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With red-light camera lawsuit in court, Stam stays out of camera legislation

Because he is an attorney for two Wake County drivers in a lawsuit over Cary's red-light camera program, Rep. Paul Stam of Apex says he will not take part when the House takes up a Senate proposal to get rid of red-light cameras in Cary and the other three cities that use them.

Responding to a Dome item published Sunday that mentioned the lawsuit and the legislation together, Stam took issue with the headline (used in the print edition only): "A two-pronged attack on red-light cameras."

The headline incorrectly suggests a connection between the Cary lawsuit and the Senate bill, Stam said Monday by email:

My representation began in 2009. In 2010 I excused myself from consideration of a bill involving cameras at red lights. I will excuse myself from any involvement in the 2011 bill when I am first able to do so. That has not happened yet. I have taken no part at all in advancing or opposing the senate bill. I know that editors write the headlines but they changed a true story into one that implies something less than true.

He enclosed a copy of a House document (attached below) showing that Stam had excused himself from voting on a different House bill involving red-light cameras, citing his clients' case.

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