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Track Santa around the globe

The North American Aerospace Defense Command takes Santa seriously offering special technology to the world to monitor Santa's deliveries around the globe.

Send a call from Santa to the ones you care about

Here are two ways you kids of all ages can interact with Santa Claus.

Santa Claus boot camp | Video

From the YouTube vault, Happy holidays. "There are two things that come out of the North Pole ...."

Christmas around the world

See photos from simple and grand Christmas celebrations across the globe.

NCSU Profs: Santa CAN Deliver

Are you one of those cooky skeptics unwilling to believe that Santa Claus and that reindeer crew of his can cover the entire earth, squeeze down every chimney, eat all those cookies, drink all that milk, and dole out all those gifts on one night?

A professor at NC State begs to differ.

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