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Cult Classic Alert: 'Reaper' reunion and reruns coming to FearNet

As someone who has been scarred by the cruel, premature deaths of television gems like "Wonderfalls" and "Veronica Mars," I sympathize with rabid fans of any canceled-too-soon TV series.

The cable channel FearNet is doing a solid for fans of the short-lived CW series "Reaper," resurrecting it in reruns starting June 4 and putting together a reunion special for May 28 that features all the stars from the show (sorry, no Netflix-style Season 3).

For my money, "Reaper" falls into the canceled-too-soon category. It was dark and funny -- my two favorite combinations -- and it had Ray Wise as the devil. It deserved more than two seasons.

For the uninitiated, "Reaper" was about a slacker college dropout who finds out on his 21st birthday that before he was born, his parents sold his soul to the devil (it's a long story). The devil (Wise) informs young Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) that he must serve him by tracking down souls that have escaped from hell and "reaping" them back for him. Sam can't refuse, because the devil would take his mother.

"Reaper" had a great cast -- and they all seem to be on board for the "Reaper Reunion Special" Tuesday night: Ray Wise, Bret Harrison, Rick Gonzalez, Tyler Labine, Christine Willes and Ken Marino. Series creators Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas (who are set to run the new ABC drama "Resurrection") are also present for the roundtable discussion, in which everyone shares their favorite memories and anecdotes from the show.

"Reaper Reunion Special" airs Tuesday night at 9 on FearNet. Regular episodes of "Reaper" will air on Tuesday nights at 9 (as the lead-in for FearNet's original comedy series "Holliston") starting with the pilot episode on June 4.

Locally, you can get FearNet on channels 644 and 1644 on Time Warner Cable.

What to Watch on Friday: Devilishly clever casting on "Psych"

Making Over America with Trinny and Susannah (10pm, TLC) - A single mother who is also an Iraq war veteran thinks her provocative style is sexy, but the British style mavens set her straight. 

Real Time with Bill Maher (10pm, HBO) - Where else can you see Bill Moyers and Jay-Z on the same discussion panel?

Psych (10pm, USA) - Shawn and Gus are hired by their former teacher to investigate the death of a student, a death he thinks was the work of the devil. Nice twist: the teacher is portrayed by Ray Wise (right), who actually played Satan for two seasons on The CW's funny-but-cancelled show, "Reaper." You probably also recognize Wise as Leland Palmer from "Twin Peaks."

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