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Here's new text of GOP legislation to restrict NC sea-level science & policy

Bloggers and TV comics have ridiculed it, and now state legislators will get their first chance Thursday to debate unusual legislation that would put tight restrictions on how state and local agencies plan for rising sea levels. (See 6/8/12 story with reader comments: "Senate likes the slow-rise approach to sea-level forecasting")

The Senate Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Committee will air the proposal, which was drafted by Republicans in response to controversy over a state-appointed science panel’s warning that a rise of one meter (39 inches) is likely by the end of this century.  Coastal economic development interests protested that the figure was much too high, and they persuaded the state Coastal Resources Commission to reject the panel’s findings.

[Update 7 a.m. 6/7/12: The revised legislation text was released this morning and is attached below, with broader guidelines and without some of the narrow restrictions that had been circulated a few weeks ago.

Scientists, developers, environmentalists, property owners and other interested parties: I'm reporting on this today. Please read this legislation and let me know what you think about it. Remember to include your name and contact info.

It makes the Coastal Resources Commission the sole agency "authorized to define rates of sea-level rise for regulatory purposes" and says: ... [MORE]

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