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StatSheet's sportswriter software raises man vs machine debate

StatSheet, the Durham sports media company, is getting lots of press for its automated content.

That's what happens when you create something that has the potential to put a few journalists out of work.

The Sunday business section of the New York Times included a column about StatSheet's software, which turns game stats into game stories.

Ponyter Online, a website for journalists, also has a column about the product and StatSheet CEO Robbie Allen is scheduled to do a live chat with Poynter at 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

Earlier this month StatSheet launched 345 websites for every NCAA Division I men's basketball team in the country. The stories feature automated game recaps using the company's software.

As the NYT's article notes, StatSheet's software "is imbued with the smarts to flatter each particular team. The same statistics, documenting the same game, produce an entirely different write-up and headline at the opposing team’s page."

That means a write-up on this weekend's Duke-Oregon game includes phrases like Duke "waxed" the Ducks and Kyle Singler "put on a clinic." 


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