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'Survivor': Should I stay or should I go?

Fresh from last week's rather dull clip show, we get what may be the most bizarro episode of "Survivor" ever. No one is voted out, but by the end of the hour, two of the nine contestants have left the game.

There is no Immunity Challenge, but we get a tense Tribal Council in which host Jeff Probst sharply questions contestants like some sort of Island Judge Judy.

Swim coach Holly, who earlier this season was a nut job who threw a fellow contestant's shoes in the water and wanted to quit the game, somehow emerges as a motivational voice of reason.

Plus, there's a Reward Challenge that features what may be the single most blatant product placement in the 21 seasons of "Survivor."

'Survivor Reunion': Russell's The Biggest Loser

As Fayetteville resident Sandra Diaz-Twine prepares to cash her second $1 million check from CBS, it's time to close the book on the 20th season of "Survivor" – Heroes vs. Villains.

But first, some final thoughts on the season, courtesy of the reunion show. And like nearly everything else about this season, unfortunately, the reunion revolved a little too much around the egotistical, conniving super-Villain, Russell Hantz. So, let's go ahead and address him first.

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