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Sunday drugstore and Kroger deals are up (July 1-7)

It may be the start of a holiday week, but there are still plenty of deals at the drugstores and Kroger -- some of them stellar.

Here are the highlights:

At CVS, the free gas card promotion is back and if you've got a baby in the house you can use the $3 Pampers coupon to work that deal. You can also score 69-cent Coke brand 2-liters. A terrific price.

At Rite Aid, pick up Crest toothpaste for 24 cents, Dawn dish liquid for 70 cents and store-brand cleaning products for just 99 cents. There's also a great deal on Kellogg's cereal bars for $1.25 each and Breyers ice cream for just $2.

At Walgreens, Mitchum deodorants are FREE and Butterball turkey bacon is just 44 cents! Milk is $2.99 per gallon and eggs are 99 cents a dozen. Also take note of the $25 prescription transfer coupon and the bonus for AARP members.

And at Kroger, the meat and produce deals are worth checking out. I especially like the price of sweet corn -- just 25 cents an ear for the second week in a row. It's also the second week of the Mega Event and 10 for $10 sale.

Read on for all the very best deals. And please chime in with any good deals you find.

Sunday deals are up (June 24-30)

Free Bayer aspirin, free Suave shampoo, cheap toothpaste, cheap laundry detergent and dish liquid, 75-cent Pepsi 2-liters, 25-cent ears of corn and a fantastic deal on Coppertone sunscreen are among the headline bargains this week at the drugstores and Kroger.

Also worth noting: a free gas card promotion at CVS, a deal on camp physicals at CVS, and a new promotion at Kroger that takes $3 off your order instantly and gives you a $2 coupon to use on your next order.

And, of course, there's Round 2 at Harris Teeter Super Doubles, thanks to a new batch of coupons in Sunday's N&O. Be sure to read my separate post on HT's brand-new deals.

As I like to say, couponing is a team sport. So please post any deals you discover while shopping so we can all save more.

Sunday deals are up (June 17-23)

This week's a great time to stock up on freebies at the drugstores and Kroger. There's all kinds of free toothpaste available, as well as opportunities for free deodorant, free Dial hand soap and free shampoo. On a few of these deals, you'll even have the chance to make money.

Also be sure to check out the coupon deals on General Mills cereals, Heinz Ketchup, Mars candy, Schick razors and Pepsi products at CVS; Wonderful Pistachios, Tom's of Maine and Lysol wipes at Rite Aid; and eggs, Coppertone sunscreen and Starbucks coffee at Walgreens.

At Kroger, eggs are a great deal at 99 cents per dozen and milk is a terrific price for the second week in a row, this time $1.39 per half gallon for skim or 1 percent.

Read on for all the very best deals this week. And please feel free to add the great deals you discover. Post them in the comments section so we can all save even more.

Sunday deals are up (June 10-16)

As Father's Day approaches, many of this week's sales are focusing on products that make good gifts for dads. There are deals on gift cards (save up to 20 percent), men's shaving products and men's fragrances.

There are also great deals this week on Pepsi 12 packs, Heinz Ketchup, Lean Cuisine entrees and diapers and baby wipes.

But my favorite deal of the week has to be Kroger's sale on milk: just $2.69 per gallon.

Read on for all the very best deals at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Kroger.

Sunday deals are up (June 3-9)

Coming off a holiday week, the deals aren't quite as plentiful. Even so, there are several stellar bargains, especially at Kroger.

Cherries are $2.99 per pound, Turkey Hill ice cream is $1.99 and All laundry detergent is $1.99. You can stock up on Kroger frozen veggies for $1 a bag, Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt for 80 cents and split chicken breasts for 99 cents per pound.

At the drugstores, Rite Aid has a terrific deal on Dove chocolates for just $1 a bag and nice deals on Dial hand soap and Stayfree pads. At CVS, there are stand-out deals on floss (27 cents) and mouth rinse (74 cents). And at Walgreens, you can pick up several freebies, including free hair accessories, free nutrition drink and free acid reducer. Walgreens also has a nice deal on toilet paper, gelatin and seasonings.

Please post your own best deals in the comments section. That way we can all save more.

