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An upclose look at genius in "Ray Charles America"

Ray Charles would have been 80 this year, and if anyone deserves a celebratory nod, it's Brother Ray.

Bio is doing just that by airing the two-hour "Ray Charles America" (8 tonight), a documentary (narrated by David Duchovny) looking at his life and his influence.

If you think because you've seen "Ray" and the great performance by Jamie Foxx you know all you need to know, think again. Yes, some of the same ground is covered, but here you get to hear Charles' own reflections, as well as many folk who knew him or have some intelligent insight on his career. It's a more meditative piece than the film, and yet just as rich and entertaining.

The film was made by the producers of "Johnny Cash's America" with the cooperation of the Ray Charles Foundation, so there's never-before-seen footage and photos.

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