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Drugstore deals, Dec. 9-15

Pick up free Lysol wipes, Lindsay black olives and hair clips at the drugstores this week, along with ultra cheap deals on Hershey's holiday chocolates, Royal and Jell-O gelatin, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Carmex lip care and Halls and Ricola cough drops.

Keep reading for the highlights of this week's best deals at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens -- with and without coupons.

Drugstore deals, Dec. 2-8

This week's drugstore ads are filled with sales on toys and candy, along with page upon page of gadgets and gizmos for the holidays. But keep in mind, not all these so-called deals are actually a bargain.

There are, however, several worthwhile deals tucked in among all the hype. Here are a few of the highlights:

CVS has great deals on bags of Hershey's holiday candy, Pampers diapers, All laundry detergent and discounted gift cards.

Rite Aid's best deals include Nivea lip balm for just 17 cents, Bob's candy canes, Luden's cough drops, 7UP 2 liters and discounted gift cards.

And at Walgreens, be sure to snag the FREE Colgate toothpaste, 54-cent Butterball turkey bacon, Xtra laundry detergent for $1.49 per jug and the cheap deals on Nice! brand sugar and flour for holiday baking.

Keep reading for the very best of the Sunday deals at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. Remember, these are the deals that jumped out at me. Help your fellow couponers by leaving a comment about the deals you discovered.

Drugstore deals, Nov. 25-Dec. 1

If you scored some of the many drugstore freebie deals offered over the holiday weekend, it's time to start spending all those rewards before they expire.

I like to use them to stock up on necessities like toilet paper and then use what's left to "roll" into new deals that will yield new rewards to keep my freebies coming and my stockpile fresh.

Here are a few of the better deals I spotted this week at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. Please feel free to chime in with any good deals you discovered.

Drugstore freebie deals start on Thanksgiving

The drugstores are open Thanksgiving Day and they're hoping to lure you in with lots of freebies.

Pick up all kinds of items, from CVS batteries and Philips earbuds to Mars candy and Carmex lip balm -- all free after coupons and store rewards.

CVS and Walgreens are offering the most free offers with Rite Aid a distant third.

If shopping on Thanksgiving isn't your thing, the deals are good through Saturday but many of the freebies will likely be gone.

(I typically hit at least one of the drugstores early Thanksgiving morning. I'll slide my turkey into the oven, make a quick run to grab my freebies and return home before anyone else in the house is awake.)

Here's a sampling of the freebies and ridiculously cheap items available:

Sunday drugstore deals, including 30 freebies at CVS

Check out a photo of my CVS haul on the Centsible Saver Facebook page.

The big news -- huge news, really -- is that CVS is offering its freebies extravaganza early this holiday season. Instead of the retailer's traditional Thanksgiving Day freebie blitz, it starts today. Free Starbucks drinks, free Charmin, free Kraft Mac & Cheese, free Coke -- and the list goes on. There are at least 30 freebies and a handful are moneymakers.

Obviously, the deals at Rite Aid and Walgreens can't compare. But there are a few good buys, including:

  • free Tums, 25-cent Mitchum and 99-cent Purex at Walgreens
  • free Reach Floss and Hershey's Kisses for $1 a bag at Rite Aid
  • and discounted holiday merchandise at both stores.

Read on for the best of the deals, along with the coupon match-ups.

Sunday drugstore deals, Nov. 11-17

Cough medicine, toothpaste, dish liquid, razors, soda, diapers and Christmas candy are among the bargains you can score at drugstores in the Triangle this week.

With the right coupons, you can also "buy" a couple cans of free Lindsay olives and free contact lens solution.

Keep reading for the best of the ultra-cheap deals at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens this week. Feel free to add any bargains you found. Leave a comment for your fellow couponers so we can all save more.

Sunday drugstore deals, Nov. 4-10

You can tell the holidays are looming because the drugstore circulars are filled with sales on holiday candy, toys and decor, but not everything that's on sale is a deal. Among the better holiday-related deals I noted this week:

  • Buy 1, Get 2 Free holiday gift bags and boxed cards at Rite Aid.
  • $2 Hershey's Holiday candies at CVS. But, if you can hold off, these will probably go lower.
  • Holiday toys and decor are BOGO at Rite Aid.
  • 88-cent boxes of candy canes at CVS.

Also noteworthy this week: FREE Glade Scented Oil Warmers at Rite Aid, 24-cent Crest toothpaste and mouth Rinse at Walgreens, 49-cent Scope at Walgreens, $2.99 per gallon milk at Walgreens, a nice Carmex deal at CVS, soda deals at all three drugstores and Starbucks Refreshers for 50 cents at Walgreens.

Keep reading for all the best deals at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Sunday drugstore deals, Oct. 28

Before you head out to the drugstores this week, check out my list of freebies and ultra cheap deals.

Among the highlights:

Free Revlon beauty tools, Advil PM, Colgate toothpaste and Preparation H, along with ultra cheap Dawn dish liquid, Renuzit air fresheners, Pantene hair care and Coke 2 liters. There's also a fantastic deal on Pampers, a super cheap deal on Duracell hearing aid batteries and milk for $2.99 per gallon.

Keep reading for all the details on this week's very best of the deals at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Sunday drugstore deals, Oct. 21-27

CVS has the most generous deals of the three drugstores this week, including four freebies: American Greetings cards, St. Joseph Aspirin, a pumpkin carving tool and liquid Di-gel. You can also pick up a great deal on Scott toilet paper that ends up being 22 cents per roll!

Over at Rite Aid, there are all sorts of deals on cough drops and a 50 percent off sale on most Halloween items.

And at Walgreens, Mitchum products are just a quarter, Speed Stick is 40 cents and Arm & Hammer Spinbrushes are just $3.25 each after coupons. Those make great stocking stuffers if you've started your holiday shopping.

All three stores are offering sales on Halloween candy. Walgreens seems to have the best price -- $1.50 per bag on Fun Size chocolates. But if you have rewards to spend elsewhere, that's probably you're best bet. My rule of thumb: try not to spend more than a nickel a treat.

Keep reading for the very best of this week's deals at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Sunday drugstore deals, Oct. 14-20

Halloween candy is on sale at all the drugstores this week. Match the sales up with coupons and pay with previously earned rewards and you won't have to spend much out-of-pocket on your trick-or-treaters.

Other good drugstore deals this week include FREE Blistex lip balm, FREE Advil cold medicine, and ultra cheap Bumble Bee tuna, Trident gum, Colgate Optic mouthwash, Ricola cough drops, Popcorn Indiana, Lysol spray, Suave lotion and Charmin toilet paper.

There are also several good scenarios for the P&G offers at CVS and Rite Aid. (Cheap toilet paper is always a good thing.)

Keep reading for a complete list of the top deals and coupon match-ups at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens this week.

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