves in hostile territory.

Nikita (9pm, CW) - Nikita tries to rescue a brainwashed girl before she can detonate a bomb aimed at a high-level target.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - A detective gets abducted shortly after getting an award for his undercover work in Malaysia, so Frank has Danny search for the Malaysian drug lord who's holding the detective hostage.

What to Watch on Friday: North Carolina man pitches to the 'Shark Tank'

Shark Tank (8pm, ABC) - A North Carolina man explains to the sharks what makes his drink insulators so special, while cousins from Maine look for backing for their lobster roll food truck. Also, NFL player Brandon Jacobs helps a New Jersey woman pitch her protein-infused energy drink.

Nikita (9pm, CW) - The third season begins with Ryan and Nikita taking charge of Division. Their first mission is to bring in the "Dirty Thirty," a group of rogue agents who failed to respond to Division's call.

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - Nick and Hank investigate the murder of a high school athlete. Also, Capt. Renard deals with unwanted romantic attention and Monroe gets an unexpected visitor at the spice shop.

Hunted (10pm, Cinemax) - In this new spy drama series, a private security guard returns to work unannounced after an attempt on her life, a hit that may have been carried out by her own colleagues. Her first assignment is to infiltrate the family of an ambitious tycoon whose plans are at odds with her client's.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Danny and Jackie are taken off a murder case involving a bride and reassigned to protect a Central American president, who's under threat of assassination. Elsewhere, Vinny performs an unjustified stop, causing Jamie to challenge his tactics.

Haven (10pm, Syfy) - Audrey finds herself protecting Haven's criminals -- and Duke -- from a dangerous female vigilante whose methods for bringing down bad guys are questionable.

What to Watch on Friday: Chicago bankruptcy crisis on 'Boss'

CSI: NY (8pm, CBS) - Mac and Joe search for a missing teen girl in San Francisco based on evidence found in photos at a crime scene on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Shark Tank (8pm, ABC) - Dresses made from pillowcases is a concept Lori and Daymond are willing to fight over. Also, a South Carolina woman gets laughs with her name for a special spatula.

Boss (9pm, Starz) - Chicago's bankruptcy crisis means a loss of power for Kane (Kelsey Grammer, left) as emergency measures are put in place, but threats by his enemies to expose him could be of even greater concern.

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - An investigation into a gruesome murder leads Nick and Hank to an unstable father and his daughter.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Erin's ex-husband reappears in her life and goes up against her in court. Meanwhile, Danny suspects a serial killer is responsible for the murders of two people who were accused in a gang rape.

Haven (10pm, Syfy) - Audrey investigates a sudden rise in ocean-related deaths.

Real Time with Bill Maher (10pm, HBO) - Guests tonight are Ben Affleck, Darrell Issa, Brian Schweitzer, Ann Coulter and Sheila Bair.

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