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What to Watch on Thursday: Man down on 'Private Practice'

How to Be a Gentleman (8:30pm, CBS) - A new odd-couple sitcom about a friendship between an etiquette columnist and a macho trainer. Tonight, Andrew is told to put a contemporary twist on his column, so he hires a bad boy from his past to be his life coach. Adrienne has watched it and gives her opinion.

Parks & Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Ron's first ex-wife, Tammy One (Patricia Clarkson), reenters his life and tries to control his every move. Meanwhile, Ann makes a PSA with help from Chris. Megan Mullaly also guest stars (Tammy Two).

Person of Interest (9pm, CBS) - Finch and Reese are puzzled when the machine turns up a deceased person of interest. Also, Finch reflects on the machine's origin.

Project Runway (9pm, Lifetime) - Fashions from the 1970s inspire the creations of the remaining designers.

Private Practice (10pm, ABC) - Pete has a heart attack in the Season 5 premiere. While Sam, Cooper, Charlotte and Amelia try to save him, Violet is nowhere to be found. Also, Addison seeks out Jake (Benjamin Bratt) because she wants a baby.

Prime Suspect (10pm, NBC) - Duffy isn't happy with Jane's participation in his homicide-kidnapping case. In other events, Jane meets Matt's son for the first time.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (10pm, FX) - Frank finds himself in the child beauty pageant business and fears that people might think that he's in it for the wrong reasons.

What to Watch on Saturday: Time-traveling monsters and SNL premiere

It's not a bad night to catch up on fall premieres you may have missed earlier in the week. CBS is repeating "Person of Interest" (8pm) and "Unforgettable" (9pm) and NBC will show "Harry's Law" (8pm) and  "Prime Suspect" (9pm).

HGTV'd (8pm, HGTV) - Carter Oosterhouse transforms a boring bonus room into a hip, 1950s style home theater with a swanky lounge. He gives the space a classic Hollywood style but with high-tech amenities.

Cops (8pm, Fox) - In Boynton Beach, Florida, a cop goes undercover as a hit man and is hired by a woman to murder her husband.

Morlocks (9pm, Syfy) - A movie about a scientist's time-traveling device that sends people into the future, where they come into contact with lethal humanoid monsters that figure out how to travel back to the present. Stars David Hewlett (right).

Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis (9pm, PBS) - Lewis and Hathaway investigate the poisoning at a religious college of an American female bishop, whom they suspect was slain for her progressive views.

Home by Novogratz (9:30pm, HGTV) - The Novogratz duo makes over a retail shop. They include custom birch-wood shelves, light boxes for a brick focal wall, and unique artwork for the lounge area.

Bad Dog! (10pm, Animal Planet) - A dog that won't sit still and an uncharacteristically quick turtle. (A/ Doesn't sound that bad to me; B/ Turtles aren't dogs; C/ I must not understand the premise of this show.)

Saturday Night Live (11:30pm, NBC) - SNL's 37th season opens with host Alec Baldwin and musical guest Radiohead.

What to Watch on Thursday: A strong premiere night on NBC

Charlie's Angels (8pm, ABC) - A remake of the 1970s hit show starring Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rachael Taylor. I'm not a fan. You're better served watching "Community." Or "Big Bang Theory." Or "The X-Factor." Or anything else.

Community (8pm, NBC) - In the Season 3 premiere, the study group wonder if Pierce will join them as they gather at the start of a new semester. Also, Jeff clashes with his biology teacher (Michael K. Williams, "The Wire," "Boardwalk Empire") and is kicked out of class, and Dean Pelton has a new nemesis at Greendale -- John Goodman.

Big Bang Theory (8pm, CBS) - Two new back-to-back episodes open the fifth season. First, Penny hits a low point when she realizes what she's done by sleeping with Raj, and Sheldon becomes leader of the paintball team. Later, Penny and Sheldon clash and Amy is caught in the middle.

Parks and Recreation (8:30pm, NBC) - Leslie is faced with the difficult decision when she decides to run for office in the Season 4 opener. Meanwhile, Ron prepares for the return of his first wife (Patricia Clarkson).

Person of Interest (9pm, CBS) - A new drama following a presumed-dead CIA agent (Jim Caviezel) and a billionaire software genius (Michael Emerson) who try to stop crimes before they happen. Adrienne likes it. Read more.

The Office (9pm, NBC) - In the Season 8 premiere, the staffers discover their names on a mysterious list authored by new Sabre CEO, played by James Spader (right). Paranoia sweeps through the office as everyone speculates about what the list means.

Grey's Anatomy (9pm, ABC) - Meredith is fired in tonight's two-hour Season 8 premiere. I have nothing against "Grey's," but there's better stuff on.

Whitney (9:30pm, NBC) - A new sitcom about about unmarried couple Whitney (Whitney Cummings) and Alex (Chris D'Elia). Is it funny? Adrienne says ...

Prime Suspect (10pm, NBC) - A new series about a NYC homicide detective (Maria Bello) coping with sexism and harassment from colleauges while working murder cases. Also stars Aidan Quinn. It's a remake of Helen Mirren's classic PBS series, but it's quite good. I think you should watch.

The Mentalist (10pm, CBS) - In the fourth season opener, Jane is in prison and must prove that the man he killed was Red John. Lisbon wants Van Pelt to get counseling for having to shoot her fiance when it was discovered he was Red John's inside man. So that Red John thing is over, right?

THE NEW FALL SEASON: 'Prime Suspect'

Prime Suspect
Thursdays, 10 p.m. on NBC

This is a strong remake of the classic PBS Masterpiece Mystery series starring Maria Bello as a feisty female detective who solves cases while fighting for respect from her fellow cops.

Of course, the original "Prime Suspect" series, which starred Helen Mirren, is considered one of finest television series of all time, so there has been some legitimate worry about attempting a reboot. But one could also argue that TNT's hit "The Closer" is also a twist on the "Prime Suspect" premise (though often a much lighter twist), and that worked very well.

In short, if you've never seen the Mirren version, or even if you have and you're willing to put your TV snobbery aside, you'll enjoy this. Bello is very good as Det. Jane Timoney, the only female detective in a squad full of men who do not like her (at all) because they think she only has her job because of a long ago affair with a superior. Jane is abrasive, but dedicated. And she's very good at her job, so we know she'll eventually win over the sexist jerks.

For fans of "The Shield," let me say this: Lem!! That's right, Kenny Johnson plays Bello's boyfriend. Bonus: Aidan Quinn stars as her captain. It's a good, solid cop show. I love it. It's on opposite "The Mentalist" and "Private Practice" and it's better than both of those.

(Also, a lot of critics have had hissy fits over the fact that Jane wears a goofy hat in the show. Whatever. If a hat is going to keep you from watching a good show, I just don't know what to say to you.)

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