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Lost finale recap - The End, part 3

The last installment of Luci's 3-part "Lost" finale recap (read  part 2):


A taxi arrives at a church. It's Real Locke in WITPDCAR. He gets into his wheelchair. He sees Ben outside. Ben apologizes for everything. "I was selfish. Jealous. You were special, John. And I wasn't." "Ben, if it helps, I forgive you." Ben chooses to stay outside even though everyone else is inside. (A self-imposed penance perhaps?) Ben tells Locke he doesn't need the wheelchair anymore and Locke walks into the church on his own two legs.

Lost finale recap - The End, part 2

More from Luci Chavez on last night's "Lost" finale (read part 1 of recap here):

Juliet, Claire and David (Dylan Minnette) are walking into he concert in WITPDCAR. Juliet has to go back to the hospital, I presume. Charlie is passed out in the green room until the lovely Charlotte wakes him. "I got shot by a fat man." Daniel Farraday/Widmore (Jeremy Davies) is in the green room, too. He and Charlotte meet.

Outside, David and Claire sit at Table 23 with Desmond and Kate. (The producers think they're so cute.) Dr. Chang is emceeing the event. It is his museum after all. Daniel Widmore is going to jam with Drive Shaft while playing classical piano. Highly unlikely in real life because, in my mind, Drive Shaft is basically Oasis but I don't even care because there is Charlie with his bass looking just shy of sober! Yeah!!!!

Lost finale recap - The End, part 1

Our "Lost" recapper Luci Chavez on last night's finale. Luci will be
hosting a live chat on the finale today at the News & Observer site
at noon. Please join her! 

I have bogarted other people's DVR's to watch Lost. I have stayed up until 3-4 a.m. after late Duke basketball games to watch Lost.

I have vigilantly avoided nearly all internet speculation about Lost for the past three years. I've put friends under radio silence so as to avoid spoiling one second of the best TV show ever.

Consider what a TV show needs to do to inspire that kind of devotion and
emotion every week.

Now multiply it by 150.

The payoff came Sunday night while watching the 2 1/2-hour series

The series finale of Lost was grand and epic yet achingly intimate and personal. While Lindelcuse stayed true to the show's "what the hell was that" roots with an ending left open to interpretation, it satisfied me emotionally in every way.

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