Sunday deals are up (May 27-June 2)

Free candy, free first aid gel and ultra cheap toothpaste and shaving cream are among the bargains you can score this week at Triangle drugstores.
There are also some nice grocery deals at Kroger, including milk for $1.49 per half-gallon, $1 frozen veggies and Turkey Hill ice cream for just $1.99 after coupon.
My favorite savings opportunity of the week: Consider taking advantage of Kroger's enhanced fuel rewards when you purchase gift cards. I purchase them for gifts or for my everyday expenditures at places like Home Depot and Target, then reap the rewards in cheaper gasoline. (See further details below.)

Read on for the best of the Memorial Day weekend sales. And please leave a comment about any deals you spot.

Sunday deals are up (May 20-26)

You can tell by the ads that summer is nearly here. There are deals on everything from allergy medicines to sunscreen and swim diapers.
Worth noting up front:
*CVS is bringing back its summer gas card promotion: Spend $30 in select products and get a free $10 gift card for gasoline. CVS also has great deals on Ocean Spray juice (how does FREE sound?), Pantene, Irish Spring, Pepsi, Suave and Purex.
*Rite Aid has a good deal on Xtra laundry detergent and Formula 409.
*Walgreens has free tampons and a great deal on mouthwash and the best deal on swim diapers among all the stores. It also has the best deal I've seen on milk this week at just $2.99 per gallon.
*And at Kroger, there are good deals on produce, Greek yogurt, Breyers ice cream, Kroger cheese slices and All laundry detergent. Kroger has also brought back its enhanced fuel rewards, rewarding you with cheaper gasoline when you buy gift cards.

Sunday deals are up (May 13-19)

It's a holiday weekend for moms so even though you might want to take a break from bargain shopping today, be sure to carve out some time later in the week to pick up some pretty terrific deals.

It's always worth shopping when the stores are willing to pay YOU to carry merchandise out of their stores. And that's what you can do at Walgreens this week with a little coupon magic involving a new Starbucks product. (Keep reading for the details.)

There are also excellent deals on Kraft barbecue sauce, Pantene and sunscreen at CVS. At Rite Aid, you'll find stellar buys on Pepsi 12-packs, Kellogg's cereals and M&M's and an even better deal on Pantene -- at just 75 cents a bottle. And at Walgreens, besides being paid to buy Starbucks, you'll find a good deal on Purex laundry detergent.

Over at Kroger, there are some excellent produce deals as well as a nice deal on Sargento and Kraft cheeses.

Once you hit the aisles, please post any great deals you spot so we can all save more.

Sunday deals are up (May 6-12)

The drugstores are offering some especially good freebies this week, including free children's allergy medicine, free contact lens solution and free energy bars -- not to mention the free chocolate you can score at CVS.

There are also impressive deals on General Mills cereals, Kellogg's cereal bars, Banana Boat sunscreen, Neosporin, Huggies diapers and my favorite deal of the week, 8x10 photo collages for just 49 cents at Rite Aid.

At Kroger, chicken breasts are on sale for $1.79 per pound and milk is $1.49 per half gallon. Check out the produce deals as well: mangoes are just 59 cents each and organic Cameo apples are $1.29 per pound.

Once you hit the aisles, please post any great deals you spot so we can all save more.

Sunday deals are up (April 29 - May 5)

You'll find lots of candy and chip deals at the drugstores this week plus the opportunity to try out a new Starbucks product free -- thanks to a new coupon in today's N&O. (Look for it in the Pepsi Moments to Save coupon insert!)

There are also good prices on Pantene hair products, a steal of a deal on St. Joseph's aspirin and a solid deal on Colgate power toothbrushes. If you need to stock up on milk and eggs, Walgreens has milk for $2.99 per gallon and eggs for $1.29 per dozen.

At Kroger, be on the look out for deals on Ball Park Franks, Sargento Cheese and a variety of items in the produce department.

Happy shopping, and, as always, please post any great deals you spot so we can all save more.

(If you haven't done your Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods or Food Lion shopping for the week yet, you can find those deals, good through Tuesday, HERE.)

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